Book-verse [1988] Book verse stories including the LotR Trilogy, The Hobbit, Silmarillion and beyond. Must be canon friendly.
Book Verse Slash [378] This category is for Book Verse Slash. (Tolkien friendly stories containing same sex pairings)
Movie-verse [1493] Movie verse, AU and miscellaneous LotR fics by character and genre.
Lord of the Rings Slash [385] Miscellaneous LotR fics featuring same sex pairings.
Crossovers [226] Lord of the Rings meets any book/movie/television show you choose to write about.
Other Movies [65] Stories based on any other movie featuring a member of the LotR movie trilogy's cast.
Actor Fics [183] Real person stories based on the actors from LotR
Off Topic [601] Miscellaneous fics from a variety of fandoms as well as original work.
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