Want to remove your account?

As far as I'm aware (and I've done some research and consulted Adora on this), it's not currently possible for users to delete their own account themselves. The efiction software that underpins the website simply doesn't have that feature. As a result, it's an action that can only be taken as an admin.

Whilst I'm of course not happy to see anyone decide to leave the site, I naturally recognise your right to do so and to remove your account in the process.

In order for you to delete your account, I ask for you to contact me through my profile. This will help verify that you're deleting your own account. I will respond to your request as quickly as possible, but please understand that it might take up to a day or two to process.

For the sake of full transparency, I want to let you know that when your account is deleted, it is removed from the database (I tested this to make sure). A backup of the database is made on a frequent basis (to ensure that we don't lose anything if there was a bug or another issue) and so your data will be retained in these historic backups. Of course, your data is safe and will not be used whatsoever, but I want to make it open that the data will still exist, even if not used.

I've gone ahead and processed all the account deletion requests that I've received through my profile, so there should not be any outstanding requests - let me know if this is not the case and I will rectify this swiftly.

Keith Mander on Jul 02 2011 10:14 am
If I may make a few recommendations? I highly suggest you insert a link to previous news articles as currently when an article moves off the home page, it can no longer be seen by new people or members just getting word of the changes (or those wishing to still comment or read comments).

For ethical reasons, a mass email should be sent to all members making them aware of the change in ownership and goals as well as giving them the option to remove their material since your goals are in conflict with the TOS Rule 1: This site is for personal, nonprofit use only. You will not attempt to reproduce, exploit, sell or otherwise infringe on the written words and identities of other members.

You say that contacting you through your profile for account deletion 'will help verify that you're deleting your own account.' Not necessarily true; if someone knows someone else's email address associated with their pen name, then they can technically go to the contact form on your profile, enter that email and request deletion of another member. Whereas only members can comment on news articles and the site signs their name for them with the time/date stamp, so if they sign into their account via private password and leave a comment to a post that then shows their pen name, it ensures it is indeed the author leaving the comment and is far more secure than just hitting the contact feature and leaving an email addy. Therefore I just want to verify that the message sent through your contact feature with my resignation as moderator and request to be deleted did indeed come from me and is the THIRD request I have made.

Finally, you may wish to consider a beta reader before posting news articles as you seem to have some trouble with spelling and homophones (bare,bear; peek, peak, etc). Not meaning to sound offensive, but my red pen has been twitching everytime I read something you've posted. ;)
- on Jul 03 2011 07:29 pm
You can still see all previous news posts if you go directly to
- Esteliel on Jul 03 2011 07:42 pm
Yes, but how many people know that? There should be a link from the homepage!
- on Jul 03 2011 08:08 pm
@Esteliel/Nieriel: Agreed; I've put a link to the archive from the homepage.

@Nieriel: I see what you're saying, but I do believe what I've said is accurate. Even if you insert someone else's email address as the from address, the email will still be received by me with the penname of the user logged in shown in the message. You could fake an email, but I check the IP of the adress to see that it matches the server - much less possible to fake. Your account has now been removed. I agree that a beta reader would be useful, I suspect I might find it difficult to find a volunteer!
- root on Jul 03 2011 08:44 pm
Keith: I've just send you an account deletion request for my account  through your profile, but for the reasons NiRi mentioned, I am repeating it here.  Thank you in advance!
- on Jul 08 2011 04:37 pm
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