New Categories
As you have probably noticed, I split Lord of the Rings up into two separate categories.

The first one is for movie based stories and most general fics. (including slash, AU, original characters) and just about anything else. There are really no restrictions, as long as you add the proper ratings and warning to your stories.
The second is for book/canon verse, stories that stay true to the writings of Tolkien only. These stories will need to be reasonably accurate in their facts and knowledge of Tolkien's works. If you're not sure which category suits your story best, you probably will want to go with the first.

I'll be working on moving the book canon stories as I can but if I miss yours, you can easily change the category under "edit story".
Adoralyna on Oct 02 2004 11:04 pm
I have a couple of questions here -
If the story involves an original character or two, but does not stray from Tolkien-verse (say, a Fourth Age story), does it count as a canonfic?
Also, does a humor fic count as canon? I'm guessing not, but wanted to be sure.
- Noldo on Oct 03 2004 01:03 am
Why don't you help me out with that, since I haven't clearly delineated those boundaries yet?
I trust your judgement to choose the best category for your stories, especially since you are a large part of why I changed things. I thought it would be better for more advanced authors to do things this way and make it easier to find the kind of stories you want to read.
- Adora on Oct 03 2004 02:39 am
just wondering on something, will you have a forum up? most websites do, and I was just wondering.....that's all.

- LijLover on Oct 03 2004 10:11 am
There's no character list under 'Tolkien Book Verse'...doesn't that rather defeat the purpose? :D Perhaps you should give it the same list that's on 'Lord of the Rings', as that has a nice number of characters.Noldo
- Noldo on Oct 03 2004 10:50 am
The list of characters for the Tolkien-verse are up.
- oblotr on Oct 03 2004 02:56 pm
Could we see Amrod and Amras on there, if that isn't too much trouble?
- Noldo on Oct 04 2004 07:23 am
Amrod and Amras have been added to both the movie and Tolkien book verse character lists. If I missed anyone else please let me know.
- oblotr on Oct 04 2004 09:32 am
Nerdanel, please. :D Sorry for the inconvenience, I just happen to be writing a lot of Feanorians today.
- Noldo on Oct 07 2004 07:17 am
- Adora on Oct 07 2004 12:25 pm
Hi there! I came via your invitation - this site is absolutely gorgeous! And I love how you put several skins that we can change between! Lovely! I am awed at your hard work and dedication. I shall do my part by diligently posting works! I am glad to be here!
- Kasmi Kassim on Oct 09 2004 01:21 pm
Thanks so much Kasmi! I do pour quite a lot of time and effort into this site and it means so much to hear that people like it!
- Adora on Oct 09 2004 06:14 pm
Oh, I'm sure people love it! It's beautiful; I'm experimenting with the skins right now, in fact, as I'm suffering from a minor writer's block--gee, I bet nobody on this site has experienced that! *snorts, very un-elf-like* Seriously, it's a great site, and I'm so glad I was invited. Thank you!
- Tathrin on Oct 09 2004 07:49 pm
You're welcome, Tathrin! Thanks so much for your kind words and don't worry, I RUN the site and I have writers block. *laugh*
- Adora on Oct 09 2004 08:38 pm
Hi, This is indeed a beautiful site. I have a suggestion/question/vague hope comment, though. Would it possible to divide the LOTR AU category into two categories, adult (NC-17) and general (R and below).
- Karri on Oct 13 2004 05:33 pm
Karri's suggestion sounds great! It's hard to dodge around NC-17 fics when you're just looking for a G-rated one. Also, might I suggest that stories be indexed in library format ('_____, The' or '_____, A'). It helps avoid cluttering up the 'A' and 'T' sections.
- Noldo on Oct 14 2004 06:36 am
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Legends Celtic tribe at that time and on October 31 the North Face Outletliving custom of killing to pay homage to the Louis Vuitton Factory Outletdead.Had to the 1th century AD, Celtic tribal territories were occupied by the Roman people have slowly come to accept the customs of Halloween, but from this barbaric practice of burnt Louis Vuittons Outlet Online human sacrifice was abolished and the dead. Roman harvest festival combined with the rituals of the Celts, Louis Vuittons Handbagswearing scary masks, dressed up as animals or monsters, is the demon of wandering around to get rid of them. This is now most of the world to Timberland Boots dine there dressed up to celebrate the origin of Halloween. The passage of time, gradually changed the meaning of Halloween, became an active happy, festive meaning has become mainstream. Dead soul searching Cheap Timberland Boots for a substitute return gradually abandoned and forgotten. To this day, a symbol of Halloween images, pictures, such as witches, black cats, and most friendly lovable and funny faces.Halloween and Halloween but also from the Catholic holidays of other religions to absorb, adapt and reinterpret. Halloween originated in the British Isles the Celtic Festival (Samhain, Samhain),Timberland Outlet on the last day of October, they believe that this is the end of the summer, winter begins, this day is an important symbol of the year, is one of the most important festivals, called "day of the dead", or "Ghost Festival". This day a variety of evil spirits haunt, the soul will leave the body of the dead people, walking on the Earth,Tory Burch Outlet Store this evening is particularly dangerous. People will attract ghost soul food in the door, and to frighten away the evil spirits, the Celtics will wear a mask. Halloween is a very special day of the year, Britain and Ireland who mourn their dead relatives and friends at this time. 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Among them, the United States tradition of Halloween originally came from Ireland and a Scottish immigrant in 19th century and passed. While other developed countries in the late 20th century United States popular culture began to celebrate Halloween.
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