Does everyone like the new skin for the site?

I was thinking of removing some of the old skins but I didn't know if anyone might be particularly attached to them. Should I keep any of the others or start fresh with new ones in addition to the elves theme?

Remember, you can change your skin under personal info and if there's a theme you'd like to see, let me know!

Also, I'm working on the option to let users stay logged in as long as they want. That should be running in a day or two.

--Adoralyna on 18/11/04 - 03:31 pm 21 Comments
I'm rooting for the elves theme because I'm special like that ;)

In all honesty, babygirl, I know how much effort you put into the old skins, so maybe they should be kept for a bit longer? New ones (*pants Arwen Arwen*) sound absolutely lovely though ;)
- Anais on 18/11/04 - 09:07 pm
I love the new skin, but I like the old ones too. If it's a question of available memory or whatever, go ahead, but otherwise no need to get rid of them. But I love the new elfy one! :)
- Tathrin on 19/11/04 - 03:05 am
Alas, my computer is old and my screen tiny; could you please keep the "lotrgreen"-skin, or, if not, make a new one with the same design?
They're all nifty, but that design makes the stories easier to read.
- Sliven on 19/11/04 - 10:36 pm
I agree with Tathrin if it about memory delete the older ones first and go from there if not just leave them all. Though I must say why all elves how about Aragorn. :)
- spanishgoddess86 on 19/11/04 - 11:03 pm
I think I second spanishgoddess's request for Aragorn. ;)

Also, my computer-screen is titchy, and it makes things very hard for me on some of the new skins; I'd suggest making at least one of the new ones on the old templates, so that Sliven and I can read things without screwing up our eyes and scrolling from side to side irritatedly.

The elfy one is pretty, though!
- Noldo on 20/11/04 - 07:55 am
I like the new ones and the old ones, just wondering how do you make them?

if you are going to get rid of the old ones can you keep the blue one, please? it's easy on my eyes...thanks.

- LijLover on 21/11/04 - 03:56 am
I will just leave them up then. Thanks guys!
- Adora on 21/11/04 - 03:04 pm
your welcome.
- LijLover on 21/11/04 - 06:00 pm
I love the new skin!! I really like all of your skins they are all wonderful!!
- Punklovgrl on 29/11/04 - 08:10 pm
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