New Look
I've been trying out new looks for the site, trying to find a layout everyone likes and can view at any resolution.

I'm still working on this one. Can you tell me if you like it and how it looks on your computer? Is the picture of the Ring with the faces inside showing up?

--Adoralyna on 23/11/04 - 08:38 pm 27 Comments
Well I for one like the layout alot. you were able to mix everyone together extremely well. um...just cause you asked how it looked on the computer, on mine it looks fine except for the top banner it looks like it a little bit of the image is getting cut off on the edge. it's not, but still I would actually try and center the image, but then that's me. Anyway your doing a great job, and I love the site.
- spanishgoddess86 on 23/11/04 - 08:49 pm
Hey, thanks for your input! I fiixed the banner, should be better now.

I do want to leave it aligned left though, it looks better than centered in this layout.
- Adora on 23/11/04 - 09:10 pm
Hey it's cool, it a little better, but then personally I think there just more blank space, and that kind of makes the image look kind of small and bunched up. That's just my opinion though you can ignore me if you want.
- spanishgoddess86 on 23/11/04 - 09:17 pm
I know it looks small but it helps people with lower resolutions to have a small banner so the page doesn't overlap. :)
- Adora on 23/11/04 - 09:32 pm
You know ignore everything I've said origanally I was viewing the site at 1024 by 768 where it on my computer clearer and smaller. but I just changed it to 800 by 600 and it looks better picture wise, but everything blurry now, but that just my computer.
- spanishgoddess86 on 23/11/04 - 09:38 pm
I understand, my resolution is even higher than yours. :)
- Adora on 23/11/04 - 09:49 pm
I like the faces in the ring bit. But as someone said, there is a lot of blanks space. So perhaps adding text to the right side of the top banner so that it isn't so open. You have text on the left...ring/face pic/ and ... something!!! Is that a skin option too??? *goes off to check skings*
- Gwenneth on 24/11/04 - 05:54 am
Thanks for your input guys. I have been making a few adjustments to the text banner, I think it's a bit better now. I can't make a banner that covers all the space because it won't work with lower resolutions but I hope this works for everyone.
- Adora on 24/11/04 - 12:26 pm
I just wanted to say that the banner looks great now. It works well with both 1024 by 768 and 800 by 600. Well at least on my computer.
- spanishgoddess86 on 24/11/04 - 11:58 pm
Ohhh...that's much better! I think the banner layout is perfect HUGE blank space up there!!! Bravo and lovely work!
- Gwenneth on 27/11/04 - 03:09 am
Erm - am I the only one disturbed by the flaming eye? It looks like a giant vagina. LOL! I'm sorry but it does and I crack up everytime I see it! (I don't think Sauron would be too pleased to know that!)
- Nephthys on 01/12/04 - 01:14 am
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