Site Improvements!
You guys may have noticed the addition of a review box at the end of each chapter, which will hopefully make reviewing a bit more convenient for everyone.

Now that the site is growing larger and more active, I have been considering doing an awards contest for the best stories in each category. Members could nominate their favorite fics, vote on them and the winners would be awarded a special graphic to post here in their profiles as well as elsewhere on the web. I would like some feedback on the idea first though, to make sure there are enough people interested to make it work.

Also, I am looking for a couple more moderators for the site. These jobs don't require any HTML/coding knowledge, as I take care of all of that stuff. Basically it would be along the lines of checking over stories and interacting with other authors.


--Adoralyna on 27/11/04 - 09:52 am 16 Comments
Awards sound like a good idea - provided that they don't get surrounded with the flak that seems to accompany most fanfiction awards. It might also encourage people to pull their metaphorical socks up and write better. :)

Moderators? I volunteer my services, with one query - checking over stories for what, exactly? Spelling? Grammar? Flame-ness?
(Or maybe my good friend, Canon...)
- Noldo on 27/11/04 - 01:38 pm
Noldo, I was hoping you would be interested. Tell you what, I'm going to go ahead and add you as a moderator and we can discuss it in the "moderators only board" I am about to make.
- Adora on 27/11/04 - 02:40 pm
Well about the reward stuff I think it a good idea, also just for an idea how about challenges and stuff like that. Also I wouldn't mind be a moderator I don't have anything to do.
- spanishgoddess86 on 27/11/04 - 05:57 pm
I would love to have you help out! Do you have AIM, Yahoo or MSN?
- Adora on 27/11/04 - 06:10 pm
I have all that acually I use trillian my s/n the same just let me get on
- spanishgoddess86 on 27/11/04 - 06:17 pm
I added you but I don't see you. Here's my info:
Aim: Adoralyna
Yahoo: adora_endymion
- Adora on 27/11/04 - 06:22 pm
Awards sound like a great idea. There are not many awards sites online right now that are open to such a broad range of LOTR fics.
- Cormak on 27/11/04 - 10:04 pm
Hey Cormak,

I agree with you. Most are only a certain pairing or only book verse. If I get the level of interest and involvement I am hoping for, I'd like to offer awards for the best fic in every category, especially the ones that normally get left out.
- Adora on 27/11/04 - 10:53 pm
I would love to help out! Anything you need, gimme a shout.

Mora xxx
- on 28/11/04 - 02:19 pm
Wonderful, thank you!
- Adora on 28/11/04 - 04:41 pm
Awards sounds like fun, it could be a great encouragement to get a nifty banner!
A thought; maybe, in addition to "Best bookverse 2004" etc(assuming that's what you've got in mind), fic-challenges could be an idea? It's not new, but plotbunnies seem to be welcome at every forum, so... ?
- Sliven on 30/11/04 - 02:47 pm
That's a good idea! I will bring it up in the forum.
- Adora on 01/12/04 - 11:35 pm
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