The first thing you will probably notice is the addition of separate categories for slash stories. I decided that at the rate which we are growing, this option would make it much easier to find the type of fics you want to read. We have moved all stories that apply to their proper categories.

There are going to be some updates to our rules in the near future, specifically involving flaming and spelling/grammar.

Regarding flaming: Its never pleasant to receive a bad review for your work but unless the review is outright harassment, try to take suggestions under consideration rather than becoming upset. Perhaps the most important tool we have as writers is the feedback we receive from each other and how we utilize it to learn and grow.
However, if a review is simply too harsh for you, delete it and ask the reviewer not to post again. If they don't respect your wishes and start to harass you, that is the point at which you need to contact me and let me deal with it.

Regarding Spelling and Grammar: I cannot stress enough the importance of using decent spelling and grammar in your stories. Even if you have the most incredible plot in the fandom, very few people will be able to read and enjoy your fic if it is fraught with errors. Please proofread your work and if grammatical formatting is not your strong suit, there are plenty of people over at the forum who would be glad to help you correct your mistakes.

Flame of Anor Awards: The cutoff date for the Flame of Anor Awards nominations is January 1st, so make sure to submit your favorite stories if you haven't done so already.

I think that's all for now. More detailed updates on site activity can always be found in the forum. I hope everyone has a happy holiday season!

--Adoralyna on 18/12/04 - 07:32 pm 7 Comments
Um...the stars are gone. Was that deliberate, or did the rating-abilities just get lost somehow? Or is my computer messed up and I really ought to have been able to pick a star for the last thing I read...that would be annoying, although not entirely surprising...*rolls eyes* college networks...
- Tathrin on 11/01/05 - 07:11 pm
They *do* seem to be gone for me too, and I have a fantastic connection now. (All hail broadband!) Adora, have you removed the rating system?
- Noldo on 14/01/05 - 06:09 am
Yes I did. Camilla and I were discussing it and decided the site would be better without it. Its just not always a good indication of the quality of a story.

All praise Broadband!
- Adora on 14/01/05 - 09:18 pm
I see. That is true, though - people could use it merely to be vindictive, and give someone a '1'... Broadband! A laita tarienna!
- Noldo on 20/01/05 - 07:26 am