Skins are back!
I did a little makeover on the site which includes 22 new skins.

We've gained many new members since we last used this feature and if you're not familiar with it, all you have to do is select the skin you'd like from the menu under "edit personal information." Once you save, it will change the entire appearance of the site to suit your tastes whenever you're logged in.

Another new feature is our "Moderator's Corner", which is a place for the site's staff to post articles and essays relating to writing fanfiction.

I hope everyone enjoys the improvements! Feedback is always appreciated.

--Adoralyna on 07/02/05 - 03:59 am 20 Comments
The skins are really pretty! *goes off to keep changing skins* But the Moderator's Corner box is an iframe, is it? If it is, the links seem to be opening themselves in that iframe, which means that all I can see is the top left corner of the page.
- Noldo on 07/02/05 - 07:31 am
yea there skins to play with again. :) and I was going to tell you about the moderator corner thing but Noldo already said something. Umm I hate to ask thing but I was kind of wondering, is there a way to where maybe there could be a script or whatever it would be in order to let people change the size of the text on there own account? does that make sense?
- spanishgoddess86 on 07/02/05 - 07:43 am
Thank you! I fixed the iframe, should work fine now. :)

What's wrong with the text?
- Adora on 07/02/05 - 09:37 am
You do so much for everyone don't worry about it. It just small on my computer, and because I'm usual on late at night and if I stay on the site to long it starts giving me a headache. But don't worry about it you already do so much.
- spanishgoddess86 on 07/02/05 - 07:15 pm
For some reason I suddenly keep getting white text on white background no matter the skin I choose. The only way to read normal text is to highlight it with a mouse. This happens in Konqueror 3.2, my favorite browser but not in Mozilla where I get white text on black background.
- Nerdanel on 12/02/05 - 05:11 pm
I researched Konquerer and they seem to still have a few minor issues with certain types of code. I'm not sure how much I can do about it, honestly other than changing the entire code structure itself.
- Adora on 14/02/05 - 04:13 am
I taked a look at the source and it looks pretty non-standard to put it nicely... However I think I solved your problem!

Simply put the line
body { background: #000000; color: #ffffff; }
to your CSS files.
- Nerdanel on 14/02/05 - 10:00 am
Arrgh. Took not taked. My brain apparantly cannot do computer stuff and grammar at the same time.
- Nerdanel on 14/02/05 - 10:01 am
It was nonstandard because it was coded to use an image for the background. I decided not to at the last minute and forgot to change the code. Thanks for pointing that out. It should all be fixed now in every skin, though if I missed a page please let me know.
- Adora on 16/02/05 - 12:11 am
I love your site! It is very beautiful, and I like that I can pick my own skin! I just have a question.. when I respond to the feedback people send me, they do get to see it right?
Keep up the good work!!
- Eamane Aldarion on 19/05/05 - 11:23 am
Excellent new skins, my dear. They really do make a vast difference to the board. Many thanks for sorting them for us all. My favourite has to be the Lorien Elves one which is curreently my skin at the moment.
Thanks again, Adoralyna.
- merevindur on 10/11/05 - 11:17 pm
Hi. I just logged in to this site, and I have few things to say about the skins. They are too dark; you have to make them lighter with less dark colours (black, brown) and more bright ones (yellow). I really hope you will think about this. Anna
- Anna_Eomer on 08/03/06 - 10:48 pm
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