Awards Delayed
I'm afraid that the Flame of Anor Awards nominations will have to be delayed until we find enough judges for all of the categories. I am updating the rules to state that you can become a judge if your story is nominated, as long as you are judging a different category.

The good news is that our forums are finally back up! Please note that you'll have to register seperately to post there.

If you are interested in judging for the Flame of Anor Awards, please post in the forums under the appropriate topic and let me know!

--Adoralyna on 05/01/06 - 06:47 pm 24 Comments
Question: Estimating, about how many stories would you have to read per day if you were a judge?
- Gondors TRUE queen on 25/01/06 - 12:05 am
Umm...will anyone else please comment...I feel I'm in a dark cave or something and my voice is echoing.......soooo, read my stories and review....bye! *runs out of scary cave*
- Gondors TRUE queen on 04/02/06 - 03:43 am
Hey! I gotta flashlight! Come back! *sigh* Now I'm all alone...

Yeah, anyway, I would like to know the answer to Gondors TRUE Queen's question also.

- Alatariel on 04/02/06 - 03:25 pm
Hey guys,

Probaly about 10-15 for first level judges and 4 for second. Check the forums for more info.
- Adora on 08/02/06 - 11:20 pm
- Alatariel on 28/02/06 - 09:03 pm
Thank you!
- Alatariel on 28/02/06 - 09:03 pm
Thank you!
- Alatariel on 28/02/06 - 09:03 pm
Sorry, my computer screwed up and sent this stuff in different pieces, sorry about that!
- Alatariel on 28/02/06 - 09:04 pm
So, when ARE the awards? I was just curious, and I am also a judge.
- Princess Kalen on 03/03/06 - 09:57 pm
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