Help Needed
Hey guys,

As of right now, I run everything here at LotR Fanfiction myself and its getting to be a little too much. I'd really like to upgrade a few members to moderators who could help "share the load" as Samwise Gamgee would say. :)

Currently, I need moderators in two different categories:

1.) Site moderator: Your duties would include checking over stories, making sure they are in proper categories with the correct ratings and warnings and that they adhere to our submission rules. Due to the content of various stories, I can only accept site moderators who are over the age of 18.

2.) Forum moderator: Your responsibilities would include keeping threads on topic, deleting inappropriate posts and generally helping to maintain a mature and respectful environment over at our forums. Experience with forum moderation is preferred but not neccessary.

Anyone interested in helping out?

--Adoralyna on 12/04/06 - 10:03 pm 23 Comments
wish i could help but i can't really keep up..
darn it..
- XoGiggles on 13/04/06 - 12:31 am
I have enough time that I would like to help with being a forum moderator =) I have not moderated a forum in the past, but I have helped moderate the chat on a game I formerly played.
- Nieriel on 13/04/06 - 01:11 am
I don't really have time but I would enjoy being a forum moderater... if it is not too time consuming that would be great!
- Alatariel on 13/04/06 - 01:32 am
Can you tell me how much volume you do on the site? I can help out with site moderation if the workload isn't too heavy. Or perhaps handling one category if there is a lot to it.
- Ariel on 13/04/06 - 01:55 am
I'm a stay at home mom so if i can help let me know. I would be more than happy to.
- MAMASHOPE on 14/04/06 - 03:54 am
I would be happy to be a site moderator. However, I have no prior experience so any advice or elaboration on the duties or workload size would be welcome.

I have just turned 20 in march so age will not be a problem.
- Calanthriel on 14/04/06 - 04:11 pm
I could help out with the site moderation from time to time (not this week), but I'm not on the net every day.
- gythia on 16/04/06 - 12:08 am
I can help out too if you like. I am currently a mod at Billyboydboard.

- Pickle on 17/04/06 - 12:23 pm
I can help out, although I have little experience. I would love to be a moderator... gives me an excuse to read more fanfiction than I already do.
- Star Bunny on 17/04/06 - 01:40 pm
See my latest news item for further details. Thanks so much guys!
- Adora on 18/04/06 - 04:18 pm
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