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Thanks so much to everyone who replied to the "help needed" post! To answer the biggest question, this job only requires as much time as you'd like to give it. Any help is appreciated, there's no limit either way.

For those who expressed interest, please send me an email at and I'll give you more details/add you on as moderator if you'd like. Its an easy job, really.

In other news, nominations for the Flame of Anor Awards are officially closed and our judges will be narrowing everything down over the next few weeks for the public voting. We received a ton of wonderful entries this year, thank you!

Also, a general thank you for being the best batch of members around. It truly is a pleasure to run this site and interact with you guys!

--Adoralyna on 18/04/06 - 08:47 am 16 Comments
*laughs* It's a pleasure to be a member of this wonderful site, Adoralyna. Thank you.
- sylc on 19/04/06 - 02:01 am
lol...too bad i didn't nominate anything...
oh well, there's always next year...
- XoGiggles on 19/04/06 - 02:38 am
You were up at five in the morning making this? And thank you, This is one of my fav sites. ;D
- Syril Silverleaf on 20/04/06 - 12:15 am
Any idea when the narrowing down of the stories will be finished? I can not wait to see the nominated stories !! There are so many great stories on this site that I do not envy your having to make a decision!!!
- angelsfyre1 on 21/05/06 - 11:05 pm
Tinara is finishing up some school suff, then we'll be starting the voting. :)
- Adora on 26/05/06 - 06:22 am
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