Flame of Anor Awards- Judging complete!
The judging for the Flame of Anor Awards is finished! Sorry it took so long but with so many wonderful stories, it took the judges quite awhile to read them all and carefully consider each one. I think we all owe them a big "thank you" for their time and effort and we particularly owe gratitude to Tinara for overseeing all of this for us this year!

Over the next couple of days, a public poll will be posted and you guys will be able to vote between two stories in each category to determine the final winner. This poll will run for two weeks, then the awards will be offically announced!

In the meantime, watch this space!

--Adora on 30/05/06 - 05:43 am 18 Comments
Thank you, Tinara, and Judges!
- Princess Kalen on 30/05/06 - 06:11 pm
I'm watching that space... writing this is the only time I will take my eyes off of it. I can't wait to see who won!!! Thank you all so much! Since this is my first time with this, it's kinda new... so it will be interesting and exciting!
- Alatariel on 30/05/06 - 07:17 pm
Will we see all nominated stories or just the two finalists for each category?
- Michelle on 30/05/06 - 08:46 pm
Thank you to Tinara and the judges. m(_ _)m I look forward to reading the stories on the poll.
- sylc on 30/05/06 - 10:53 pm
I'm so excited to see the results! Thank you to everyone who made this possible.
- LadyofLight on 31/05/06 - 11:52 pm
i didnt notice this post. ^_^
where will the poll be shown?
- XoGiggles on 01/06/06 - 12:26 am
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