Flame of Anor Winners!
Guys, I'm really sorry that I'm so late with this. Real life tends to get a bit dodgy at times. I will be notifying all of the winners by e-mail also and congratulations!

Best Book-verse
A Meeting in the Woods by Thundera Tiger

Best Movie-verse
This I Vow by Alatariel Narmolanya

Best Drama/Angst
Silver Shadows by Elshauri

Best Humor/Parody
Gri­ma Wormtongue; The Owner's Guide and Maintenance Manual by Sliven

Best Friendship (tie)
Beyond this World by Thundera Tiger
To the Waters and the Wild by Jael

Best Short Story/Oneshot
Mother and Daughter by Aramel

Best Original Character
Dreamflower by Ciaryn

Best Romance (tie)
Destiny´s Arrow by DiableRogue
West Wind over Edoras by Rozzan

Best Slash Romance
Bared Identities by Bone Fauna

--Adora on 05/07/06 - 03:42 am 11 Comments
so happy
- XoGiggles on 05/07/06 - 12:34 pm
i pretty much agree with XoGiggles. lol. Hurray!
- Gondors TRUE queen on 05/07/06 - 11:51 pm
You're welcome, guys!
- Adora on 06/07/06 - 08:49 am
YAY!!! GO ALATARIEL NARMOLANYA!!! YAY!!! GO EVERYONE!!! Thank you so much, Adora!
- Alatariel on 07/07/06 - 01:36 am
Congratulations everyone! :D
- Nieriel on 08/07/06 - 12:11 am
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