And We're Back!
I apologize for the downtime but the good news is that we are officially relocated to our permanent server!

Switching servers for such a large web site is a very tedious process and even under the best of circumstances, there are sure to be a few glitches that need to be worked out.


We are having a couple of problems with the review system. Rest assured that all past data is safe but the review counts are not displaying properly yet. Additionally, you must go to the first chapter of any story to see the full list of reviews.

The other glitch is that the link that takes you back to the story after a review is left currently returns you to the main page. I am well aware of both of these issues and I'm currently working on them.

If you find any glitches or problems that are NOT listed above, please report them to me in the comments section of this news item. I have not reactivated my e-mail account yet.
Adora on 10/12/06 01:35 am
YAY! You're my hero, Adoralyna!
- Elaura on 10/12/06 01:45 am
Great! All the imaging and layouts have gone nuts for me though, so I hope you get the glitches sorted out! :) cheers
- Enelya Shadow on 10/12/06 05:16 am
Thanks for all your hard work in making sure we have a safe and great environment in which to post our stories and have fun. Never doubt that you are the best! (((hugs)))
- aelfwine on 10/12/06 06:09 am
*sigh* During the couple of days you were upgrading, I realized how much this site means to me........thanks for spending so much time and effort on this site!!!!

We love you Adora!!!

- Aerlinniel on 10/12/06 09:00 am
Ah! Thanks for getting the site back AND with a better server! I thought I was gonna die without it . . . you rock, Adora!
- Brassen on 10/12/06 11:30 am
Thanks! I checked at school today, and was really confused.
- Selendrile on 10/12/06 04:32 pm


*note; What about the forums??
- Wyn Telemnar on 10/12/06 04:37 pm
Thank you so much for all the effort you have put into this site! You're the best =D
- ArwenUndomiel on 10/12/06 04:39 pm
yeah... lucky you selendrile... i was reported for checking at school... for supposive "pornography"
never seen any of that in here...
the computer automatically reported it to whomever.

- Star on 10/12/06 06:34 pm
I know you are aware of the reviews issue, but I just wanted to let you know, there are reviews to my story: Typically Atypical that do not belong to me. The ones from April and before. My story wasn't posted until September. No rush, no pressure. Just thought it might help you sort stuff out.
- Elaura on 10/13/06 01:17 am
Uhrm... Where'd the forum go? But I'm so, so glad the site is back, I missed it :)
- Enelya Shadow on 10/13/06 05:40 am
The forums are down indefinitely. There is only one person working on the technical end of this site and unless I can find outside people to help out, I don't have the time to maintain the forums properly.

I made a bunch of people moderators the last time and we still have a huge problem with spam. Instead of people deleting the posts, everyone would just respond to the spammers, making threads twice as difficult to remove. In the event that I can find someone who can monitor them sufficiently, I will certainly bring them back.
- on 10/13/06 05:47 am
- XoGiggles on 10/15/06 06:38 am
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