Another Update
I have been working on morning, trying to repair the problem with the reviews. Unfortunately, I had to revert to the backup from yesterday so if you have posted since then, that's where the stories went. I'm sorry about that but I was being rushed to put the site back up and I didn't have the time to iron out all of the kinks.

I honestly don't know what is going on with the reviews. I'm trying my best to fix things but nothing is working. I will keep trying different things but in the end, I don't know if we are going to be able to save them. I will keep you posted. I need you guys to just read for the next day or so and not leave reviews or post stories so that hopefully we can get this fixed.

--Adora on 13/10/06 - 09:44 am 19 Comments
Good luck with getting everything fixed, and thankyou again for all the hard work you have been doing for us all! I'll try really hard to remember not to review...I think I may be a compulsive reviewer so that isn't as easy as it sounds.
- ArwenUndomiel on 13/10/06 - 10:17 am
thanx for trying to get everything fixed....i really hadn't noticed how much i'm on this site until it was gone...
- Syril Silverleaf on 13/10/06 - 03:55 pm
It's ok, I miss the reveiws, lol, but it'll be ok, thanks for trying to keep up and letting us know. :)
- KestralSurion on 13/10/06 - 07:14 pm
Okay,at least I know what the problem was.Good luck!!!
- HHS on 13/10/06 - 08:08 pm
Thank you so much for everything you're doing for us!! We're with you all the way!!! ~Mel
- Aerlinniel on 13/10/06 - 08:17 pm
Is it safe to post updates yet?
- Elaura on 14/10/06 - 12:32 pm
Thank you for all your hard work, Adorna :)

I just have a query though about reviews. Are you talking about reviews being left from the date of the server change?

Because I've noticed that while other stories sitll carry old reviews, I appear to have lost all of mine - even those from ages ago. They’re not showing in my account area either.

Pip :)
- pippychick on 14/10/06 - 06:11 pm
you're awesome Adora.
hope evrything works out
- XoGiggles on 15/10/06 - 01:52 pm
Thank you so much! You are wonderful!
- Selendrile on 15/10/06 - 03:18 pm
Hey! Even though four pages of my reviews disappeared and a few that don't belong to me appeared I have some really good news!!! The email notification for new reviews is working great! It never worked before. Keep up the good work and please let me know if I'm ever going to see those 88 original reviews again.
- Elaura on 15/10/06 - 10:03 pm
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