I'm sure that a lot of you guys are pretty tired of the downtime by now. The good news is that it's over and all reviews and previous information have been restored just as they were before. You are now free to review and post stories to your heart's content without having to worry about losing any data.

Now I'm going to explain why this took so long and why we had so many errors. If you post on this site, you need to read the following or you may risk your account being deleted for violating a new rule we have here.

I don't mean to be a jerk about this but I have spent the last week struggling and pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to fix the reviews database and I came to realize that the bugs happened because some of the members have been abusing the system.

I spent quite a few hours combing through over 7000 reviews trying to fix these problems. What I am referring to specifically is people that feel the need to add 40 exclamation points at the end of their words. What I'm talking about is members who press down keys and hold them, making words that are a paragraph long. For example, the word "yay" has three letters. There's absolutely no logical reason why you need to put 20 a's in the middle of it.

I understand that people get excited when they read a good story but please, type out your words NORMALLY instead of making them into an endless string of repetitive letters? The database simply can't process unnaturally long strings of information like that and besides, it's rather rude anyway.

We have a new rule here and that is if I see anyone typing things with any more than THREE of the same letter, number or punctuation in a row, I will either give them a warning or I will DELETE THEIR ACCOUNT. I apologize if this seems harsh but I am simply not going to go through the ordeal of trying to fix things that shouldn't be broken this way. The site would've been back up and fine a week ago if it hadn't been for this problem.

I want you guys to express yourselves openly here but please lay off the sticky fingers, okay? The rest of the members shouldn't have to suffer through a broken site over such a minor issue.
Adora on 10/17/06 01:18 pm
Wow, I had no idea that adding a few extra exclamation points could make the system crash! I assure you that I will stick to the strikest rules in reviewing. By the by, thank you so much for finding out what was wrong and fixing it!
- Wyn Telemnar on 10/17/06 04:00 pm
Hmmm, sorry Adora, I think I was one of those exclamation reviewers. But I get your meaning and I'll try to remember not to put more than two exclamation points after a word. Thank you so much for all you've put into this site, and I hope some of us won't be a cause of another problem again! ~Mel
- Aerlinniel on 10/17/06 04:38 pm
Thanks Adora. You've done a great job. You've earned a rest!
- Elaura on 10/17/06 06:49 pm
Wow, who knew? Thanx so much Adora! you're the greatest! i promise to follow the new rules to the t.
- Syril Silverleaf on 10/17/06 07:12 pm
I agree with Syril, saes goheno nin Adora... found guilty of some of those... sorry for all the trouble! Do elipsis count as more than three in a row... cuz I use those a lot, but I'll quit if it's trouble. Also noticed that one of my chapters got deleted that I updated, I have it saved so don't worry but I was wondering if that would be a problem in the future! Thanks for all your hard work for us!
- Star on 10/17/06 08:36 pm
that's what the problem was, gawd i was bored out of my mind without the website running. I had to go to other fanfiction sites that aren't as good as this one!
- azure29x on 10/17/06 10:40 pm
I appreciate the feedback guys and please try not to feel too bad. You didn't know but now you do so hopefully, we can all work together and this won't be an issue anymore.

Star, you probably updated the chapter during the time that I asked everyone not to post anything. I was switching over databases at the time so things were likely to be lost if they were added during that time. It won't be a problem in the future.
- Adora on 10/18/06 02:02 am
Thank you thank you thank you! Thanks so much for keeping this site going. I love it. You do a great job.
- Selendrile on 10/18/06 06:46 am
Thanks for keeping the site going! Glad the problems are over. I'll try to keep everything in mind when posting - one extra exclamation point could make the site crash! Thanks so much Adora, great job!
- Enelya Shadow on 10/18/06 08:12 am
It's not one extra exclamation point, it's an endless string of a ton of those or other characters that messes things up.
- Adora on 10/18/06 08:32 am are the greatest web mistress ever! If I was you, I certainly would not have been able to repair the site, let alone as well as you did! Now, thanks to your amazing effots, our hearts are at rest and we have nothing to worry about!

Thank you! xx
- on 10/18/06 10:51 am
My preciouSSS argh damn i'm banned! lol
- princess_eowyn on 10/18/06 04:55 pm
Yay I'm so glad this is back. Thank you so much for your hard work! Um, can I write the word precious with lots of s's? Cuz I did that in one of my stories. Is that a problem?
- faramiriel on 10/19/06 09:04 pm
i probably gonna get kicked out by the first week.
guess this rule applies (thats how you spell it?) to me
sorry Adora
- XoGiggles on 10/20/06 04:41 pm
You diserve a reward, Adora, for all you've done for this site! It's truly amazing, so thanks for fixing the problem, and I promise to follow the rules! Three cheers for Adora!
- Sharpe_and_Harper on 10/22/06 02:57 pm
Props to you, Adora. And my sincerest apologies for contributing to the problem.
- sylc on 10/23/06 08:04 pm
Thanks for solving that, Adora! I'll stick to the rules now, and not the keys! :)
- FeanorsStar on 10/24/06 04:57 pm
Thanks Adora! Also I was wondering if the forums are going to be back up if they aren't it's okay but it was a quick and easy way to communicate with others. Thanks for all of your hard work!
- Tolannui on 10/24/06 07:35 pm
lol, FeanorsStar...
- Tolannui on 10/24/06 07:35 pm
Thank you Adora! I'm not sure if I was contrubiting to the problem, I'm really sorry if I was. I'll be really careful from now on.
- ArwenUndomiel on 10/24/06 07:41 pm