All Is Well
I really appreciate the support regarding the plagiarism issue and I wanted to let you guys know that it's all resolved now.

That being said, I hope everyone who celebrates has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow! And for the rest of you who may not, I hope you have a lovely weekend!
Adora on 11/22/06 01:45 pm
Thank you very much Adora! I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving. We don't really have it over here, so its another day for me. Brill site! Love ya, love me. xx
- on 11/22/06 01:50 pm
Glad to hear it. :) Happy Thanksgiving!
- KestralSurion on 11/22/06 01:56 pm
I don't celebrate Thankgiving, but Happy Thanksgiving to all those who do!
I'm thankful for the flash of Genius that allowed me to find this site.. Why I never typed in is beyond me!
- Gemini_Elf on 11/22/06 01:59 pm
I'm another who doesn't have Thanksgiving, but I hope you have a lovely day :)
- thesockqueen on 11/22/06 04:25 pm
Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Adora!
- Brassen on 11/22/06 04:52 pm
Glad everything's cleared up. I don't celebrate Thanksgiving this time of year, but Happy Thanksgiving anyways! ~Mel
- Aerlinniel on 11/22/06 08:05 pm
Well, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, and I'm not really sure what it is actually about, but happy Thanksgiving all the same!
- ArwenUndomiel on 11/23/06 06:44 am
Well, happy Thanksgiving. I've celebrated Thanksgiving when I'm in the States but I'm back home so, no turkey for me! Lol.
- eru_faeleth on 11/23/06 07:03 am
I'm glad the problems were sorted out - have a great Thanksgiving!
- The Dragon on 11/23/06 10:24 am
Happy Thanksgiving! hope everyone has tons of fun and eats some great food!
- Syril Silverleaf on 11/23/06 07:23 pm
happy delicious turkey day!!
- XoGiggles on 11/24/06 01:16 pm
Uh its a little late, but can I say happy Thanksgiving for next year? Happy belated thanksgiving? :)
- GreenWoodElleth on 11/25/06 02:43 pm
I'm so glad that you've cleared up that issue Adora! Happy Thanksgiving for next year to all who celebrate, and have a great week/weekend!
- Buckleberry on 11/27/06 03:37 am
Happy Belated Turkey Day!
- Zippity on 11/28/06 06:30 pm
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