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Adoralyna on 07/04/04 12:28 pm
Under Real Person Fics can you please add Sean Bean? I have many RPS fics with Sean Bean and Viggo Mortensen as the featured pairing.
- sairalinde on 07/04/04 05:34 pm
Done. :)
- Adora on 07/05/04 01:40 am
Okay. Been thinking and I really want to put my fanfiction here, or somewhere, but it is all LOTR and I dont want to infringe on that. So, instead of just asking the webmistress, I had the idea to possibly make a poll for the members, to see if they would be cool with non LOTR (tasteful) fanfiction being up on this site in a off topic section?
- gillybean on 07/07/04 01:43 am
I would love to read your work.
- oblotr on 07/07/04 11:25 pm
I think that's a great idea. There are a lot of other fanfics floating around and I think it'd be perfect to put them all in the "off topic" section. I am all for it....
- Anais on 07/07/04 11:25 pm
Hokai,,, So, I'm trying to post a story, and I did the whole Browse thing, but when I went back to see if it uploaded the whole chapter, it didn't! Meh! What am I doing wrong?? Please help.
- larthawyn on 07/09/04 12:00 am
You probably hit the preview button again instead of "add story". Make sure it says that you've added the story/chapter before you exit the page.
- Adora on 07/09/04 05:22 am
Okay, so I ended up just posting the text of my chapters. That was easier. Thanks for your help! : )
- larthawyn on 07/09/04 12:49 pm
Okay, so I ended up just posting the text of my chapters. That was easier. Thanks for your help! : )
- larthawyn on 07/09/04 12:54 pm
Now, I totally agree that Fanfiction.Net is not a very good site, which is why I've switched over to HASA for big works.However, I do wish you could crack down a little on stories with total disregard for grammar and canon. There's a reason why we don't want them on FF.Net, and I don't really think we want them here either. Forgive me if I sound pushy. I just read a rather awful story and it's revolting to see a nice site like this going to waste.
- Noldo on 09/16/04 08:07 am
For some reason whenever I put in an html command, only the first part of it is adhered to. I use italics to emphasize words. It recognizes the command but does not recognize the command and thus everything after is italicized all the way to the end of the story. Can this be fixed?
- White Wolf on 09/24/04 02:44 pm
See what I mean?
- White Wolf on 09/24/04 02:45 pm
I've been testing it out and I'm not having any problem adding italics anywhere on the site.
Testing. Testing. Testing.
- Adora on 09/25/04 08:00 pm
Until I reply to the comment. That's very odd, let me check a few things.
- Adora on 09/25/04 08:01 pm
Perhaps people should index their stories in library format - for example, instead of 'A River of Tears', the title should be 'River of Tears, A'. That'd help avoid clogging up the 'A' and 'T' categories in the alphabetical order - making the category function much more useful.
- Noldo on 09/28/04 09:45 am
Is it possible to go back and change a rating you gave to a story? If so, how?
- White Wolf on 10/12/04 11:12 pm
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