Line Breaks
Several members have been using long lines of repeated symbols in order to create line breaks. This creates problems on the site. A line break can be made by using the html hr and /hr .
For example: Use this

not entire lines of this: ~~~ or this ---
Please, if you are using lines of more than five consecutive symbols as line breaks replace them with the proper html symbols. The allowed html on this site is as follows:
strong, em, br, blockquote, strike, font, b, i , u, center, img, a, hr, p, ul , li, ol.
Remember to always place the proper closing html tag. If you use hr for examlple it must be followed at the end by /hr. There should be a list of html symbols each time you edit a story to help you remember which ones work on this site

Thank you!

--Aelfwine on 19/04/07 - 06:48 pm 23 Comments
Guilty as charged. I started replacing them, but it takes some time. Hopefully, I'll have them all replaced by tomorrow.

Apologies for the inconvenience.
- Beregond5 on 19/04/07 - 09:49 pm
Ok ... I am absolutely at fault for the symbols thing ... however ... CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHAT HTML SYMBOLS ARE AND HOW TO USE THEM??? *sniffle* I feel alone ... as you can tell, I'm not good with technology ... XP Anyway, I'll change it ... once I know how too ... which means once someone takes pity on me and helps me ... promise! ;D
- BookLuva7 on 20/04/07 - 05:06 am
*sheepish grin* Uh ... false alarm ... XP I fiddled around a little and I now know how to do it! Sorry! I'm fixing it as I type! :D
- BookLuva7 on 20/04/07 - 05:13 am
This looks like an appropriate thread to put out a little helpful information. If anyone else has had problems with the names "Eomer" and "Eowyn" showing up as "Éomer" and "Éowyn" after using the appropriate symbols for "É" in Microsoft word, try using the HTML encoding for foreign language characters: "É" without the quotation marks. For example type: "Éomer" or "Éowyn" (without the quotation marks). It should then read: Éomer or Éowyn. For further assistance, check out the following website: HTML encoding of foreign language characters

This is actually the only symbol I have found to not work on this site and I apologize if it has already been corrected. Good luck.

- Elaura on 20/04/07 - 09:58 am
Oops. It appears to have already been corrected. please disregard my last comment.
- Elaura on 20/04/07 - 09:59 am
Oops, I'm guilty there... *goes to fix breaks*

So , we need something like this?

- KestralSurion on 20/04/07 - 12:51 pm
a line break that looks like this

is made like this (hr)(/hr) I am using the () symbol instead of > or < in order to make this visible enclose the hr in the arrow symbols instead of ()
- aelfwine on 20/04/07 - 03:01 pm
Wait ... that means ... I gotta change it again! *sighs* Oh well, might as well ...
- BookLuva7 on 20/04/07 - 06:09 pm
I do NOT like just a huge space in my chapters! And that is all hr does. Does the repeat thing create a problem if you are alternating symbols? For instance, :-:-:-:-:-:-: ~NiRi
- on 20/04/07 - 06:36 pm
It should be enough to add a < hr > (withouth the spaces of course). That creates one of those nice lines.
- Michelle on 20/04/07 - 07:05 pm
This is the point when I scream with confusion. I don't use tags, I copy and paste of Microsoft Word... I've never used tags, ever. I'll ATTEMPT to change it...but I can't gurantee I'll get it right :(
- Gemini_Elf on 20/04/07 - 07:11 pm
Wait...just had a thought... Mine aren't continous lines made from "---'s" or "~~~'s" I just use THREE *** is that ok, or do I need to change it to this HTML thing?
- Gemini_Elf on 20/04/07 - 07:22 pm
I use alternating symbols: "~*~" between centering tags. That's allowed, isn't it?
- sylc on 20/04/07 - 11:37 pm
As for me I couldn't figure out why my story was so long width wize. I tried everything including buying ms word. Asking questions didn't help either. But on another site that I was posting my story to, a friend pointed out what was wrong. It was the breaks. So I got rid of them and wala! My story is fixed with the righ width. Yeah!!
- on 06/05/07 - 08:53 pm
When ever using html codes, like the ones allowed on this site, you want to make sure they look like this:

<hr> and </hr>

the / tells the site that you want the code to end.

Also, if you want to show someone a code they can use (without the spaces and extra explanation) then use a <> in the brackets when typing out the code. The <> in the code bracket will disable the code so that it shows up as it's written.

Just something I learned that will hopefully help those who are experts with html. :-)
- mango7 on 19/05/07 - 04:22 am
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