We are asking ALL AUTHORS to make sure their fics are properly labeled and in the correct category with the proper warnings so those who wish to avoid certain types of stories can do so. We truly love this site and want it to be the best archive of LOTR fan fiction out there. But it's also about you, the author and reader. We must respect each other and accept that we all won't agree on story content. It is just as disrespectful to not label a fic properly as it is for someone to leave a inappropriate comment.
Slash authors: Please note that slash is not necessarily graphic sex between two male characters. Slash is a sexual attraction that need not be acted on or may be one-sided between two members of the same sex, male or female. If your story contains slash, even between minor characters, even if the majority of your story is het or nonslash, then your story requires a slash warning and should be placed in a slash sub-category (you may, however, use a nonslash category if slash is only incidental to the story).
*Rule of thumb: If your fic contains something that could make it fit - even only slightly - under a certain category, genre, or warning...make sure you use that category, genre, and/or warning. This does not only refer to slash, but bookverse vs movieverse and warnings such as: graphic sex, violence, character death, extreme fetish, AU, incest, mpreg, rape, torture, etc. The site permits the use of multiple categories, genres, and warnings on a story, so there's no excuse not to use this feature. If in doubt, use more labels and a higher rating and/or ask a mod.*
Readers: if you come across a story that you believe is improperly labeled or doesn't contain the correct warnings, please advise one of the mods or contact the webmaster so that it may be corrected.
We are a very diverse community here and a close-knit one as well. We are proud to be part of a site where so many different authors feel free to post. In no way do we wish to censor people from posting their stories regardless of their content. BUT we do ask you to show respect to those members who may not share your same tastes in literature by making sure ALL your fics (new or posted previously) are in the proper category and contain the proper warnings.
Thanks everyone! You guys make this site a great place to be!
Nieriel Raina on 05/10/07 01:52 pm
Ooh! I'm the first one to comment!!! *squeals* Oh, erm ... anyway ... *sheepish grin* -.-; I don't think I've got a problem with this ... I tend to be VERY careful ... thank you for posting this! I totally understand what you mean. Personally, I enjoy slash, but I can understand that many people don't ... ;D
- BookLuva7 on 05/11/07 12:17 am
So all I need to do is add a few warnings to Eternal Mellyn. Easy. :D
- Gemini_Elf on 05/11/07 08:46 am
I always have a problem fitting my fics within book- vs. movieverse. I never know where to draw the line. Is there an easy rule for this?

Apart from that, I rather use a warning to many than one too few:)
- Michelle on 05/11/07 12:33 pm
We are working on defining things better. I'll check back with Adora on it! For now, the rules read that if in doubt, put it under movie verse. ~NiRi
- on 05/11/07 02:44 pm
Thanks! Up till now I posted everything before or after the movies in bookverse and everything during the movie in movieverse if it's not strictly canonical.
- Michelle on 05/12/07 04:39 am
Okay, I think I'm safe on this one...I don't mean to be stupid but, what does extreme fetish mean?
- elven lily on 05/12/07 10:32 am
I hope i'm doing good, might check again will not kill me... cause of that sub-category.

Sivan Shemesh
- Sivan on 05/12/07 01:18 pm
A fetish is described as: "object arousing sexual desire: something, for example, an inanimate object or nonsexual part of the body that arouses sexual excitement in some people "
- on 05/12/07 03:59 pm
That's slightly confusing and disturbing...
- Alatariel on 05/20/07 11:00 am
LOL, I guess if you don't know what it is, chances are you're not writing about it.
- Michelle on 05/20/07 12:56 pm
"That's slightly confusing and disturbing..."

Yes. Thus the need to have it as a warning.
- on 05/20/07 01:41 pm
I'm glad you posted this. I hadn't really thought of my story as slash because it involves one-sided non-consensual behaviors but after this posting, have updated the category I've filed it under. Thanks. It clarifies it better in my own mind.
- estelstheone on 05/20/07 02:41 pm
Egh. Yeah. Guess so, though now I'm wishing I hadn't set eyes on this post. Egh. x( Hey Niri...
- Alatariel on 05/20/07 07:49 pm
Does the "Extreme/taboo Fetish (not for the faint of heart!)" warning apply only to sexual fetishes? Can it also apply to nonsexual squick? I'm curious because I use this warning on my mainly nonsexual, but extremely squicky cannibal fics.
- sylc on 05/20/07 08:18 pm
Well, cannibalism IS taboo in most societies, so I'd assume it would go under "Extreme taboo/Fetish (not for the faint of heart!)" category.
- Gemini_Elf on 05/21/07 08:27 am
*nods* Thanks, Gemini. That's what I thought. :)
- sylc on 05/21/07 03:35 pm
I appreciate that you are well-intentioned, but I am afraid I cannot agree that a story which deals with an unfulfilled same-sex yearning requires a slash label. This strikes me as pandering too much not just to literary tastes - which is defensible - but to homophobia, which is not. Therefore I have removed all my stories, which I believe to have been appropriately labeled, and I'd respectfully ask that you cancel my username, since I can't find a way to do it myself. Thanks, Surreysmum
- surreysmum on 05/25/07 06:55 am
What the ... isn't that a bit much?? slash is any sort of attraction between two characters, no matter whether or not the feelings are reciprocated. Please don't take your stories off. What's the harm in adding a few warnings? It's not doing you any harm, and it's helping people who are not very fond of slash. Aren't you overreacting just a little bit? But I guess it's your opinion and your stories, so I have no right to pressure you into not doing anything.
- BookLuva7 on 05/25/07 04:26 pm
Wow, I never saw that one coming. I understand surreysmum's perspective though. The only way to avoid being accused of being predjudiced against one sexual orientation or another is to provide a plain old general "caution, sexual content" warning and let people find out for themselves if it's the kind of sex they want to read about.

Personally, I feel like I have to warn people I don't write graphic sex scenes.

I don't think people even see "slash" as a warning, it's more of a keyword, maybe that's the trouble? Make it a keyword you can exclude in your search but don't call it "warning". That way, if you want it, you can find it and if you don't you can exclude it.

*sigh* it's all PC semantics anyway.

- Elaura on 05/28/07 11:43 am
Wow. Extreme. I agree with BookLuva...
- Alatariel on 05/28/07 04:49 pm