E-mail notifications?
I just wanted to know how many of you are having an issue receiving e-mail notifications for reviews and such. I've gotten feedback from a couple people on this and I'm trying to find out if it's an issue that is specific to a few people or a sitewide problem.


--Adora on 12/04/08 - 02:13 pm 22 Comments
I get the email notifications, but when I click the link, it comes up, review not found or no reviews for story or something like that.
- on 13/04/08 - 01:22 am
I get the notifications, and the links work fine for me.
- White Wolf on 13/04/08 - 04:01 am
i get the notifications some of the time but not always. some are a while after the time updated. thanks for trying to fix it
- elfenears on 13/04/08 - 05:23 am
I haven't got any notifications for the reviews I've got.
- rhysmel on 13/04/08 - 12:16 pm
I get notifications but clicking the link comes up with " You are not permitted to access that function " It's not a big deal, however, since I don't have that many stories and I just go to my account and can see which one has been reviewed.
- Spiced Wine on 14/04/08 - 06:10 am
It's all good with me! *touches wood* :D
- BookLuva7 on 15/04/08 - 06:01 am
We're supposed to get e-mail notifications for reviews? I've never gotten one in the entire time I've had stories posted, and I have quite a few reviews.
- Elessaria on 15/04/08 - 11:13 pm
Well, you do have to enable the feature to receive new reviews by e-mail under your account information. Make sure you've done that first, then see whether or not you receive them.

Thanks guys, I'm working on it.
- Adora on 17/04/08 - 05:45 am
It's working for me now!
- on 17/04/08 - 07:03 pm
I recently altered the Email address in my bio information to all lower case letters. Soon thereafter, I was notified by Email that an author had responded to one of my latest reviews. The problem may have had something to do with capital letters in my Email address.
- Karlmir Stonewain on 18/05/08 - 10:32 am
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