An important message regarding MSTs and parodies…
We've been receiving a lot of complaints recently, regarding some of the stories in the humor category. LotRFF has always had very strong policies about flaming and mocking, and I feel that some of the stories I'm talking about are doing just that.

Just so we're clear on our policies, parody and humor are clearly acceptable, but using direct quotes, story titles and names of other authors for the purpose of mocking their work is not. Unless you have their express permission, we ask that you don't upload any stories that use the identities and story excerpts of other members. If you have a story of this nature already on the site, we ask that you either revise or remove it as soon as you can.

I really do apologize about this, but I don't like seeing specific members singled out for mockery. I created the community with the intention of allowing everyone a comfortable place to upload their work without having to worry about being bashed or humiliated if they were not good writers and I stand by that.

If you see a lot of flaws in someone else's work here on the site, why not leave them constructive criticism, designed to help them instead? I fully encourage our members to leave honest feedback, but I don't think making fun of someone else's story does much in the way of helping them improve as writers.
Adora on Jul 09 2008 06:15 pm
It's not fair still. Some stories mocked are not even on this site. And sometimes members did give advise but were blantly ignored. Sometimes the writer took down her story 8 times just to repost it again and again worse and worse each time, ignoring comments and advise again and again, eventuall ysayibg she ignores all advise. How can we help such a lost case? It's not member friendly of you either to take away our MSTs or parodies. If members complain about their work getting bashed, then I complain about not having the right to write what I want. After all, those MST'd writers will continue writing their Mary Sues, their PwPs and all stuff. But we will not be allowed to write our MSTs and parodies? Don't kid yourselves. It's unfair, plain and simple. If some stories get MST'd, like say "An Elf's Love", than maybe the writer shouldn't have said she'd ignore critisism and advise because she's too good to listen to it. Think about it. IfI and others start complaining enough about Mary Sues and PWP, will you forbid it too be written as well?
- Refia on Jul 10 2008 12:28 am
Refia, I think you are missing the point on this. Bashing an author, especially a young author, is not going to help them at all. Instead of bashing the author, if a reader doesn't like how someone wrote a particular story, then perhaps they should write their own instead of deferring to what I like to call 'Playground Antics'... that sort of thing that a group of bullies does to intimidate the little kids to get off of the swingset they want to play on because they would rather see someone cry than learn to either play with them, or, ignore them. Bashing fics tends to boost the ego of the one doing the bashing, so the reason people are going to be upset over this is that they aren't getting high fives or patted on the back for being mean to other people. That's kinda sad. Makes baby dolphins cry. It's true.

I've seen the so-called 'constructive criticism' that some people have left for others on various sites and groups. Sometimes, it really is crit. I can verify this because I actually give college lectures on the differences between different types of literary resources. (Go me!) Sometimes, it's just someone being mean and nasty so they can brag to their friends that they made some poor fanfic author cry or leave the fandom. And that makes the baby dolphins cry again. Ever see a baby dolphin cry? It's a sad thing...

You claim it's not 'member friendly' for the MSTs and parodies to be taken away. What's not friendly is that some of them are being written in the first place.

If you want to write nasty stories making fun of other people's stories, then I suggest you start your own website where you concentrate on just that. I know how hard it is to run a site, and how much time and money it takes as well. This is Adora's world; we just get to play in it. If you don't like her rules, (apologies to Adora if I'm too harsh on this reply in saying this), I'm sure there's a door that leads out around here somewhere, Refia...

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some baby dolphins who need some consoling...
- Zhie on Jul 10 2008 08:25 am
Fine. I'm gonna complain every day from now on about Mary Sues and PWP. So much until the mods here forbid it as well. After all, I can't stand such stories and yet they exist. People didn't like MSTs and Parodies and now they are banned. Fine. From now on it's my life goal to ban Mary Sues everywhere, since I don't like them. Would 1000 complain-emails be enough to convince the mods to forbid Mary Sues? If people complained enough about romance stories, would the mods block them too? If people complai nenough about how they don't like Legolas, will the mods forbid those stories too? Twas fine and stuff for MSTs and Parodies to be here. Suddenly I become a member here, post a parody, have a run-in with a mod with a bit of an ego that's too big and all of the sudden MSTs and Parodies are being forbidden. Hmm, am I the only one who feels something is wrong with this picture? Probably. Oh, and crying baby dolphins? Don't care. Dolphins will soon be extinct anyway, just like parodies and MSTs on this site.
- Refia on Jul 10 2008 08:40 am
Isn't that a bit hypocritical? If some types of stories (mary sues) are allowed here but other types are banned because they might upset the author? What if other authors and readers are upset by the slash stories or real life stories? Will they get banned?

This site says 'basically as long as it's LOTR anything goes!' Thart statement is obviously untrue if stories which have been posted on here for years without any problem are going to get removed. What Refia and others write is LOTR, canon friendly LOTR.

Looking at Refias case specifically the author is not even a member of this site and is not under anyones 'protection'. It is highly unlikely that she even knows the parody is being written. We have been giving PA adsvice for over two years but she has steadily ignored a stream of critics, friends and betas all trying tpo help. Is it any wonder people have gotten offended and frustrated when PA publically says she will ignore all advise because she doesn't need it?

Can I complain about the real life fics, the slash stories and the abundance of Mary Sues on this site please? Can you remove all them? Then maybe it will be acceptable for other peoples stories to be taken down.
- Fishpaste on Jul 10 2008 08:49 am
I've been giving this a lot of thought the last day or two. As regarding An Elf's Love, I've been told the author has stated she will not listen to concrit or advice, has stated it flatly, so parodying her is flogging a dead horse. She will not care.
I think she is one of the very, very few who don't, actually, most people will listen to good concrit, or think about it.
Some MST's are well written, Jules 14's ones on the Wheel of Time are amusing because her own characters make it so. But in general sporking and parodies are a huge waste of time. I would tend to agree that people should go off and write their own version of a story which they hate, like the ubiquitous Sue-falls-into-Middle-earth, to see if they can write a good one. I think it would be more satisfying.

We get to write in Tolkien because the Tolkien Estate has not told us we cannot. Some published fantasy authors have declared their works off limits, there's a list on I think. So it would be a good idea if fanfic sites could put something up to the effect that all authors should state that although Tolkien is not theirs, their story is and no-one else may use it. I don't know if it would stop people parodying or sporking, but the author would have a perfect right to tell the people to take it down. After all, bad or good, it belongs to the person who wrote it.

I have been thinking of this after an author I love ( not on this site, but I hope she will be ) was apparently sporked on Deleterius. All I can say is the sporkers could not have written anything like she produced, I've seen few who can, and that act seemed driven simply by envy. Why did they spork it? Not because it was poorly written, it is wonderfully written in fact, but because it was slash. * shakes head in disgust at hatred and bigotry * That made me think about sporking more seriously and realize what a lot of nastiness is out there.

Although I doubt the Pit would ever take the time and trouble to suggest such a thing, I think smaller sites should have a note up when the author posts saying to put a disclaimer and a message that their story may not be used by any-one else without their permission, in any way shape or form. Perhaps, in time, the sporkers may begin to work on their own fanfic, which would seem a lot more enjoyable.

We all hate An Elf's Love, but since the girl does not care whatsoever, it seems best to ignore it. She has received good concrit yes, but since she is not - by her own admission - going to listen to it, then I don't think any parody or three is going to influence her. Best just to forget her. There is some fantastic fanfiction out there to read, without stewing about the really bad stuff.

This has always been a site with a very friendly atmosphere and I have met some lovely people through it, who are interested in reading and writing good fanfiction, not just bashing bad fic. It would be a shame if it got the same reputation as that dive So I would agree with Admin on her decision, and suggest that authors state that they do not want their stories used for MST or sporking. It may not work, but at least it would be something.
- Spiced Wine on Jul 10 2008 09:02 am
It really comes down to that on this site flaming is a violation, and writing a parody mocking some-one's story is a way of flaming them. Therefore would come under it being a violation of the TOS on this site. Writing Mary Sue's, or PWP's or slash or whatever is not a violation, therefore it does not violate TOS.
- Spiced Wine on Jul 10 2008 09:11 am
That's one of the things. I like Jules14's MSTs, but so far this is the only place I found them. If they all get deleted, then where can I go to read them?

Also, wo says we write parodies of AEL to influence her? Has it perhaps ever dawned that I like reading/writing parodies or MSTs because its an enjoyable form of writing with lots of humour and not because it so-called 'flames' the writer of the original story? I wrote my own parody of AEL because I really hate it, but you don't see me writing parodies of things like Celebrian (god forbid...). And I like jules14's MSTs because they are well written, the characters are bloody funny and they make stories that are otehrwise uninteresting actually readable. And now all of the sudden that's all going to be banned because of complaining? Suddenly it's against the rules? After Jules having written 14 MSTs or so since 2006?! THE HELL?! Leave it be I say, though nobody cares about what I say, of course. People have been complaining about Mary Sues since ever, and yet those are also still out there and not banned anywhere.

No they don't break the rules. But perhaps you should add one rule or so: Do NOT copy the movie script word-for-word. Guess how many stories you can scrap then?


It's a lost case, I'm sure, but I'm quite dissapointed, to tell the truth. I had respect for this site for allowing MSTs and parodies. For giving writers the freedom to do that. Now that is all gone. Not that anybody cares, but I still felt like saying it. *shrugs* If I were in the admins place, I'd be ashamed to ban great reads like Jules' MSTs, but allow stories like An Elf's Love to be posted. Or worse, "Celebrian".


But I'm not the admin, and so MSTs will be banned and An Elfs Love will continue to be allowed everywhere. What has this world come to?
- Refia on Jul 10 2008 09:50 am
Refia, you seem passionate about MST and parody. My suggestion stands: Build your own site. It seems to me that Fishpaste would be interested, at the very least. You've written your own parodies, you've got favorite MST authors... sounds to me like you just need to take the initiative and start that site.

That's how I came to be one of the founding members of the LOTR site that is designed for those who love Mary Sues & Self Inserts. Because I do happen to like reading those, and when some sites banned them instead of whining about it publicly on their forums I just got together with like-minded people, invested the time and money, and opened a site with rules that *I* liked.

And, I think that's what your best solution to this would be. Maybe you and Fishpaste and the rest of the people who are interested in this sort of thing need to band together and venture out and create a site of your own. At the very least, I should hope it would give you some new found respect for the owners and moderators of sites like this.

And by the way, baby dolphins just told me that one day people will be extinct and they'll be the ones ruling the world... interesting...
- Zhie on Jul 10 2008 10:12 am
Feh, it's not fair to allow everything here, including Mary Sues and PWP, but NOT MSTs and Parodies.

I'm not passionate about it. I just find it ridiculous that people start complaining about it NOW. I'm actually sure this is just a conspiracy against me because of that mod with her too big ego not liking my parody. I deleted her review and now for revenge she convinces her fellow admins to ban MSTs and Parodies.

Baby dolphins suck. Everyone I see I'll kill from now on. I've never ate dolphin before, I wonder how it'll taste.

And finally, why should I make my own site, which is something I can't and besides popularity would be zero, while you and your fellow An Elf's Love lovers can just hapilly keep coming here, but we MST lovers should find our hapiness somewhere else? Unfair, unfair, my dear. Lotrfanfiction has been having MSTs since at least 2006. If this site had any sence of dignity towards ALL of its members, it would continue to allow that as it always has done before. As it is, they single out one group of people and tell them "fuck you, we've had you here for years but now we hate you and forbid you to write/read what you like. HAHA!".

T'is a sad, sad world. =)
- Refia on Jul 10 2008 10:26 am
I agree a site of our own would be wonderful but why should we be forced to move out because some people don't like our stories? Why can't authors of stories WE hate leave? That would be fair. At the moment you are being horribly biased against MSTers.Maybe if the author them self came down and told us to stop we might feel differently or if they did put a note on their stories saying none may use it. PA has done none and therefore her story is free for the taking.

I do find it interesting that until Refia started her story no one on this site had a problem with MSTs or parodies. I also find it interesting that their is a mod on this site who has a grude with Refia and the type of people she hangs around with. Not to accuse anybody but this does seem slightly suspicious to me.

I also find it very unfair that we have to go and spend money to create a site where we can write while other poeple don't who have caused more offense than we. If MSTers can get in trouble for quoting an uncopyrighted story shouldn't other authors be in serious trouble for copying copyrighted movie scripts word for word.

Also I must repeat that this site CLAIMS it is here for all LOTR stories but has started banning certain stories. Food for thought.
- Fishpaste on Jul 10 2008 11:15 am
Okay, Refia, I'm going to try this just one more time. And yes, that means next response you can say all the terrible things you want to about baby dolphins and I won't reply back, so make sure you get out all your baby dolphin hostility next post.

It's odd to me that here I am, giving you advice that you really obviously don't want to take, just as you've complained that the authors of some of the stories that end up being victims of MSTs and parodies are given advice that they refuse to listen to or act upon. Anyhow, if you really, really wanted to do it, I'm sure you could make your own site. The correct language to use is that you don't want to, not that you can't. Whether it's because you don't want to learn how or you don't want to invest the money or you don't want to make the time, or a combination of all of the above, it's that you don't want to, not that you can't.

In terms of this site and fairness and such, again, this isn't your site. You do not own it, you do not pay for it. You do not maintain it, nor do you appear to have respect for those who do. Or for baby dolphins, come to think of it. But I digress (as usual). Those who do own this site are being gracious enough to allow other people the ability to use this site as a place to share their stories, read other stories, gain exposure, share insight, etc. They are more than allowed to make rules about what is and is not permitted, and those who use this site need to either accept those rules or move on to another site that does permit what is not allowed here.

The owners & mods seem to be very accommodating regarding their new policies. They could have just gone through and deleted all stories they didn't want on the site. Instead, they are allowing time for authors to remove or revise them, which allows the authors to either find a new home for these stories or to make the necessary revisions. I've been writing fan fiction online for over a decade, and I can tell you, most sites with policy changes (and as xFanarix stated, this isn't a policy change, merely an enforcement of current policies) are not often so nice. Rarely do they give much warning -- often they delete first and explain later, if they explain at all. So with that being said, I really think that the site owner and maintainers have been great on how they are handling the situation, and if you, after sleeping on this whole thing tonight, still feel you are being targeted and that life for you in the fan fiction world is unfair, I do encourage you to start your own site. And not to eat any baby dolphins. Because if they do take over the world early before humans go extinct, they are SO not going to be happy with you...
- Zhie on Jul 10 2008 11:23 am
*rolls eyes* Dolphins are not self aware. The do not think.

Yes the author has the right to delete these stories, that doesn't mean they should. I have the right to MST and parody every single story on here, flame to my hearts content and insult you all. it's called freedom of speech, that doesn't mean I should or I will. Because I do not feel you deserve it. Just as I do not feel Refia and the other MSTers deserve to have their stories deleted because some people have complained yet no one would dream of removing slash stories.

The owners may have been very nice over the fact they were deleting the stories but that does not change the fact that the stories are being removed unfairly (in my opinion).

Not everyone has the knowledge and money to start up a website. I know I don't. Just as I know that MSTers are, once again, looking for a new site which treats all it's members equally and allows them to post the stories they have worked hard on.

As Refia said, these stories are not written as flames, they are written and read because they are often very clever original stories with wonderful characters and humour. A lot more than can be said for many stories on this site. Yes, some people may find them offensive. I find slash offensive, I don't winge and moan and try and get it banned, I try not to read it. Maybe if the MSTers had to give a warning it might be better?

If the MST stories are being deleted then I definately think all stories which quote movie script should be banned as well.

I did sleep on this. I find it no less unfair now as I did then.
- Fishpaste on Jul 10 2008 11:35 am
Refia and Fishpaste, the very clear distinction you seem to be missing here while arguing your case is that the ONLY thing I'm asking people not to do is post stories that DIRECTLY cite someone else's work or identity. I didn't say you couldn't post parodies in general. Hell, you can post MSTs if you're creative about it. If certain things tweak your nerves in fan fiction, why not write your own version of those and then spork that? There are a lot of ways to express your dislike for Mary Sues and PWP without directly swiping something from someone else's work or otherwise using their identity to do so.

You may not like Mary Sues and PWP, but the key difference between those and what I'm referring to is that they're not coming into your stories, lifting lines or using your material in any way. People can write any type of story they want on the site, the ONLY thing I have a problem with is DIRECTLY using other people's material to mock them within your story. Similarly, if the author of a Mary Sue swiped lines from YOUR work without permission and included them in her story, I would have the same problem.

I hope this clarifies things a bit.

Zhie, I really appreciated your comments and all of the baby dolphin references. Thanks to both you and xFanarix for arguing my side of this issue and understanding where I'm coming from.
- Adora on Jul 10 2008 12:29 pm
How can we post an MST if we're not allowed to use the story we're MSTing? What are we supposed to do if we have a problem with a particular story and the author refuses all advice and concrit? Give up?

Refia used barely any of the material from MELH yet she had her story taken down. Is there a limit? Will you no longer be able to quote from other stories? We give the author full credit for their work and always show clearly what is their writing.

What about authors who use quotes from the books? Or who follow movie scripts? Will they be banned as well? We use Tolkiens work without permission, how is this so very different? All we have to do is put a disclaimer which all MSTers do anyway.

I am still very very interested in the timing of this order. Refia had just began posting his new story here and there is a mod on here who dislikes him. Before there was never any problem with MSTs or parodies.

Adoralyna I understand completely where you're coming from, I just don't agree with it at all.
- Fishpaste on Jul 10 2008 01:48 pm
That's a lot of questions. I'll go through, quote and reply specifically to each one.

How can we post an MST if we're not allowed to use the story we're MSTing?

As I'm sure you've noticed, we don't even have a category for MST. The reason for this is that taking another story and adding your commentary throughout does not fall under the category of fictional writing the same way that other stories do. This is more critical writing, editorial if you want to stretch it, but clearly not traditional poetry, essay or story format.

In fact, the only other place I've seen that uses this format are places like Deletrius and, which are not story archives and designed specifically for this purpose. I'm sorry you're missing the distinction between the two, but this is not a place where you take other people's work to make fun of it. It's just not.

To answer your question though, you CAN post an MST without using other people's work, as I mentioned earlier. Instead of taking people's work directly, why not write your own version of the type of story you're trying to criticize, then add your commentary throughout? I mean, if you think these people are so lacking in skill, it doesn't seem like it would be hard to do and it would achieve the same purpose in pointing out various writing and plot styles you don't like.

Either you misunderstood me before or you're questioning me as to the point of it all because maybe the point to you IS making the author specifically aware of how much you hate their story. If that's your purpose, rather than just generally expressing dislike with certain types of stories, well, I can't help you.

What are we supposed to do if we have a problem with a particular story and the author refuses all advice and concrit? Give up?

Where is it written that an author is obligated to accept constructive criticism? Where is it dictated that they have to change their story just because others don't like the way it is written? I do agree that it's very self centered and counterproductive not to listen to constructive criticism at all but ultimately, that's the choice of the author. It is not an excuse to take more extreme measures, at least not on this site.

Beyond that, it seems to me that taking an author's refusal of your constructive criticism so personally that you have to write your own story mocking them rather than leaving them alone is a little extreme. You read a story. You didn't like it. You offered criticism. They didn't take it. Seems to me that the best thing to do at that point would be to move on. They're obviously not interested in your advice and again, that it's their right. Bullying them is not going to change anything.

If it still bothers you that damn much though, take it somewhere else and make fun of it all you want. But this site was not created for that purpose and is obviously not intended to be a snark archive.

Refia used barely any of the material from MELH yet she had her story taken down.

No, she did not have her story taken down. Playing off that I ripped people's work off of the site without warning is erroneous. Like everyone else, I gave her at least a week to either remove or revise it, in case she wanted to either save her reviews or do a revision that removed the direct quoting. Seems more than fair to me.

Will you no longer be able to quote from other stories? We give the author full credit for their work and always show clearly what is their writing.

If you're using direct quotes for the purpose of making fun of people then yes, that will not be allowed here. In general, it's bad form to take anything from someone else's story without asking their permission and we ask that people do so in all cases. However, the focus on this is using quotes as it applies to the issue of flaming, so that is my main concern.

What about authors who use quotes from the books? Or who follow movie scripts? Will they be banned as well? We use Tolkiens work without permission, how is this so very different?

The Tolkien estate is not affected by what we write here, first of all. Second of all, it is published fiction by a person who has been deceased for over 30 years, not the work of someone on a simple web site. In general, I also don't see anyone making fun of
Tolkien as much as possible. This place was created because we love his work and want to pay tribute to it in our own various ways, not to criticize the hell out of it.

I don't mind quoting. I don't mind using book quotes, movie quotes, quotes from other authors on the site with their permission. What I do mind is specifically targeting stories and mocking the authors of those, because it's flaming and quite simply, it makes people feel like shit. That is against our policies and again, I would think the distinction should be clear. This place is supposed to be all about helping and encouraging authors, not the appropriate place to swipe material and tear them down if you don't like their stuff. Again, that type of thing is much more appropriate at places like Deletrius and They have their purpose, we have ours.

- Adora on Jul 10 2008 05:04 pm
I just saw this. Thank you, Adora for tackling this. I admire your stance against flaming and using another's work without permission, and it is one thing I truly love about this site. I also think parody of genre or clichés is okay (and usually much more humorous), but bullying is just mean spirited. I'm glad you have defined the rules a bit more clearly. I hope those wishing to write such will make their own site or make use of Deletrius or Bad Fanfiction, or better yet, spend their time writing great LOTR fiction, instead of mocking others and complaining there are no good fics to read.

Thanks again!
- on Jul 11 2008 04:30 pm
I'm fairly clueless and don't know the politics or who likes who and what not. I'll be honest, I was surprised there were MST/Parody's here that quoted stories directly. Most of the big archives don't allow it and since LOTR-FF doesn't allow flaming, I can completely understand why the authors of the MSTs were asked to revise or remove their stories.

I'm a little bit floored that a story by a 17-yr old teenager causes so much intense hatred. Granted its not good fanfiction and its a Mary Sue but you can flame it all you want on and its been sporked on Deleterius and GAFFed. I don't see why people cannot just stop obsessing about it. If you don't like it, don't read it. The writer enjoys writing it and she doesn't owe it to anyone to stop writing it just because people don't like it. We're all adults here so we should be able to move past this without using threat tactics to flood admin here with harassing mails about this rule being enforced or bashing on each other (and Dolphins)

As to you having a place to post your stories, there are lots of blogging sites that have plenty of fanfic writers or you could start a Yahoo group for free as well. Its not too difficult to use either method.
- on Jul 11 2008 05:24 pm
I just wanted to say, out of the goodness in my heart, I have started up my own place where everything goes by my rules. It's a friendly little group so far so if you want to read some MSTs, do visit us at Refia's MST and Parody Paradise.

Even you can come over, NR, as long as you behave. One little positive word about AEL and I'll gladly throw you out together with your ego and your fanfic contest victories.

So, now that quoting other fanfics is forbidden, will you people go on and do the logical step to forbid direct movie-quoting? Otherwise, tsk tsk...

I've seen you gloat over your 'victory' NR, but don't gloat too much. Some people don't like that you see, just as you can't stand TBB or MSTs or Parodies.

Well then all that said, I bid you all adieu, there's a better place waiting for me.

Goodbye, Mary Sue loving comunity. =)

PS: And yes, I have no life. Never said I had. Yes, I'm bitter, never said I wasn't. Yes, I'm obsessed with my hatred of AEL but many otehr things as well. Never said I didn't. For some people, it's just in their nature to not think of life but only of hate. And I'm such a person.
- Refia on Jul 12 2008 07:45 am
Excuse me? We're all adults? Who says? Going through puberty is a time of raging hormones and obbsessions. I like my obbsessions, why should I give up mocking something I hate just because I'm upsetting someone? They're upsetting me by not listening to advice.

They may not have to take advice but if they make posts saying how they will not take advice they can expect to be mocked and critised.

We don't MST genres, we MST actual stories. Writing our own story kind of defeats the purpose.

I will just have to join Refia at her new MSTing place, all MSTers are being thrown out by a few. Very unfair, no one had a real problem until now. Just so everyone knows, Jules has joined Refias site so go to to read her MSTs. (Don't know if links work here, if they don't sorry).

PS: MSTist site.
- Fishpaste on Jul 12 2008 10:36 am
Even you can come over, NR, as long as you behave. One little positive word about AEL and I'll gladly throw you out together with your ego and your fanfic contest victories.

Sighs. Yeah, I’m sure you would like that. *puzzled look* Refia, why would I go somewhere that encourages mocking people? *shakes head* No thanks.

I will never understand why posting my awards on my profile is taken to mean I have a huge ego. I don't. I know my writing is only fair, and not great. Yes, I've won some awards for my writing. Why is it only flamers take such offense to it. No one else cares. Just the flamers… Hmmm… *shrugs*

I've seen you gloat over your 'victory' NR, but don't gloat too much. Some people don't like that you see, just as you can't stand TBB or MSTs or Parodies.

This isn't a battle. I felt it was my place as a mod here to bring such stories to Adora's attention since the site is a no flaming zone. It was her decision as site admin as to what to do with it, and I think she made the right one.

Yes, I mentioned it on a forum I belong to at FFN. Gloating? No. Discussion? Yes. You know, with one of your biggest issues with Ange being her inability to take criticism, you seem to have the same aversion to crit. *raises brow* That seems a bit hypocritical to me.

I don't have a problem with parodies at all. There are a few I actually like, though it's not something I read a lot of. But they are much funnier when parodying a genre or a cliché, than insulting another author. MSTs by their nature are mocking an individual. No, I don't like them. As for TBB (The Battling Bard)…you're right, I strongly dislike her for many reasons: flaming, gloating over the flaming, mocking people, encouraging minors to read graphic sex scenes, plagiarizing other authors, plagiarizing Tolkien, posing as someone she dislikes and trying to get that person in trouble for plagiarizing, etc. This is someone you are proud to hang out with????

I feel very sorry for you and your fellow flamers, Refia. It's very sad that so much hatred exists in the fandom. This is supposed to be fun.
- on Jul 12 2008 05:42 pm
Okay, this feud has gone on for long enough. This 'enemies by association' thing is stupid. Adora wants to ban MSTs and parodies on her website? Fine. I accept that. It's her site; her word holds. MSTers and parody writers, we've got other outlets. People have different opinions and that's only normal. Let's not continue this pointless discussion.
- Mordaen on Jul 12 2008 10:37 pm
Personally, I don't understand what all the flap is about. The rules are the rules. If you get a perverse thrill out of flaming someone, do it on another site. If an author here won't take constructive criticism, don't read his/her stories. You have a choice. It doesn't make any difference to me what kind of stories get posted here. I have the intelligence to pick and choose what I like to read and the right to exercise that option. So does everyone else.
- Karlmir Stonewain on Jul 13 2008 06:01 am
Karimir - Very well said! I agree with you completely.
- Ellenflower on Jul 13 2008 04:46 pm

I like some MST's, and I am sad that jules14's MST's are gone, but I think that it's for the best. One thing that people forget is that even bad writers put time into their fanfics. Refia, I'm sorry that the stories that you liked are gone, but you need to take the feelings of others into consideration. Maybe you wouldn't care if any of your stories were made fun of, but other people may be more sensitive to criticism like that. Everyone has the right to write and not be made fun of...even horrible writers.

Please try and remember that just because you feel a certain way, other people don't. Especially with the way that you are criticising people, you are becoming exactly like the authors that you can't stand. People are offering you ideas and constructive criticism, and you're responding to it pretty immaturely. Please do have fun at your site, and remember that what goes around comes around. (No, that's not a threat. It's the way things happen in life, and I'm reminding you.)

- callerofcrows on Jul 30 2008 11:11 am
Well said, especially in the interests of new and younger writers. I would especially hate to see someone with potential become discouraged early on and never experience the fun and fulfillment that writing can give.
- Ithildin on Aug 13 2008 08:47 pm