Beta Readers! (updated version)
I know I posted one of these a while back, but with new folks coming in all the time, new stories being written, older ones being revised and so forth, it's always good to see who is currently available and who needs beta reading services.

I'm sure most of you know what a beta reader is. But for the few of you who may not, it's basically someone who will help you revise and improve your writing.

This can be anything from checking your stories for issues with spelling, grammar and formatting to helping you with style issues, plot ideas and story direction. Every author/beta reader arrangement works a little differently depending on preferences on both sides. Just as published authors use editors, most of the very best fanfiction writers rely on beta readers to help them make the most out of their stories.

If you're willing to volunteer as a beta reader, please leave a comment here, along with any personal preferences or limitations you have on the material you'd like to work with.

If you're looking for a beta reader, please post a few details on the story you're writing and what kind of help you're interested in finding.

Thanks a bunch!

--Adora on 15/03/10 - 05:32 am 14 Comments
Need a beta-reader.
Movie-verse (Slash).
mild Merry/Pippin Slash. Not sure if it can really be considered as slash.
One-Shot, around 500 words. It's quite sad.

Need especially a beta reader for the language since I'm not a native speaker of English.

If someone's willing to do this little job, just write me a message or contact me via ICQ
- DeathRose on 15/03/10 - 04:28 pm
I'm willing to beta someone! Just send me a message on this site, and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can. ^_^
- ladygreensleeves on 16/03/10 - 01:10 am
I could really use a beta. No slash but likely at times some NC17. I write about elves. And I write very very slowly. Please contact me thru my bio. Thanks, Candy.
- Lisse on 23/03/10 - 02:47 am
I've been a beta reader for about a year now. Supposed to be betaing two stories but they never sent me any chapters. :) Would be willing to beta for anything (except slash). Feel free to contact me at
- on 23/03/10 - 01:26 pm
I'm looking for someone with a fair bit of experience in writing to help me with proof-reading and improving my original story. It's fantasy and a rewrite of my Lira's Lies series but as an original piece rather than a fanfiction. It shouldn't get too explicit - a bit violent in some places most likely and I may write in a few torture scenes but it shouldn't go past an R rating I should think. Anyway, if you can help, my current email address I believe is on my profile page if not I think you can still contact me using the "Contact" link on my profile page. Hope to hear from someone :) Hope everyone's having a good day - Lira
- Lira_of_Imladris on 31/03/10 - 01:52 pm
ONCE AGAIN PLEASE HELP. I could really use a beta. I write very slowly so I wouldn't bother you much. I've tried to contact those of you who volunteered above to beta without success. Please, if anyone is interested in helping, contact me.

- Lisse on 04/04/10 - 09:41 am
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