Spiced Wine was kind enough to alert me to this. So awesome! was just mentioned in a Vanity Fair interview with Sir Ian McKellen!
Sir Ian McKellen Has Sad News for Hobbit Fans: “There’s No Sex in Middle Earth!”

Also, who else is getting excited about The Hobbit? *grin*

--Adora on 14/01/11 - 10:05 am 25 Comments
I was alerted by Pandemonium_213, an author from the Silmarillion Writers Guild
Yes - if you scroll down, the link where the interviewer responds to Ian McKellan's answer about sex in Middle-earth, links to the 'Series'. (And some wonderful authors)

I am more excited about the Hobbit than I was this time last year when it was moving incredibly sluggishly. I was doubting the film would be made at all -- and it's been a long time since ROTK.
- Spiced Wine on 14/01/11 - 10:25 am
Wow, this is really cool! We all feel HONORED!!! Gorgeous!
- Nareen on 14/01/11 - 11:54 pm
This interview is HILARIOUS. McKellen is fabulous individual.
And the plug is splendid.
- Whisper on 15/01/11 - 12:14 am
How wonderful the site was mentioned in such a prestigious publication! The interview was a nice read, Ian McKellen has a great sense of humor. I can't wait for The Hobbit to come out in theaters!
- EldarinPrincess on 15/01/11 - 05:39 pm
No sex in Middle Earth? That's terrible! No wonder there is so many evils!
- Eldarwin on 20/02/11 - 08:28 pm
I read the article from beginning to end. It never mentioned a site name of any kind. All it said was:

Does Gandalf know where all the gay bars are in Middle Earth?

[Thunderous laughter.] Of course not! Gandalf is 7,000 years old. There’s no sex in Middle Earth.

Are you sure? There’s some fan fiction on the Internet that would beg to differ.

Tolkien was the only authority on that world, and I don’t think he was very interested in sex, at least not with the evidence of Lord of the Rings. Other people can read into it what they like or what they can. But I don’t really see it. Although I have heard speculation that Sam and Frodo might be an item, but I don’t think Tolkien really saw it that way. I don’t think Peter Jackson does either.

This is directly copied and pasted to here. Where did it say LOTR A tolkien Loving community i missing something?
- on 04/03/11 - 03:35 am
I think it would be neat if it was...
- on 04/03/11 - 03:36 am
I agree with haldirsbaby and am just as confused. Though they mention fan fiction in general, I did not see the site itself mentioned. At least it was a plug for our little corner of the web world. I am also very excited about The Hobbit being made into a movie and wonder who will play Thranduil. Certainly he will not be left out of the plot.
- L8Bleumr on 05/03/11 - 12:15 pm
Any-one who did not see the link...
There’s some fan fiction on the Internet that would beg to differ. *is* a link to this site, (it's in grey and is not easy to see, but click it and you'll come here.)

It brings up the 'Series', on which there are some wonderful slash authors on the first page.
If you google Lord of the Rings Fanfiction, this site is the first one listed, and so clicking on that would bring you here; then you (or whoever wrote the article) would simply have to find a collection of stories which include het or slash.
- Spiced Wine on 05/03/11 - 03:25 pm
Thanks for posting this. It led me to Sir Ian McKellen's hobbit movie blog, which is consistently enjoyable.
- Ria on 17/05/11 - 10:36 pm
As for me! I am just plain ole' Happy that it is finally being done and coming out next year! WoooooooHoooooooooooooo!
- on 22/06/11 - 01:45 pm
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