Site Awards
Last year, we held the Flame of Anor Awards and everyone seemed fairly pleased with them. Are you guys interested in having them again this year? If so, we'll start the contest on December 1st with open nominations for the best fanfiction in 12 different categories.

This year, I'll probably select a specific group of judges who have no stories of their own nominated. I'd like it to be as unbiased as possible.

Let me know what you guys think.
Adoralyna on Oct 04 2005 07:59 am
Sounds like it would be very exciting. I am pretty new here, so would be nice to experience the awards. There is some fabulous fiction here. :)
- Cheers on Oct 04 2005 08:51 pm
The unbiased thing works. It would give everyone a fair shot. Go for it!!
- oblotr on Oct 05 2005 12:32 am
I think it's a pretty good idea. Like Cheers said, I'm also kind of new here. I've been using this site since the summer and I'm interested to see what this'll be like. Good idea! (Don't forget to check out my "Aragorn's Apples" story and PLEASE review!) lol.
- Gondors TRUE queen on Oct 05 2005 03:06 pm
Cool idea. Um..I'm very new, signed up 30 seconds ago, and I would love to be an unbiased judge.
So if you need one..
- Riniel on Oct 09 2005 04:05 pm
i loved the idea before and can not wait for them again!! so glad you are thinking of doing it!!
- angelsfyre1 on Oct 09 2005 05:15 pm
I think it's an awesome idea!!! And yeah, the unbiased thing is a good idea....(^.^)
- oboroyo on Oct 11 2005 12:19 pm
I participated in last year's awards. I enjoyed it, so I say go for it again!
- White Wolf on Oct 15 2005 02:35 pm
I fairly new here also, I signed up about a month ago. I think it sounds pretty interesting, and I love the unbiasd judge thing.
- Alatariel on Oct 19 2005 02:48 pm
Sounds like an awesome idea, especially about selecting judges. It was great last year, and should be even better this time around. :)
- Tathrin on Oct 20 2005 06:41 pm
I'm faily new, as Alatariel is. I loved the stories that were chosen and I'd be very excited to join in the judging!
- Froli on Oct 20 2005 11:14 pm
I'd luv that! Sounds awesome! I'd also like to be a judge...
- Dragonlore on Oct 26 2005 05:00 pm
That would be good and I have only just signed to this site. That would be good! Go for it! Sarah xxx
- on Oct 28 2005 12:40 pm
yeh it would be grate to have the awards again.I Cant wait
- my own shadow on Oct 29 2005 12:43 pm
(Wow, has it really been a year?)

Yeah, it'd definitely be good to have the awards again.

And word on having unbiased judges. A lot of us last time had our own stuff nominated, and it got pretty hard to remain impartial viz. our own versus others'.
- Noldo on Nov 03 2005 05:51 am
Just as a piece of advice: I would suggest this time to make sure to get the permission of all the authors nominated before starting the reading and voting.

The impartial thing sounds like a good idea, definitely.

Good luck!
- Enismirdal on Nov 04 2005 04:05 pm
One question, couldn't people sign up as two people if they had different email addresses and pick themselves? You may already have it worked out, just wondering. Hannon le!
- Alatariel on Nov 05 2005 08:41 am
I would love to take part in the awards and think it is a great suggestion to make to us. I would be very interested to see how the categories shape our respective stories. Thankyou.
- merevindur on Nov 10 2005 05:19 pm
I am new as are many who commented and I would love to participate in and experience fanfic awards. I've written a couple of fics and am eager to get reviews, feedback, comments, everything. I'll be posting soon.
- Maiwen on Nov 23 2005 12:30 pm
I think it's a great idea! But I have one question: do we have to finish the story before it is judged?
- Alatariel Narmolanya on Nov 30 2005 03:55 pm
I am not sure yet, honestly. Maybe we can have categories for completed and incompleted works?
- Adora on Dec 01 2005 01:01 am
as one who has a fic that is already up to chapter 48 done but has many many many more chapters to go i think having them for both completed and incomplete works would be a nice idea. The incomplete works could be decided on merit of form, plot, character interaction, content and writers skill. same as the completed works would be. i have seen a lot of great incomplete works that should be included. i sincerely hope we will have them this year!! There are a lot of fabulous writers on here!
- angelsfyre1 on Dec 04 2005 01:17 am
so are we having the awards then this year?? if so how do you nominate stories ect??
- angelsfyre1 on Dec 08 2005 08:00 pm
When will the results come out?
- Eagle of the Wilderness on Dec 09 2005 07:23 pm
I agree with Eagle of the Wilderness. When?
- Alatariel on Dec 19 2005 02:34 pm
Me too. When? (Sorry to be so... uh... annoying).
- Alatariel Narmolanya on Dec 21 2005 03:23 pm