Site Awards
Last year, we held the Flame of Anor Awards and everyone seemed fairly pleased with them. Are you guys interested in having them again this year? If so, we'll start the contest on December 1st with open nominations for the best fanfiction in 12 different categories.

This year, I'll probably select a specific group of judges who have no stories of their own nominated. I'd like it to be as unbiased as possible.

Let me know what you guys think.

--Adoralyna on 04/10/05 - 12:59 pm 36 Comments
as one who has a fic that is already up to chapter 48 done but has many many many more chapters to go i think having them for both completed and incomplete works would be a nice idea. The incomplete works could be decided on merit of form, plot, character interaction, content and writers skill. same as the completed works would be. i have seen a lot of great incomplete works that should be included. i sincerely hope we will have them this year!! There are a lot of fabulous writers on here!
- angelsfyre1 on 04/12/05 - 07:17 am
so are we having the awards then this year?? if so how do you nominate stories ect??
- angelsfyre1 on 09/12/05 - 02:00 am
When will the results come out?
- Eagle of the Wilderness on 10/12/05 - 01:23 am
I agree with Eagle of the Wilderness. When?
- Alatariel on 19/12/05 - 08:34 pm
Me too. When? (Sorry to be so... uh... annoying).
- Alatariel Narmolanya on 21/12/05 - 09:23 pm
So... when can we do this?
- Alatariel on 28/01/06 - 07:26 pm
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