I'm sure that a lot of you guys are pretty tired of the downtime by now. The good news is that it's over and all reviews and previous information have been restored just as they were before. You are now free to review and post stories to your heart's content without having to worry about losing any data.

Now I'm going to explain why this took so long and why we had so many errors. If you post on this site, you need to read the following or you may risk your account being deleted for violating a new rule we have here.

I don't mean to be a jerk about this but I have spent the last week struggling and pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to fix the reviews database and I came to realize that the bugs happened because some of the members have been abusing the system.

I spent quite a few hours combing through over 7000 reviews trying to fix these problems. What I am referring to specifically is people that feel the need to add 40 exclamation points at the end of their words. What I'm talking about is members who press down keys and hold them, making words that are a paragraph long. For example, the word "yay" has three letters. There's absolutely no logical reason why you need to put 20 a's in the middle of it.

I understand that people get excited when they read a good story but please, type out your words NORMALLY instead of making them into an endless string of repetitive letters? The database simply can't process unnaturally long strings of information like that and besides, it's rather rude anyway.

We have a new rule here and that is if I see anyone typing things with any more than THREE of the same letter, number or punctuation in a row, I will either give them a warning or I will DELETE THEIR ACCOUNT. I apologize if this seems harsh but I am simply not going to go through the ordeal of trying to fix things that shouldn't be broken this way. The site would've been back up and fine a week ago if it hadn't been for this problem.

I want you guys to express yourselves openly here but please lay off the sticky fingers, okay? The rest of the members shouldn't have to suffer through a broken site over such a minor issue.

--Adora on 17/10/06 - 05:18 pm 40 Comments
i lost the site for couple of must be my comp. or something. :/
- XoGiggles on 29/10/06 - 04:19 pm
Ok, that was really weird. I just lost the site for about half an hour. I think it must have just been my computer, but it was strange because all the other sites I usually visit were working fine.
- ArwenUndomiel on 03/11/06 - 12:16 pm
i absolutely agree; there's no logical reason to type that way. we are, after all, in a fanfiction community of writers. but anyhow, thanks for the work, adora!
- TheOneRuby on 05/11/06 - 07:56 pm
Three cheers that you have found out the problem! I don't think I've ever done that (alright, maybe a couple of too-many exclamation marks) - I will be careful on following this rule. Thanks, Adora!
- Alatariel Narmolanya on 07/11/06 - 01:19 pm
Are the forums down because of all the exclamation marks and extra characters and such? Such as on the Giggle Thread?
- Tolannui on 11/11/06 - 02:39 am
I agree. I do admit, I do add more than my share of exclamation marks sometimes, but not on this site thankfully. Anyway, thanks for fixing the problem Adora! :)
- Buckleberry on 15/11/06 - 06:52 am
*sobs* I'm so sorry!! I didn't know!! Amazing that you were actually able to fix it! Myself + Increased contact with unfamiliar technology (sometimes familiar technology) = Catastrophic Apocalypse! Once again, I'm really sorry ...
- BookLuva7 on 16/11/06 - 08:09 am
I will bring the forums back as soon as I have a chance. Other than that, everything seems to be working fine now so there's really nothing to worry about. :)
- Adora on 21/11/06 - 02:51 am
Hey, I'm having trouble responding to reviews as well as contacting other users. Is this just a problem with my account?
- Elaura on 21/11/06 - 04:29 am
well what tha heck...!? why not use a smiley to exclaim cheer or cheerio an a story? :P Just a cuddly suggestion! :]
- Legolas on 22/01/07 - 07:06 pm
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