Several of you contacted me last week to notify me that an author on had directly stolen large portions of my story and was trying to pass them off as her own. At the time, I didn't want to make a big issue out of it and I tried to work with her to correct the problem.

She had initially removed my parts from her story but I received another e-mail today and came to the realization that she's doing it all over again. The story is awful and it's extremely embarrassing to have my quotes in there alongside hers. That's not even mentioning the fact that it's incredibly wrong to steal from other authors anyway.

The stories are not my best work and have actually been up here for a couple of years. I've been intending to redo them but I just haven't had time yet. Now I'm considering taking them down completely because of this.

The author won't seem to listen to me but if you want to leave her some feedback on my behalf, here is the address to the story:

My parts are little further down in that chapter but you should be able to recognize them, as the writing style is completely different.

Thanks and I hope this never happens to any of you. It feels like such a violation to have somebody rip off your work this way.

ETA: Evidently the author is actually plagiarizing someone on this site who has plagiarized me. This grows even more complicated but I do have to say that plagiarism will not be allowed on the site under any circumstances. If you see any in the future, please report it to me immediately.
Adora on 11/20/06 09:49 pm
That's a crappy thing for someone to do! Weird too, if you ask me. Have you contacted the webmaster of
- Elaura on 11/20/06 11:30 pm
dear god! i tried to read a bit of that and it was just physically painful. sorry to hear about your story being plagerized. that is a really horrible thing to do. i hope you get it all worked out.
- SilverMoon on 11/21/06 12:25 am
Did you know the same author is on this site, under the penname 'Shero'? I wasn't sure if you already realized it was the same person, but I thought I'd point it out just in case.

I just can't believe that she plagiarized again. And from the same author, too! I admit I left her a rather angry review (under my sister's penname; I tried once leaving her a polite, constructive review under my own penname, and she blocked me from reviewing again).

I can only imagine how embarrassing it must be for you to see your words in such a dreadful story, Adora. I really hope the problem gets sorted out.
- ArwenUndomiel on 11/21/06 01:50 am
- BookLuva7 on 11/21/06 04:36 am
I don't believe it! That's outrageous. I can't believe I put her and her story in my favorites!! (I deleted them, don't worry) To copy from someone else is just plain cowardly. I'm sorry for you, and I admire how you're handling it. If it was me, I would have exploded. I hope you get this straightened out.
- BookLuva7 on 11/21/06 04:39 am
I can't believe she did it again. Adora, I'm so so sorry. Now I'm not trying to lighten this up a bit, nor defend her, but I have been trying to help her fix this story (though now I'm beginning to question that) and I think this time it was on accident. I can't believe she did it again though. I'll make sure she doesn't do it again.
- AraionaDuBois on 11/21/06 07:18 am
Well, I've got some good news. The story has been removed from FF.Net. I guess the administrators finally took into consideration our e-mails. Adoralyna, PLEASE don't remove your stories just because someone had the audacity to plagiarize. Your trilogy is one of my favourites and I'd be very saddened to see the stories removed. Since everything is now settled, maybe you should rethink about continuing them. I mean, if they weren't so good, people would not be so tempted to plagiarize! *wink*
But honestly, I'm so glad this nightmare is finally over. I really think that person needs psychological help. From what I've learned, she was old enough to understand and realise some things.
- silent_niobe on 11/21/06 01:32 pm
Oh wow, this is horrible!! My god, I would be so furious if anybody EVER copied anything of mine. Oh, Adora, I'm so sorry!! I should have realised as I was reading her stuff that it was plagiarism, it seemed so well-written in one place and horrible in others. Your taken this really well, I would have flipped. Should someone, I dunno issue a warning to the owners of other fanfiction sites or something? I really hope you get this straightened out and it never happens again to anybody.
- GreenWoodElleth on 11/21/06 01:54 pm
Adora, that's awful! No one deserves that to happen to them, you least of all because you've obviously worked so hard on your stories and on this site! I hope everything works out . . .
- Brassen on 11/21/06 02:52 pm
That's terrible! I can't believe someone would do that, to you especially. I hope you sort things out and get your story back Adora, and good luck with your current and future stories!
- Buckleberry on 11/21/06 03:38 pm
omg Adora!!
i'm so sorry that that happened!
just because that person has no writting talent at all, should steal from you. >__<
- XoGiggles on 11/21/06 03:57 pm
This person is really rotten. I know I'd be furious if someone else tried to steal my work after all I did. I am very sorry that lowlife copied your work Adora. I hope we can catch her soon.
- angelmariecloud on 11/21/06 05:29 pm
Thanks so much, guys. I didn't want to make this a public issue but I didn't know what else to do after trying to resolve the situation myself.

The story has been removed from and as for the copy here on this site, I'm still deciding what to do about that.

Thank you so much for all of your support and I won't take my stories down. I am going to redo them though because they were written years ago and I think I can do a lot better than I did then.

Love, Adora
- Adora on 11/21/06 06:25 pm
You so don't deserve to be plagiarized Adora! I read that fic on here and I thought something was fishy. I hope no one ever does that to you again! ~Mel
- Aerlinniel on 11/21/06 07:27 pm
that really sucks.. maybe the page should be "copy/paste proof"
- azure29x on 11/21/06 11:44 pm
There's too many ways to get around that, azure. But it was a good idea. Adora handled it the best way. You can't avoid copyright infringement, you just have to hope you and your friends keep an eye out for it. Think of all the music and video that is ripped from the net . . . it's the same thing.
- Elaura on 11/22/06 04:27 pm
That's horrible! I don't understand why people do things like that! I hope everything works out for you, and that whoever is copying off you will stop. ~God bless
- Sharpe_and_Harper on 11/28/06 01:32 pm
I know this is probably old news, but I was wondering if someone could send me the title of this 'story'. I would like to say a word of two to this individual. Is there anyway that you could just kick her out?
- Zippity on 11/28/06 06:27 pm
I just found out about the plagiarizm and am shocked at the audacity of this person. I would say, yes please kick this person out, before this happens again to another author! Write a complaint to the web master and have this person banned from this site! I belong to other lotr sites as well and I think they should be warned as well. I was just about to post a new story I just wrote here, but now I am afraid to. What if this person decides to steal mine too! I realize this person likes your story alot, but , talk about fatal attraction to a story. Anyone on this site might be having their story taken also and claimed as this person's own.
- on 12/05/06 09:46 pm
I am wondering who the author was and how you handled the issue for it is happening to me! It's a little more difficult because the author took my character and didn't quote her exactly word for word, changed her appearance some, but it's still MY original character! How do you get something like this resolved!? Thanks!
NiRi (Nieriel Raina)
- on 12/10/06 06:39 pm