Happy Holidays/Beta Readers!
First and foremost, I wanted to wish all of you a very safe and happy holiday season!

Also, many of you have expressed interest in either finding or offering your services as a beta reader. Since the forums are down indefinitely, I'm just going to put this topic right on the front page. Please leave your comments here if you are in need of a beta reader or would like to offer your services as one.

Thanks a bunch!
Adora on Dec 21 2006 10:50 pm
Even after all that happened I though "Why Not!" put my story in here. I shouldn't be afraid to post a story here otherwise I won't do it and lose my courage to post anywhere. That said. I could use a second beta just incase the first one can't do it for whatever reason. My story has a native american flavoring to it. I guess you could call it a "AU" With some action adventure, some romance and mystery. The years or ages is: starts in 1460 before "Columbus" goes into the future(2006) and then will eventually end up in either early first age for before the first age. I haven't decided yet. It maybe a long story. We'll see.
- on Dec 22 2006 02:10 am
I'd like to be a beta, so, anyone who wants one just ask for mister S.R
- Shadow Ranger on Dec 22 2006 07:15 am
I already am a beta but I just want to say, I wish you a happy christmas too and a prosperous new year! It goes to everyone else as well! Enjoy yourselfs! xxx
- on Dec 22 2006 09:52 am
Yeah, I volunteer to be a beta reader.. As for my stories, I beta them myself, but if you think I'm doing a bad job, offer to read it through for me
Hannon le
- Gemini_Elf on Dec 22 2006 12:40 pm
i'd like to be a beta
- faramiriel on Dec 22 2006 01:01 pm
Since I haven't the need for a beta . . . I just want to wish everyone a great Christmas! Love ya all!
- Brassen on Dec 22 2006 03:44 pm
Sounds fun! I'd like to be a Beta. So far, none of my stories really are in need of a Beta ... the only one that goes for more than 1 chapter is a parody, so ... yeah ... However, if I ever do build up the courage to write a proper story with more than 1 chapter, I think I'll definitely need one ... *sheepish grin* Nonetheless, if anyone needs a Beta ... or just someone to talk to ... just contact BookLuva7! Anyway, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone on the site!! :D
- BookLuva7 on Dec 22 2006 06:49 pm
Okay Mr S.R. If you want to you can be my beta if you like to? I am a very new writer. I have another beta whose name is Bradley Simpson, but just in case he can't do it you can. Or you both can do every other chapter. I was told it was a good idea to have 2or3 beta's just in case. So I think that it's a good idea too! Let me know if you would like to. I've already posted the first chp, which was bataed by the other, and he is trying to work on chp 2. But he says he has been extremely busy lately with work and it is going slow. So someone can work on chp 3 when it is done. My story is called "The Reborn" thanks in advance. Maria
- on Dec 23 2006 12:29 am
I'll beta it if I can find it *grins sheepishly*
You don't have to call me mister, I was just kidding around, I am a great kidder
- Shadow Ranger on Dec 23 2006 06:44 am
HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! *snickers and whispers mister under breath* AND A GREAT NEW YEAR!! Also I am in need of a beta for influx, so if your bored call on me. I am willing to beta anything so call on me.
- GreenWoodElleth on Dec 23 2006 10:27 am
Well S.R. You can beta then. But as for chp 1 for the "Reborn" I forgot that I didn't post it. I was just about to when I discovered I wanted to change something at the last minute for the fourteenth time!(LOL) but chp 1 has been betaed and he is slowly working on chp 2. Right now I am working on chp 3. I am hoping to get it done after the holidays or shortly before? then you can beta that one. I'm sure Bradley won't be done with chp 2 untill after the holidays.
- on Dec 24 2006 12:56 am
Alright, I'll beta your chapter three, just email me or something when it's ready.

@GreenWE, I'll beta it if you want, gives me a premium excuse to read your stuff!
- Shadow Ranger on Dec 24 2006 07:05 am
I'd love to be a beta for somebody that doesn't have an overwhelming amount of writing... I'm fairly busy, but I love reading other people's writing.
- Ophelia on Dec 24 2006 03:53 pm
I'd love to be a beta, plus I think I need one. My sister usually reads my stuff but she's been insanely busy this year so I am now going for outside help. I have good grammar and all that stuff, it'll be mostly for flow and content. Tell me if you'd like to!!!
- Lady Ilaria on Dec 29 2006 01:00 am
I forgot to mention. My stories aren't crazily long, but they might get that way. And I don't have any oneshots at this point, so they'll all require pretty regular beta checks. Tell me if you're interested, PLEASE!!!!
- Lady Ilaria on Dec 29 2006 01:03 am
I'd love to be a beta, plus I think I need one. My sister usually reads my stuff but she's been insanely busy this year so I am now going for outside help. I have good grammar and all that stuff, it'll be mostly for flow and content. Tell me if you'd like to!!!
- Lady Ilaria on Dec 29 2006 01:03 am
Um, listen, I just started a new story, 'Divine Intervention', and I'd really like to have a beta reader for it. If you want to read a story that contains slight humor, no romance, and no original characters, please contact me and I'll send you the prologue, since I don't plan to post it until a couple of characters are added to the list of characters. Please, I'd really like a beta; this is my first story with some sort of plot, and I'm kind of nervous about it!! :D
- BookLuva7 on Dec 29 2006 01:39 am
Whoa... BookLuva, writing a story with a plot? With no insane humour?... whoa... I'll beta it if you want, like I've said, I usually have an insane amount of time on my hands. (but I think 3 stories is enough for now hey?) is my addie, send it there if you'd like
- Shadow Ranger on Dec 29 2006 05:19 am
I would love to be a beta reader if someone wants one (my one chance of getting to see stories before anyone else mwahahaha! - *cough* sorry about that!)
- The Dragon on Dec 29 2006 08:16 am
Thank you Shadow Ranger!! Sending it right now! :D
- BookLuva7 on Dec 29 2006 03:50 pm
By the way "S.R."I posted chp1 already if you want to take a look at it. You can then decide if you want to or not. Yes I am working on chp3 as I type! Maria.
- on Dec 30 2006 02:13 am
Sorry regaliaria, I'm not gonna be able to do it, looks good but you've made it so long the wide bit doesn't fit on my computer, sorry, I could do a few chapters here and there if you'd like.
- Shadow Ranger on Dec 30 2006 05:07 am
To S.R.: Okey Dokey! No Biggy! Thanks anyway.
- on Dec 30 2006 02:41 pm
I need a beta for my story Chiara and Eldan. Before you volunteer SR, you're going to see it anyway. But I want another opinion on it, as you're biased, as half of the characters are yours, and you have a loyalty to me.
So calling beta readers, someone help please!
- Gemini_Elf on Dec 30 2006 02:53 pm
No problem. I'd love to beta it! Just send whatever it is you need to send to if you want! :D
- BookLuva7 on Dec 30 2006 04:01 pm