Happy Holidays/Beta Readers!
First and foremost, I wanted to wish all of you a very safe and happy holiday season!

Also, many of you have expressed interest in either finding or offering your services as a beta reader. Since the forums are down indefinitely, I'm just going to put this topic right on the front page. Please leave your comments here if you are in need of a beta reader or would like to offer your services as one.

Thanks a bunch!

--Adora on 22/12/06 - 04:50 am 68 Comments
I need a beta very much.
Happy reading and watch out for the ninja squirrels.

- endlessages92 on 21/01/07 - 03:50 am
*Stands on tip toe and waves her arms* I'll beta!
- GreenWoodElleth on 25/01/07 - 02:08 am
Okay GreenWoodElleth. I just finished up on my second chapter to 'Reborn.' I had to 'touch it up' a bit for the 'fourteenth time!' But now it's ready for you to beta if you want to. It is an 'AU' story and a little long(hehe). There is just one thing where do I send it to?
- on 26/01/07 - 06:20 pm
I need a beta for Unnumbered Tears. It's my first romance, so I'm kind of nervous about it. Oh, and I take a reeeaaally long time about writing new chapters.
- faramiriel on 04/02/07 - 09:43 pm please
- GreenWoodElleth on 05/02/07 - 10:33 pm
I'm a grammer nutter so I'm up for beta reading if anyone is interested. Here is my email:
- MidnightShadows on 14/02/07 - 08:57 am
I don't know exacly what a beta reader is. Forgive my ignorance but I like to read fanfics and will offer my services if beta reading is what I think beta reading is ;)..which is helping with edits and so forth.
- Turemela on 19/02/07 - 04:02 pm
Can someone take a look at my stories please particularly the one I have posted today, called Mary Sues. It is a series showing how you could torture them on Middle Earth.
- Snowflake on 20/02/07 - 10:42 am
Okay. I have a question that has nothing to do with betaing.
I posted a story recently from msword. There the sentences were about a half page long. When I put it in the space porvided here it came out in long sentences and then some. Does anyone know how to shorten it back to its original state it was in the first place? Or am I doomed to a longy.
- on 20/02/07 - 07:13 pm
To regaliaria: Did-you-use-sentences-like-this? If you did, it was the hyphens that connected the words that caused your problem. If you did not, I have no idea what the problem is. Hope it helps! :D
- BookLuva7 on 20/02/07 - 08:15 pm
Hello everyone,

I have just finished my very first story of LotR. It's not very long, only four pages, but it would be great if someone would check it for mistakes. Thank you!
- orleans on 20/03/07 - 02:11 pm
I am available if you are looking for a beta.
- reginaplove on 05/04/07 - 01:16 am
I'd like to offer my services as a beta, if anyone's interested...please contact me if interested.
- Aine of Mithlond on 02/07/07 - 12:18 am
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