Awards this Year?
The Flame of Anor awards have been extremely successful for the past two years and many people have genuinely enjoyed getting involved, whether by submitting stories, judging or simply reading all of the great entries we receive. I have received many questions about this year's awards, mainly as to whether or not we are going to do them again.

Thing is, this takes a lot of work from multiple people and once again, I would have to organize a staff of judges, a system for submissions and voting and many other issues. I'm not entirely adverse to doing this but first, I wanted to see what the level of interest is this year. Please let me know how you feel about running the awards again and also if you're interested in being a judge if we do.

You must be a legal adult in your region to be a judge, due to the wide variety of content we receive through submissions. However, we will accept nominations from all members, regardless of age.


--Adora on 04/06/07 - 05:52 pm 38 Comments
I would be thrilled to be a judge.
- Shiloh on 15/06/07 - 12:07 am
Just let me know what type of help would be needed. And definitively it is a good thing to have such a contest for it is very motivating to the writers (so you see that for contest entries, you'd not be short of authors)
- griffon on 16/06/07 - 03:08 am
I can't be a judge, but I am extremely excited about the contest. I might enter, I've never been in a fanfic contest before. I hope that we can do it this year! Godd luck everyone :)
- Buckleberry on 19/06/07 - 03:08 am
Ok, I motion to get this started. ;)
- KestralSurion on 23/06/07 - 04:25 pm
I would be happy to judge any bookverse category.
- gythia on 23/06/07 - 09:06 pm
I hope the awards are held this year.
I would love to be a judge,but, woe is me*dramatic sigh*, i'm younger by just * scratches head while calculating* one year and 3 months!
- Thredith the fair on 26/06/07 - 03:33 pm
I will be able to judge within one month. I would LOVE to be a part of the awards. I don't just second, but MAJORLY SECOND the motion to make them happen.
- Ithildin on 04/07/07 - 03:41 pm
Looove it.
- blameitonme7 on 20/07/07 - 12:00 am
I would love to be a judge.
- reginaplove on 11/08/07 - 05:52 pm
YES!!!!!!!!!!! :) i wish i could be a judge! :(
- faramiriel on 16/08/07 - 08:18 pm
Hi Adora, I vote yes. Its great fun. I am willing to be a judge again.
- Rozzan on 23/08/07 - 04:38 am
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