Moved And Upgraded
I have finished moving and upgrading the website. Please keep in mind that it takes about 24 hours for everything to show up for some people but overall, things should be back to normal within the next few hours. Feel free to upload your stories, leave reviews and get back to all of your usual activities on the site.

It's fairly common with any major change or upgrade to have some bugs when using various features. Please report this to me immediately in the comments of this news item if you come across them.

Otherwise, I will finish working on the site themes and adding additional features tomorrow. Thanks!
Adora on 09/04/07 06:53 pm
I have been getting an error message saying that we have exceeded our CPU usage? Hope this is not going to be a regular thing?
- aelfwine on 09/04/07 09:30 pm
Woah, this is certainly different! Thanks Adora!
- Gemini_Elf on 09/05/07 09:23 am
Cool, you upgraded to 3.3, which means the read count is back *hugs her read count*. As for bugs: The "Manage Images" gives me a whole string of errors. And for some reason the bios are invisible - or is this a problem with the skin?
- Michelle on 09/05/07 11:37 am
The CPU error may or may not end up being a problem. If it only happens occasionally, I'm not going to worry about it but I'll see what I can work out with the host if it gets too annoying. It always goes away within a minute or two, so I just try refreshing if you get it.

Michelle, I fixed the "Manage Images" bug so you shouldn't have a problem with that anymore. As for the bios, I'm not exactly sure why those are not showing up but I'll be sure to get it fixed.

Thanks guys!
- Adora on 09/05/07 12:26 pm
I fixed the bios as well. You should be able to see them now when you click on a user's name.
- Adora on 09/05/07 12:44 pm
Yep, it's there now. Fabulous!
- Michelle on 09/05/07 01:06 pm
I love the new layout it is beautiful. Hannon-le, mellon-nin.
- Sivan on 09/05/07 01:13 pm
1) You are as always doing such a great job (hugs) Take your time , we know that keeping up with this stuff is exausting!
2) Where is ( add series to favorites?)
3)I can't get midnight green to show up in my browser; Is any one else having this problem or is it specific to my browser?
- aelfwine on 09/05/07 01:36 pm
I don't know where "add series to favorites" is yet. I'm still learning my way around the new layout myself. :)

The reason the midnight green skin won't show up for you yet is because right now, it's just a copy of the regular blue one. I wanted to use that as a base and just haven't had a chance to customize it yet. I will try to work on that tonight.

*hugs back*
- Adora on 09/05/07 02:43 pm
I love the new layout, but please could we have the cream skin available again,as it is easier on the eyes?
- on 09/05/07 03:50 pm
The old themes are not compatible with the newest version of this software, unfortunately. But I will try to make something lighter colored for those who prefer it.

Thanks guys.
- Adora on 09/05/07 04:32 pm
Hi, in the elagance-skin I see no place to log-in, also I could not find the "most recent" button.
- tinara on 09/06/07 03:50 am
On the Midnight Blue skin, all the text is down the left hand side , only one or two words wide, like a ribbon, while the rest of the page is blank. I can read it okay on '' Elegance. ''
- Spiced Wine on 09/06/07 07:24 am
@aelfwine: The Series to Favourite comes up when you click on the series and end up on the page with all the stories that belong to that series.
- Michelle on 09/06/07 12:32 pm
I will update the skins as soon as I can, guys. In the meantime if your sizing isn't right, I would recommend using a more versatile browser like Mozilla Firefox. If you are on a Internet explorer, it does have a tendency to cause a lot of problems with webpages that other browsers don't.
- Adora on 09/06/07 07:43 pm
Ah-ha! Thankyou very much , on Firefox it is fine.
- Spiced Wine on 09/07/07 06:18 am
The only thing I really miss from the old setup is the "View Reviews" option.  In the current setup, I can't see which reviews I've answered.  Will that option return, or is it incompatible with the new upgrades?
- Elaura on 09/09/07 08:05 am

Oh, and not to be contrary, but recommending people use another browser to view your website isn't exactly a solution.  I know a lot of people are switching to firefox, but I would guess most of your readers don't have a choice what browser to use.  I can't load software onto the computers at work and as far as I know, school computers don't allow it either.

Anyway, the upgrades are nice and the Simple skin still works fine.  You're doing a great job, Adora.

- Elaura on 09/09/07 08:14 am
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