An important message regarding MSTs and parodies…
We've been receiving a lot of complaints recently, regarding some of the stories in the humor category. LotRFF has always had very strong policies about flaming and mocking, and I feel that some of the stories I'm talking about are doing just that.

Just so we're clear on our policies, parody and humor are clearly acceptable, but using direct quotes, story titles and names of other authors for the purpose of mocking their work is not. Unless you have their express permission, we ask that you don't upload any stories that use the identities and story excerpts of other members. If you have a story of this nature already on the site, we ask that you either revise or remove it as soon as you can.

I really do apologize about this, but I don't like seeing specific members singled out for mockery. I created the community with the intention of allowing everyone a comfortable place to upload their work without having to worry about being bashed or humiliated if they were not good writers and I stand by that.

If you see a lot of flaws in someone else's work here on the site, why not leave them constructive criticism, designed to help them instead? I fully encourage our members to leave honest feedback, but I don't think making fun of someone else's story does much in the way of helping them improve as writers.

--Adora on 09/07/08 - 11:15 pm 45 Comments
Okay, this feud has gone on for long enough. This 'enemies by association' thing is stupid. Adora wants to ban MSTs and parodies on her website? Fine. I accept that. It's her site; her word holds. MSTers and parody writers, we've got other outlets. People have different opinions and that's only normal. Let's not continue this pointless discussion.
- Mordaen on 13/07/08 - 03:37 am
Personally, I don't understand what all the flap is about. The rules are the rules. If you get a perverse thrill out of flaming someone, do it on another site. If an author here won't take constructive criticism, don't read his/her stories. You have a choice. It doesn't make any difference to me what kind of stories get posted here. I have the intelligence to pick and choose what I like to read and the right to exercise that option. So does everyone else.
- Karlmir Stonewain on 13/07/08 - 11:01 am
Karimir - Very well said! I agree with you completely.
- Ellenflower on 13/07/08 - 09:46 pm

I like some MST's, and I am sad that jules14's MST's are gone, but I think that it's for the best. One thing that people forget is that even bad writers put time into their fanfics. Refia, I'm sorry that the stories that you liked are gone, but you need to take the feelings of others into consideration. Maybe you wouldn't care if any of your stories were made fun of, but other people may be more sensitive to criticism like that. Everyone has the right to write and not be made fun of...even horrible writers.

Please try and remember that just because you feel a certain way, other people don't. Especially with the way that you are criticising people, you are becoming exactly like the authors that you can't stand. People are offering you ideas and constructive criticism, and you're responding to it pretty immaturely. Please do have fun at your site, and remember that what goes around comes around. (No, that's not a threat. It's the way things happen in life, and I'm reminding you.)

- callerofcrows on 30/07/08 - 04:11 pm
Well said, especially in the interests of new and younger writers. I would especially hate to see someone with potential become discouraged early on and never experience the fun and fulfillment that writing can give.
- Ithildin on 14/08/08 - 01:47 am
I know, flaming is often just so painful--especially for someone like me, who never even intended to have a story with so many faults. That is actually the main reason that I left, because my stories (which I daresay are quite worthy--I'm about to publish a novel of my own!) were always flamed for quite illegitimate causes, as revealed through their rantings. I personally do not flame anybody; rather, I do try to help by offering constructive suggestions. And, no, of course I do not deserve to be flamed, because of course no one can deny that I carry very original ideas, even in my novels that are non-LotR-related. No one can ever accuse me of plagiarism.

~Ireth Celebrindal
- Ireth Celebrindal on 15/10/08 - 10:20 pm
Good idea. I hate mockery and it makes the writers being mocked feel bad.
- superweirdgirls12 on 30/10/08 - 11:55 pm
I must say that the admin and the moderators are doing excellent job. I just cannot understand what is supposed to be so wonderful with flaming or just being mean to the other authors. Nor I understand people who takes pleasure in mocking other people. No excuse does make that kind of behaviour acceptable in my eyes. If you hate my works, or the way I write, it is your right to do so. But, No one has right to hurt other people on purpose.

As an author, I always try my best, and I am always ready to hear constructive criticism so that I am able to improve my writing. I know it is necessary, for English is my second language and my writing is far from flawless.

Flaming is Never constructive criticisim. It is just mocking, plain and simple. It is hurtful, unnecessary and despicable. I really hope that this site continues to protecting the authors from flaming.

That's all what I have to say about this.

Thank you,

- zilah on 09/12/08 - 04:55 am
I agree whole-heartedly with the no-flames and no-mockery rule! Constructive criticism doesn't hurt anyone if it is given with best interests at heart; and if it is delivered in a way that isn't rude and uses proper manners!

I think the owner of the site should be proud for sticking to their guns and standing firm.
- Utopia on 03/01/09 - 09:23 pm
Well said, Utopia.
- callerofcrows on 20/02/09 - 01:37 am
I am agreeing just because I've attempted to realize the logic behind those offended by this rule, and am totally baffled myself.

There was a time, long ago, when someone flamed me on and I flamed them back and it just kept going on and on and got nothing accomplished except hurt feelings and general anger. It's not worth it. If you don't like the story, either shake your head and go on with your life or tell the person why you did not like it in a mature manner.
- Bunny Plots on 22/03/09 - 08:27 pm

Fighting is not the way, I totally agree. All writers deserve the respect to not be hated for grammer mistakes or plots that go nowhere. They are trying. Nothing should be mocked just because you hate it. And no one should have to listen to your rambling. I totally agree, if you want to have your own website where you can rant about how you hated that story, go make your own website, because this is a community, a family, a haven from places that flame and I am so glad I found this site instead of FF-net because if I had been flamed when I was first writing, I would've stopped.  People grow - give them a chance

- Shadow Maiden on 30/04/09 - 03:45 pm
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