Beta Reading…
We do have a system where people can list themselves as beta readers in their profiles. However, I've been receiving a lot of e-mail lately from both people looking for a beta and those offering their services as one.

Please post a comment here if either of these applies to you. Hopefully we can match up more willing betas with compatible authors if we have a single post right on the front page for people to express their interest. Feel free to list any information that you feel might be helpful, such as the type of stories you write or are looking for and time commitment required. Thanks!
Adora on Sep 07 2008 05:25 am
I'd be very happy to Beta for anyone who wants me to; I'll look at grammar, spelling, punctuation, character, plot etc. or just listen to ideas. Any rating from R through to NC-17 is fine by me, though anything majorly kinky is out, and I admit I get weirded out by some of the pairings I find on fansites (so no wizard slash, or hobbit-human sex!) Torture and graphic violence I can do. At the other end of the scale, fluff is also fine. Get in touch if you need me.
- Narya on Jan 12 2009 02:32 pm
Re: Above comment. I meant G through to NC-17. Sorry, I'm British - not too hot on the American ratings! Oh, and also, I should warn you - if people want their elvish checking, I'm not your best bet, though I'll willingly check canon facts on your behalf!
- Narya on Jan 12 2009 02:38 pm
Looking for Beta / helpful person to please help me write the next chapter of my story. I'm looking for SEXUAL TENSION + SEX + VIOLENCE. This is outside my typical writing style (I know nothing of fight scenes) and I need help.

Parameters = (a) Main character / Grace has to make it through five hours of pure hell, consumed by blood fever - tortured by uncontrollable urges of lust and fury. (b) During this time period she must be controlled somehow, preferably by the elf character Nuada, but any others characters can assist (c) Neither Grace or Nuada can die, but non-lethal wounds are just fine (d) Your choice of setting = earth, Rivendell, cabin, home of Grace/Sookie/Eric/Nuada, abandoned warehouse, graveyard or we’ll make up something new or any combination (e) I’m looking for violent fighting preferably mixed with some serious R rated sexual tension / sex - think Brat Pitt & Angelina Jolie in the Mr. & Mrs. Smith Movie Kitchen Love Scene. (f) The two characters can destroy anything you'd like – tear it up and go for it!!

This is to hopefully (if ya’ll will help me out!) go along with my story Two Worlds, One Choice. Don't have to read entire story to help me, last three chapters will probably do it, and/or I could synopsis it for you. Can anyone help me out?? I'd love ya if you did!
- Erullisse on Jan 12 2009 05:17 pm
I am willing to beta-read if someone needs help with grammar, spelling, character and plot development or just someone to ask about possible ideas. I will do anything PG-13 or below no R+ please. Elves are my specialty from all ages but I will do the other races too.
- Aranel Erulisse on Jan 13 2009 02:08 am
Hey I need a beta reader bad. Can someone help me. I have my story posted here and two other that have yet to be posted. My 1st story is NC-17 the others I am not sure of. I am not wanting to change them much but improve them. My stories are all WIP. Someone pleeease respond.

thank you
- on Jan 18 2009 11:26 pm
Hi, I am new to this and I am writing three stories, I was wondering if anyone here would like to be my Beta Reader. Because I have found out I needed one. so, Just read the stories first and decide if you want to do the job or not.
(Dunedain Ranger of the North)
- Dunedain ranger of the North on Jan 23 2009 11:06 am
Hi, I'm looking for a beta reader who doesn't mind slash, and possibly awful OCs. I mainly require assistance with writer's block, minor spelling/grammatical errors(stupid commas...), and being told that something I write is awful, because that is hard to spot in my own work.
- Spottedfyre on Jan 27 2009 03:15 pm
While I'm new here, I've been around awhile, and done my share of beta-ing.

My area of expertise is hobbit-gen. I'm fairly knowledgeable about canon, and can beta for grammar, characterization, style, etc.. However, I am American, so not always the best person if you need Brit-picking.

I am willing to beta one-shots, however, I don't want to take on any longer stories at this time, as I have other authors I am working with right now.
- Dreamflower on Jan 30 2009 03:23 am
Hi everyone. Well, I currently have an excelent beta, but I am also looking for a possible illustrator for my work-in-progress fan fic. I'm not looking for the whole story to be illustrated, just a few key moments here and there. I would draw them myself but I have neither the time nor the skill level I want for these pictures to do it. I do have some drawings/pictures for reference as well as character decrptions.

I am mainly looking for realistic drawings (no anime/manga or "cartoonish") preferably in pencil or digital. If you are interested, let me know and I'll take a look at your work and decide if you are the artist for me! I hate to post this here but there's really no other good places to search for artists. Thanks a bunch!!
- EmynArnenLady on Feb 18 2009 08:49 pm
Hi! I´m quite new here. My story is "The Nameless Ones".
I come from Germany and I am searching for a beta-reader,
if possible an American native speaker. My intention is to write dark stories, mostly NC-17 rated and not always in LotR-canon. For more infos see my bio.
- Nareen on Feb 22 2009 08:49 am
Hi there! Recently I've become addicted to all LOTR related stories, again. I've even started to write my own story, because it keeps wandering around in my head. I'm afraid it's a tenth walker story, about an "our world"-girl that finds herself in ME. Maybe it doesn't sound very original, however I can't help but fantasize about what ME is like from our perspective. English is not my first language, so I need someone strong in grammar and spelling. The ratings mentioned are confusing to me, my story is meant to be a romantic story, without detailed sex scenes, if any at all.
- Ndil on Feb 25 2009 02:29 am
I beta, even if my profile says I don't. I put no, because I'm picky about what I beta. I won't beta anything I wouldn't choose to read on my own.

Currently, I'd like to find a beta who's more familiar with the LOTR world than me, who can correct grammer, and continuity errors, be it within the story, or just within the world of Middle Earth. :]

Btw, I'm new ;p
- xrawrxlovex on Feb 28 2009 12:18 am
I am new to this site, and I am in need of a beta, it was recomended to me. I need someone who can help me with my descriptive skills and grammer especially.
Thank you!
- Anarne_Nemesis on Mar 04 2009 03:15 pm
I'm a beta reader! I'll beta read anything. I'm studying to be an english teacher so I need the experience.
- owlett on Mar 05 2009 12:32 am
I'd be willing to beta for anyone who wanted it done, any rating, and pretty much nothing bothers me, so any fiction at all =] I'll be happy to help with grammar, plot, etc. Even just bouncing ideas off me would be okay! :D
- Div2994 on Mar 12 2009 04:12 pm
Hey All, I Need A Beta Reader, Anyone Willing To Take The Challenge?
Contact Me Please :)
- Origo on Mar 17 2009 03:25 am
RE to Origo: I'd be willing to help you out but it depends on what you write.
- Lira_of_Imladris on Mar 17 2009 01:51 pm
Looking for a beta outside my normal circle of readers.

I can also beta your story in return.

These days, my circle of authors and readers is smaller than ever and I'm working on a new piece that will hopefully be a surprise for them. Rather than ruin it for one of them, I was hoping to find a beta who isn't in my current group who can help me whip a story into shape.

I'm looking for someone who doesn't mind hobbits, angst, Frodo, book canon and who doesn't do whimpy. (My Fro has a pair, tyvm!)

As a beta myself, I can usually catch grammatical errors, but I am not as technically correct as a really good beta, but I am excellent at storyline and logic errors. I have also worked as a beta for folks for whom English is a second lang.
- Ariel on Mar 23 2009 08:59 pm
I'm looking for someone to beta my original story. I need them to be extremely trustworthy and I need to know that they won't leak the story onto the internet or steal it or anything because I'm hoping to get it published one day. It does involve self-harm, abuse and violence and some other stuff may come into it in the later chapters so I'll warn you to be prepared for anything and everything - except explicit sexual content, I'm going to keep that out of this story. But yeah, I really need some help but I think it's mainly with structure and making sure I don't fall into writing present tense or something. I really want this story to be as good as possible as if anyone is willing to help, I would be very grateful - Breia
- Lira_of_Imladris on Mar 25 2009 02:43 am
I am kinda new here but I am available to beta for people if they want. I will read anything G to NC-17. I won't read stories with lots of violence, rape or abuse.
If intersted, email me. You can find my address on my profile.
- acastillo1991 on Mar 28 2009 04:57 am
I'm very new, but already in some stories I'm reading I can see some obvious mistakes, mostly appositive, comma, and overall punctuation errors. I will beta-read stories most things under PG-13. I'm okay with some stuff over (if it's over PG-13 just for 'torture'), but don't ask me to beta read it, I'm not making exceptions.
- Lorian on Apr 01 2009 09:55 am
Heh, looks like I must beta-read my own comment! ;D

'Beta-read stories most things under PG-13'! Wow. I really shouldn't do shuffling things around when I'm should be 'most things under PG-13', meaning not just stories. In meaning to include things other than stories, (i.e. poetry) I revised myself and forgot to delete. How ironic...
- Lorian on Apr 01 2009 10:03 am
Where's my coffee? I really shouldn't write when half asleep, and this time I'm actually going to read before I post... 'do' should be 'be'.

Bad day, sorry. Don't worry, I'm very scrutinizing when reading someone else's writing, just forget to re-read my own.

I beta-read for my best friend and generally notice around twenty to thirty errors per story, at least. No, she isn't a bad writer, she's very good and amazingly accurate, due to fear of her brother's endless, nit-picking criticisms about both grammar and which side of the river Rivendell is on...
- Lorian on Apr 01 2009 10:12 am
I need a little bit of help with a plot that I have been toying with. I would appreciate it if someone would be willing to bounce around some ideas with me. I have written a little something but it is obviously in the middle.  I would give it a PG-13 rating for mild torture and violence.
- Elven_Fforestydd on Apr 15 2009 06:54 pm
i need a beta reader (still) any one want to be my beta reader?
- Origo on May 13 2009 06:55 am