Beta Reading…
We do have a system where people can list themselves as beta readers in their profiles. However, I've been receiving a lot of e-mail lately from both people looking for a beta and those offering their services as one.

Please post a comment here if either of these applies to you. Hopefully we can match up more willing betas with compatible authors if we have a single post right on the front page for people to express their interest. Feel free to list any information that you feel might be helpful, such as the type of stories you write or are looking for and time commitment required. Thanks!

--Adora on 07/09/08 - 10:25 am 87 Comments
I'm very new, but already in some stories I'm reading I can see some obvious mistakes, mostly appositive, comma, and overall punctuation errors. I will beta-read stories most things under PG-13. I'm okay with some stuff over (if it's over PG-13 just for 'torture'), but don't ask me to beta read it, I'm not making exceptions.
- Lorian on 01/04/09 - 02:55 pm
Heh, looks like I must beta-read my own comment! ;D

'Beta-read stories most things under PG-13'! Wow. I really shouldn't do shuffling things around when I'm should be 'most things under PG-13', meaning not just stories. In meaning to include things other than stories, (i.e. poetry) I revised myself and forgot to delete. How ironic...
- Lorian on 01/04/09 - 03:03 pm
Where's my coffee? I really shouldn't write when half asleep, and this time I'm actually going to read before I post... 'do' should be 'be'.

Bad day, sorry. Don't worry, I'm very scrutinizing when reading someone else's writing, just forget to re-read my own.

I beta-read for my best friend and generally notice around twenty to thirty errors per story, at least. No, she isn't a bad writer, she's very good and amazingly accurate, due to fear of her brother's endless, nit-picking criticisms about both grammar and which side of the river Rivendell is on...
- Lorian on 01/04/09 - 03:12 pm
I need a little bit of help with a plot that I have been toying with. I would appreciate it if someone would be willing to bounce around some ideas with me. I have written a little something but it is obviously in the middle.  I would give it a PG-13 rating for mild torture and violence.
- Elven_Fforestydd on 15/04/09 - 11:54 pm
i need a beta reader (still) any one want to be my beta reader?
- Origo on 13/05/09 - 11:55 am
I'll beta read everything
and help
- Lekter on 16/05/09 - 05:50 am
I'll edit work as long as you can keep it PG-13 or below.
- Lady of the Lake on 03/06/09 - 07:06 pm
would love to get a beta reader, my writing on here needs serious work
- AragornArwenFan on 24/09/09 - 09:16 pm
I am willing to be a beta. No NC-17, no sex unless only mentioned betwee two MARRIED people, romance is good, rape is fine unless it gets very deep into it. Torture I can kind of handle. I'm open to most creatures, not a fan of the orcs; I prefer to write about elves and humans. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
- Daewen on 28/09/09 - 03:45 pm
I would like someone who could beta for me. I would also beta if anyone needs one. Just contact me on my page.
- Mari on 09/10/09 - 02:23 am
I'm looking for a beta on story I've begun writing. 2 chapters done, but I expect it to turn out to be a rather long series. I think it is/will be R at most, although overall. Elladan/OFC elf, Elrohir, Elrond, Arwen and many others. Some of te plot is still in the mists. The reason I want a beta now already is that I would like an opinion if the beginning is any good. If it's not, I wouldn't think there's any point to continue :P But if it is and I will continue writing, I probably won't be posting until fully finished (for the fear of an unfunushed fic). Also it would be welcome if the beta will kick me in the butt once in a while to keep writing, if I catch the lazy bug. Aww, now I'll just hope someone will have me.
- Rowenriel on 19/11/09 - 11:00 am
I'm looking for someone to beta the story I wrote last month. It's a novel length Aragorn/Arwen story, going AU from the end of ROTK. It's definitely book-verse. In particular, I'm looking for plot and characterization critique. Knowledge of Sindarin would be an added bonus.

The first draft of the story is done and I'm currently polishing that into rough draft form. I expect to be ready to share the first chapter with a beta around the first of the year. If this sounds interesting to you and you'll have time at that point, please contact me on my author page.

Thanks so much.
- Chocolatequeen on 09/12/09 - 09:27 am
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