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Title: Life Unknown Reviewer: Luvbukz Signed
Awesome! That was an interesting end to part 1 of your story. I'll be keeping an eye out for part 2. Can't wait to see how Ithilwen comes into it. I'm hungry for more. Can't wait.
Date: 26/06/13 - 01:50 pm [Report This]
Title: Life Unknown Reviewer: Luvbukz Signed
Oh I hope this doesn't affect their relationship. I hope she can rationalise this and realise that by turning away from Legolas she is giving Sauron what he wants. Can't wait for more. Thanks for the update.
Date: 20/06/13 - 10:38 am [Report This]
Title: Life Unknown Reviewer: Luvbukz Signed
Thank you for updating I thoroughly enjoyed reading the chapters. I was slightly disappointed that our love birds couldn't do the dance of love but I also understand that they've come a long way already. Can't wait for more. Thanks
Date: 09/06/13 - 09:14 am [Report This]
Title: Life Unknown Reviewer: Luvbukz Signed
Hi :) Ah feels good to be back. I've been swamped with work and haven't had a chance to read. Thanks so much for the update. I enjoyed reading Ithilwen's internal monologue and she considered her growing relationship with Legolas. It felt very real. Its just like a woman lol. I also enjoyed this last chapter. I always get sad when I read about Gandalf's fall but am looking forward to peeing what Lorien has in store for our little Ithilwen. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'm a chapter behind on this site than I am on the other, but I'm about to update it for everyone here so I can be up to date. Thank you again for the review. I greatly appreciate it. It makes me want to keep writing. :)
Date: 05/06/13 - 02:08 pm [Report This]
Title: Life Unknown Reviewer: Luvbukz Signed
Dear Elbragol

Thanks for the history lesson though I'm not sure if it was asked for. I'm speaking (or rather typing) under correction but I think that part of fanfiction is allowing the authors to take liberties with the "set in stone" facts of the novel/s that the fiction takes its ideas from. This is true for more then 90% of the fanfiction on this and other sites. It is my opinion that the twist of the half elf having powers was a good one and adds to the development of the story. I am enjoying reading this story and while I have no right to ask or tell you what to do, I humbly ask that you not put the author off as I would be highly frustrated if this story were to be abandoned. Please remember that you are not obliged to read this particular story if its contents offend you.

Thank you.

Dear Author

Please update soon. I can't wait to read on.

Author's Response: Thank for you that review. I'm glad you're enjoying it. I look forward to seeing what else you thought while reading. Thanks!!!
Date: 28/05/13 - 04:33 pm [Report This]
Title: Life Unknown Reviewer: Elbragol Signed
List of known half-elves:
Dior: son of Beren (man) & Luthien Tinuviel(half elf, half Maia). Married an elf; child together Elwing.
Earendil: son of Tuor (man) and Idril Celebrindal (elf). Married Elwing (half elf; see above). Their children: Elrond and Elros.
At first all half elves had by default the life of the Eldar. When Earendil reached Aman, there was a debate among the Valar as to what their fate should be. It was revealed that any half elf could choose the Gift of Illuvatar, to be accounted among Men and die after a (very) long life. Earendil would have chosen to be a man, but out of love for Elwing, who wished to be numbered among the Eldar, he accepted the burden of immortality.
Their children, Elrond and Elros, were also given the choice. Elrond chose to be of the Eldar, Elros chose to be a man. He was the first King of Numenor. Thereafter the choice was not available to his heirs. Elrond married Celebrian, the daughter of Celeborn and Galadriel (elf) and they had three children; Elladan, Elrohir and Arwen Undomiel. Each of these children of a Half Elf who had chosen immortality was also allowed the choice; it would seem that even though they had a pure blood elf mother and a half elf father who had chosen the life of the Eldar, the choice was still available to them. Arwen certainly chose mortality in order to marry Aragorn. It would appear that even so she did not age as a mortal woman and that even then she could perhaps have chosen immortality, but instead she went to Lothlorien and lay down to sleep, surrendering her spirit.

The child of Aragorn and Arwen; Elfstan, although technically a half elf, was a mortal man without a choice because his elvish parent had renounced immortality.

Other half elves are hinted at, especially with regard to the princes of Dol Amroth, whose ancestors must have intermarried on at least one occasion with an elf of the people of Nimrodel.

None of these had a special power. Elrond's mastery over water comes from Vilya, the Ring of Water. Arwen did not have this power, although she does in the film. It was Elrond who raised the river against the Nazgul.

Author's Response: Thank you for all of the information. I do greatly appreciate it. I will keep this in mind. I just took an idea I had and went with it. This is just a work of fiction and it its one that I am truly enjoying writing. I hope you're enjoying the story. Thank you for the review!
Date: 26/05/13 - 05:36 pm [Report This]
Title: Life Unknown Reviewer: Luvbukz Signed
Thank you for updating. Please continue to update. I think I'd die if you abandoned this story and I was left wanting... Again thanks.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I'm glad you're enjoying it. It is still very weird for me to see people saying stuff about my story and how they're enjoying it. I hope I can continue to give you good chapters. I just added chapter 10 for everyone to read. I hope it's something you enjoy. Thanks again!!
Date: 23/05/13 - 02:15 pm [Report This]
Title: Life Unknown Reviewer: NessieGreenleafluvslegolas Signed
Nicely Done
Date: 13/01/13 - 09:17 pm [Report This]
Title: Life Unknown Reviewer: Nostariel Signed
This is really good :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read and leave a review! :) I hope to have something new this weekend. I hope.
Date: 03/01/13 - 07:00 am [Report This]
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