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Title: Peculiar Incidents Reviewer: wtyw Signed
turned into a tree flowers, enchanting in every morning and evening; think about changing life trajectory, moving fingertip mottled years; think close to fragrant garden, ordered an Elixir of Love. Run over the Red joys and sorrows, bypassing the eyebrows do not regret, received beautiful quiet tip will meet. Those in the past and your sympathy with the idea, is the most fleeting deep soulful singing, is the soul of warm aroma is pupate into a butterfly dance. If your smile into a breeze, printed on the eyebrows, life will be able to warm. Even horizon right close, as long as well, is sunny. In Chihiro years, I met you, is this life worth consolation harvest. In the corner of the season, smile watch, as you stand in a tree form. After the Fruitful in thin and plump change, "Wide pine does not regret," "is merciless but affectionate." Miss at your fingertips condensed into an undefeated flower. Occasionally inventory that a page on your memory, will be the season that he was originally a Red spectators, wanted to do not pleased not to have compassion, after all, arrived, but the fireworks disturbed, refused to become both good and bad easily winking and color of infatuation lake people. Choose a Moonlit Night, sweet heart, shallow dream. Capture a ray of sunshine at your fingertips dance, that a warm breath of fun, a gorgeous twinkling of an eye wrinkle mood. Once, the other side of time, a tree that tree flowers bright, brilliant blooming, maybe all the good that is to wait for a grand colorful met. Month soft water, soft water moon. A ride the storm, with a ride landscape, not busy I, only fleeting warm, rest assured fly, accompanied by heating. A peek into the rain awakened the slumbering landscape vegetation, has awakened memories of past lives. The rain beat the sound of broken jade stone, such as a Zen sound, and if the fresh air, slowly into the quiet heart of the lake. Misty rain, you elegant figure wading. During leisure, always wanted to twist a clear charge to head Dai teaser, play a cordial smile, then laugh Allure. Should the can and would like to use the Jiangnan misty rain soaked Banzhan Chrysanthemum, write a prosperous marriage, take a trip to the end of time; Should you can, please allow me to read a persistent, spring waiting for you, waiting for you to hold me. Say five hundred years before Buddha bowed down to rub shoulders in exchange, that smile is eternal; life is past and continues; beautiful mountains and water. Think through the corridor of the season, able to precipitate into a beautiful smile. In the plume of incense and roll poetry in Qing Yin shallow sing in a toast with the drink, it is enough to warm the rest of his life. I just want to cut photos of life, taken under your smile; I just want Homecoming where you write into eternity. Until one day, we are getting older, offer of each character will be wearing in the past silhouette. Past that mark, in the heart of the Margaret emanation April day Huiyin pen. Rainy night listening to wind and rain lingering; clear night looking for a glimpse of the lights dim. Every trace of air flowing into all due love fragrance issued, joy
Date: May 14 2017 09:33 pm [Report This]
Title: Lothlórien At Last Reviewer: Radka Signed
Yipee another great chapter :)
Date: Nov 23 2007 05:49 am [Report This]
Title: Wrath of Caradhras Reviewer: Radka Signed
Hey it seems to me that you are not going to continue till I review-hey ofcourse we are all curious what will happen next-who would not be?
Date: Nov 15 2007 06:23 am [Report This]
Title: Pursuit and Escape Reviewer: Radka Signed
eeeeek. this is SOOO ugly from you!!! Really . I understand that you could be a busy person, so you do not have time to post more frequently, but cant you post just a little more quickly? This is soooo sooo sooo unnerving. Pleeease when you write such a great story , could you be a little more nice on us, your poor readers? ')
No, now honestly- your story is really great, please stop murdering me AND POST ANOTHER CHAPTER :)))

Author's Response: Chapter 7 is currently being beta-ed. I hope to post it on Friday, maybe Saturday. :)
Date: Sep 18 2007 12:32 pm [Report This]
Title: Elrondion No More Reviewer: Radka Signed
Aaaargh. This is horrible!!!! I think I am going to sank into mercifull unconsciousness. I am not talking with you. No,no do not try to beg for pardon,I am not going to forgive you!
(or better I am not going to forgive you till you will post another chapter. Than I will love you again:)))
Please post as quick as you can.
This story is really cool. :)

Author's Response: New chapter is being beta-ed at this moment. :) Your waiting is nearly over.
Date: Jun 11 2007 09:32 am [Report This]
Title: Peculiar Incidents Reviewer: Radka Signed
Heeey!Come on! Stop torturing us,your poor readers, AND POST ANOTHER CHAPTER.Pleeeeeease

Author's Response: Trying, trying. :) I'm still stuck.
Date: May 09 2007 06:32 am [Report This]
Title: Undeserved Punishments Reviewer: Radka Signed
wow-Elrond beating Aragorn-that is unbelievable!Please write quickly another chapter,because this is really interesting
Date: May 05 2007 12:58 am [Report This]
Title: Undeserved Punishments Reviewer: Raine Signed
No no no no no no no!!! YOU WILL UPDATE NOW!!! I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE AUTHOR'S NOTES!!! Egh... Please?!? Is he controlled by the Palantir or something!?! This will get on my nerves ALL night... eggh...

IN exchange for my burning anger, could you PLEASE review my story... and I could come at you with my arrows instead of my daggers??? Egh... now you're forcing me to check those sites out. Don't say your not. You are. Yes. I'm right. Stop arguing. I heard that.
I have to add this to my favorites now....
In my years of lotr fanfiction the angst in this is the incredible stuff in which I love, I dub this the best story I've ever read.
Great job...
*Adds to favorites*

Author's Response: *grin* I'll be updating next week. Recently, my computer went down, and I lost my new chapter. Only yesterday did I get it fixed. Glad you liked it. :-) ~Calenlass
Date: Apr 25 2007 05:21 pm [Report This]
Title: Confused Without a Doubt Reviewer: Raine Signed
0_o... odd... evil Elrond... hmm.... intriguing... this is really interesting. You're sparking my need-to-write spark... (No, I won't steal anything...) But the emotion in this is incredible. Excellent job, once again, and keep writing!
Date: Apr 25 2007 05:14 pm [Report This]
Title: Peculiar Incidents Reviewer: Raine Signed
Oooh... I like this so far. I just updated my estel/legolas fic but this is really amazing... I can't wait to see what happens next! Excellent work...
Date: Apr 25 2007 05:10 pm [Report This]
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