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Title: Saving the World Through Stuffed Animals and Piracy Reviewer: Freya Byron Signed
Here's another one I had recently:

I was walking down the street with my Mum when we saw some people selling large paper bags with Frodo's head printed on the sides. It said something like "stay green". A disembodied voice told me that it was a fundraiser sort of thing for the Green Party (a political party in Canada). I pointed it out to my Mum and said jokingly that we could get one. She said no, it would ruin the story to buy stuff like that. I didn't wanr one anyway, because I figured you would look pretty weird walking around wearing a paper bag with frodo's head printed on it. The picture was crappy quality, anyway. My Mum was just saying that my Aunt had bought one for my cousin, when I woke up.
Date: Apr 30 2008 07:34 pm [Report This]
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