Reviews For A Family Affair
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Reviewer: Charli800 Signed [Report This]
Date: 21/11/08 - 06:35 am Title: Winter, 1422, Pelargir

Ooh, that was quite violent, in its implied way. It's a very pragmatic view of the elves, which very few authors seem to manage. Nitpick: your opening line is very confusing. If you're trying to sound formal it isn't working, but equally possibly you missed it when proof reading.
I liked this approach.

Happy writing,

Reviewer: Ria Signed [Report This]
Date: 08/07/07 - 03:57 pm Title: Winter, 1422, Pelargir

Strong stuff! It's a compelling dramatization of the way monarchy politicizes family ties and decisions. I also liked the symbolic connection of her with Osgiliath -- rather darkly ironic.

Author's Response: Thanks, Ria! Glad the dynastic issues worked well for you, and also that the Osgiliath-Sorrian connection played well. Thanks for reading! Dwim

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