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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Michelle Signed
Found it again: For Istari White, check out this link and then visit your trusty supermarket and ask for it:)

Author's Response: Ooh, I want it.
Date: Jul 14 2007 03:23 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Michelle Signed
ROFTL, I always thought most of the stuff the characters are wearing in LOTR is MOST impractical - especially the wizards and the elves. All those hems and long sleeves, they just beg you to dip them in the food you meant to eat. That's probably why they're all immortal. It takes a few lifetimes to managed clothing like that elegantly!

Oh, and do you know the "Istari White" comic? Fits your ficlet perfectly...

Author's Response: I agree! I love long, flowing outfits myself, but as a rather clumsy person, I just don't have the time to check my every move for my hem. I don't know "Istari White" -- I'll check it out.

Author's Response: Oh, and it did seem suspicious that the Istari whose color would be difficult to keep dyed in wool were the ones that disappeared.
Date: Jul 14 2007 12:33 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Elaura Signed
Nice explanation! I'll bet they ended up in Asia and just liked it so much they never left. I'd probably stay in Okinawa, if I could manage to learn Japanese . . . but I just can't wrap my brain around it. Good story!

Author's Response: Nihongo wa muzukashi desu yo. (And that's about all the Japanese I have, apologies if it's misspelled.) Tolkien was so comfortable himself in Western Europe, he probably just couldn't admit that they liked it better in the East.
Date: Jul 14 2007 03:44 am [Report This]
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