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Title: Sweet Parting Reviewer: Larien Fefalas Signed
FG- this is an AWESOME story. I don't know anyone else who can downshift and use such an excellent vocabulary like yourself. There are so many more compliments that i want to give you on For Forever, but i'm going to skip those and go right on to the criticisims , because they're the most important. If i were you, i would add a little more on the growing of Tulli and Legolas's friendship, and their falling in love, because i felt that you skipped that entire part in the story. i would also put a little more of Tulli's opinions of Legs in because you go from her thinking he's a spoiled brat, to her loving him. Also, there are a few gramatical errors, but who cares? (you know i'm a freak with that stuff) If you were going to add another chapter, i might include Legs leaving Tulli, and maybe a child? but what do i know, right? anyway, AWESOME JOB!!!!! keep writing...

Author's Response: Thanks, Larien :-Drnlol, just foget about the where and were stuf, its a habit i cant get out of O:-) I wanted to move along in the story, so I skipped a long time, mabye i should add more...rnand bye the way, u hit the nail on the head with ur predictions (shhh)
Date: Oct 02 2007 01:25 pm [Report This]
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