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Title: Sun Star Reviewer: jolin Signed
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Date: Apr 14 2016 01:13 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 5: Of Cures and Competitions Reviewer: Haldirolorien Signed
Very Good! I look forward to eading other chapters.
Date: Feb 27 2008 02:07 pm [Report This]
Title: Sun Star Reviewer: Karlmir Stonewain Signed
I found this to be a most charming tale, very well written. The roasted parsnip pie is probably good when eaten hot with butter, or cold with whipped cream.

Author's Response: Karlmir!rnrn I'm so happy that you liked it! There is more to the story that I will be posting soon. I had a great deal of fun dreaming up recipes that sounded delicious and rather Hobbit-like! The roast parsnip pie with whipped cream! I hadn't thought of that, but it does sound good! Hmmm! Thanks for reading!! rnrnY.
Date: Feb 15 2008 12:01 am [Report This]
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