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Title: 8. Avalanche! Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
I love your interaction in this chapter. Great stuff! d:-)
[ If you really want my opinion on vampires, werewolves etc; there were vampires and werewolves in Tolkien, and I for one would like to read a Thuringwethil fic. But I find that the more a Tolkien fanfic veers from canon the less enjoyable it is. My favorite stories always stick very close to canon - in my opinion even the slash ones do. But Ann Rice style vampires and werewolves with a full-moon problem cause my interest to drop off the planet, since they're very un-Tolkien and the less Tolkien a fic is the less I want to read it. I don't think Middle-earth needs things that were not in it, if Tolkien didn't write a '' race '' in they didn't need to be written, so to speak. Werewolves were fell spirits Morgoth tarpped within the bodies of beasts. As for Thuringwethil, I have always seen her as looking more Nosferatu than some gorgeous white skinned, blood-lipped thing, but I could probably go with that as it would be quite interesting. [ I don't see the '' servants of the enemy '' as being buff and beautiful, since the orcs and balrogs were not, and neither were trolls] In Middle-earth evil usually equals ugly. But making Thuringwethil a beautiful creature would be intriguing, and would interest me. However; write what you like. You should always write for yourself, not for an audience, or it wouldn't be fun, that would be more like being a journalist. >.

Author's Response: :D Glad you like the interaction! I know, I know, but I don't see much point in writing something no-one will like, rnbecause I can just toy with it myself until I get bored of it, without bothering to write it down. Yeah, the full moon thingrnisn't that interesting, and most supernatural authors I read ignore that. Technically I wouldn't be veering fromrncanon as it would be post-war, but hmm...I'll still need to think about it. :D Thanks for reviewing!
Date: Jan 12 2008 08:12 am [Report This]
Title: 7. The stables Reviewer: Lira_of_Imladris Signed
It's been ages since you updated this mellon nin, i don't even know why i'm reading it, i suppose i'm just bored . . . just because i liked you back then doesn't mean . . . oh sorry, singing at the moment, good HANNAH MONTANA song. ^L^ Talk to ya laterz - Li

Author's Response: Good news, an update's coming VERY soon. Uh...ok...nice to know you read my fics when you're bored :S rnYa, talk laterz!
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Title: 7. The stables Reviewer: Henoluin_Elsilim Signed
Awww, so sweet. The thought of Elrond holding puppies is just adorable! Sorry it took me so long to read/review.

Author's Response: Don't worry about it. Where have you been, I've been worried about you :) Yeah, elves and puppies, triple cuteness!
Date: Jan 10 2008 05:27 pm [Report This]
Title: 7. The stables Reviewer: Lira_of_Imladris Signed
My mums going to get me choclate but i'll have some of yours if ya giv it to me ^_^ There must be something wrong, you didnt ask a question this time, i'l send Elrond after you, he migt figure out what's wrong. Talk to ya soon - Li

Author's Response: *Quickly pushes chocolate into your hands and runs from Elrond* Nothing wrong with me, I was just tired and I rnforgot to think of a question. I may think of one for the next chapter...Hmm...
Date: Dec 21 2007 04:20 pm [Report This]
Title: 7. The stables Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
I really enjoyed this! I love the dialogue and that flashback, - I like flashbacks, and how they show different insights into people - and the characterization. I'm glad you found time to update this. keep going! Happy Yule!

Author's Response: Yeah, flashbacks are incredibly who doesn't love ickle elflings? Happy Yule!
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Title: 6. An oath of revenge, a dead drunk and hot tea Reviewer: Lira_of_Imladris Signed
Not sure who Nymph should be assosciated with but i'm gonna be weird and say Elladan and i don't know why. I miss ya lotz, stuck at my grandparents' house and there's this dark aura in my grandads study but a recent event explains why, he carked it on Saturday night so im staying in NZ for another week and a half, that's why i haven't been posting and i can't get into my emails either so i can't write to you. Hope to talk to ya soon - Li

Author's Response: *Gasps* *Huggles* You poor thing! And so close to Christmas! My great-gran died the day after Boxing Day, so I knowrnhow you feel!rnAw, I miss you loads too, things aren't the same without you bouncing around (Figuritivly)rnLOL, naturally, choose the one person who all the clues DON'T point to. Who knows, will you be right?
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Title: 6. An oath of revenge, a dead drunk and hot tea Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
I don't know about the pairings, as I'm not good with het, I always want tp pair guys with guys.
( Dark Elf bitch sounds interesting, some-one who gets called a bitch is usually good writing material, lol, d;-).) But I reviewed to say that I like your writing, your dialogue, and the way it flows and I'm glad you've got a new chapter up. Sorry you are overloaded with work. Hope you can chill a bit at Christmas any-way.

Author's Response: I know, I have an M/M pairing in mind (Het relationships just appeared in this series) but this isn't really a slash thing...rnI may include it anyway thougn ^_^rnWell, hopefully she WILL be interesting... but that is unfortunately another story.rnAw, thanks *Hugs*rnChill? Oh no problem, I'll just go stand outside in the cold, LOL. Seriously, it is freezing over here, and with the amountrnof revision our teachers are setting us chilling is gonna be hard...bring on the summer! (After the exams!)rnThanks for reviewing!
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Title: 6. An oath of revenge, a dead drunk and hot tea Reviewer: Henoluin_Elsilim Signed
Lol, I love the title of this chapter. Totally random, yet it makes sense too.
Uhm... I have no idea who she will end up with (Legolas maybe? His brother would have to kill him for that), but as for who I want her to end up with... that would be Libren. I mean, he is so obviously in love with her.
*holds out hands for both cookies and chocolate snowman* ;D

Author's Response: LOL, he couldn't be any more obviously in love with her if he suddenly went down on one knee with a rose serenadingrnher!rnlol, the theory about 'Las is incorrect...but it would be amusing to watch Libren kill Legolas. :O I am evilly mean!rn*Hands over cookies and chocolate snowman* I really REALLY need to make some of these biscuits ;'(
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Title: 5. Legolas' accident Reviewer: Lira_of_Imladris Signed
WOAH!!!! Well, u already know one OC that i'd like dead coz he's evil and he hurt my Ro and Dan. I don't really know which of your good OCs i don't like, maybe Libren but i'm not really sure. I'll read some of The Black Rose again and i'll answer the question properly. Talk to ya soon - Li

Author's Response: Mwhaha, I am evil, aren't I. Yep, I know you hate Marko's guts. *Puppy eyes* Please answer the question asap, my plot bunnies are dying!
Date: Nov 26 2007 01:07 pm [Report This]
Title: 5. Legolas' accident Reviewer: Henoluin_Elsilim Signed
Heh, Legolas is allways getting into troule like this! Poor guy! He's gonna have fun with this one... accidently killing a guy..
And as for which of your OC's should die...
As much as I would LOVE one of those double chocolate chip cookies, and I'm afraid I can't answer. I love all your OC's (excpet Marko of course) and it would make me sad if any of them died. So I guess a regular cyber cookie will have to do for me. ;)

Author's Response: lol, poor 'Las, the things I put him through...rn*Sighs* *Gives you half a double choc chip cookie for being the lucky 13th reviewer and a normal cookie* You love them all huh? The plot bunnies love you ¬_¬ But one will die! ^_^ rn
Date: Nov 26 2007 11:56 am [Report This]
Title: 5. Legolas' accident Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Good, I have often wanted to see an obnoxious drunk get killed ;). Too short, but good, and a good way to end it.
Oddly, I have been musing on a futre plot to kill a character, and unfortunately, it nearly always is true that the one you and every-one like's the most, works best for a story. :( It's sad, but it's always more poignant than killing some-one who really deserves it. Although that is satisfying too of course. But for drama and angst and tears: the one people like should die . The person who least deserves it, and no-one wants to see go. :( That always gets me sniffing in stories and thinking '' Nooo! ''.

Author's Response: XD Sorry about the shortness! *Hands over virtual cookie* rnHm...I sorta had a plan, but it's falling through because I planned to make everyone love a character and then kill them but at the moment they seem to be a background character...rnThanks for the review!
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Title: 4. Marked Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Gemini_Elf. here is no excuse for people to hurl insults at this, in my opinion. '' Literary Critics '' rubbished Tolkien, remember? He was flatly told the Silmarillion would never be published, he became very depressed about it, since it was his '' Life work '', more that LOTR. If people give you '' constructive criticism '' that is helpful, although that should be given as a teacher would, if they looked through a paper. Do not get upset. Even '' real '' critics, in the end , are voicing their own opinons. Once I read what some said of Tolkien, I decided none were worth listening to. I do not see what the problem is. It reads well, which is always what I look for. What do they want? Toynbee? Don't worry, I have had agent's tell me my writing lacked depth, when I was 21, and was so mortified I curled up in a ball of shame. Ever after, I tried to concentrate on that, and I don't know if I have suceeded even so many years later. Each time you write, you are growing in vocabulary, and fluidity and in skill, remember that. Don't stop or be put off. Writing should be enjoyable, and something we love doing. Keep going. :)

Author's Response: XD Thanks dudette! Depression passed and now I'm mildly better (Most of the rest of my life remains cr**) I decided to carry this on...I FF's a central part of my life. I CAN'T give it up anymore than I could chop off my right hand (My writing hand) *Hugs* Thanks for your support!
Date: Nov 20 2007 08:32 am [Report This]
Title: 4. Marked Reviewer: Henoluin_Elsilim Signed
OMG. I cannot believe that! those 'police' are insane! I love it! Don't listen to them Gemini!

Author's Response: Well, I'll definitly keep posting here! Trufully, I love the fic too much to give it up! *Hands over another virtual cookie*
Date: Nov 19 2007 01:37 pm [Report This]
Title: 4. Marked Reviewer: Lira_of_Imladris Signed
THIS IS NOT RUBBISH!!!! I've already told you! Please keep writing this mellon nin, i wanna see what Elrond has to say about the brands. Marko's evil, he dies, he can't live, if you let him live then i'll kill him. He doesn't harm my boys and gets away with it! Nobody does! *glares evilly* Except in fanfic coz it's not true, that completely defies what i just said. Talk to ya soon - Li

Author's Response: Heh heh, I forgot to give you a virtual cookie last time *Hands over two* lol, baying for Marko's blood ALREADY!? Hmm...Not ENITRELY sure what Elrond will say about the brands...could be interesting to write!
Date: Nov 19 2007 01:16 pm [Report This]
Title: 3. Erech Reviewer: Henoluin_Elsilim Signed
ooo! I want a virtual cookie!!! lol. Love the thing about Legolas' eyes + mortal woman = Mortal woman melting! Its probably true. If Legolas looked at me, I would SO melt! XD good chapter, post more soon!

Author's Response: *Hands over virtual cookie* lol. Enjoy! ^_^ lol, if 'Las looked into my eyes, I think you'd notice a little trickle of drool coming out of my mouth (Eiw!)
Date: Nov 13 2007 02:37 pm [Report This]
Title: 3. Erech Reviewer: Lira_of_Imladris Signed
Well somebody woke up on the demanding side of the bed this morning. Hope Dan & Ro are alright. Couldn't care less bout Estel LOL, no love for the human kid, i like Aragorn though. Anyway, this was a good chapter but a few mistakes, talk to ya laterz - Li

Author's Response: lol, he's drunk actually ;) lol, more twins and Estel next chapter...and they get hurt! *Squeals*
Date: Nov 13 2007 12:20 pm [Report This]
Title: 2. Painful awakening Reviewer: Fishpaste Signed
Ooo, a cliffie. pleaseeeeeeeee update soon i want to know whats going to happen! sorry for the spelling mistakes in my reply to your review, i was asleep on my feet.
Elves as werewolves, that is entirly possible-i often wondered about
i love the beggining of your story, its ace. poor libren no one loves him.
love the story please update soon.

Author's Response: lol, update comes next week. I'm sorry, but I'm SUCH a slow writer...and I should actually be writing this now...rnHow'd you know about the werewolf nightmare...? lol. I didn't post that anywhere...I think...or did I? Or are you secretly one of my mates who claim they hate LOTR? lolrnLibren is loved...just Nymph has this duty thing.rnlol, thanks very much and I'll update sometime next week!
Date: Nov 09 2007 03:01 pm [Report This]
Title: 2. Painful awakening Reviewer: Henoluin_Elsilim Signed
oooo slave traders. Hehe. Did Tarrin make it? Will help come? *plays drmatic music* I hope so, but dont let them get saved to soon! :D

Author's Response: Yeah, Tarrin made it last chapter ^_^ The time-line is majorlly messed up! Help will come...eventually. *Poses to dramatic music* Don't worry, this fic will drag on for a while before they are "saved" XD Thanks for reviewing!
Date: Nov 06 2007 02:46 pm [Report This]
Title: 2. Painful awakening Reviewer: Lira_of_Imladris Signed
This is a good chapter. I can't wait to read more, the suspense of waiting is ripping me apart. Oh wait, that's an orc, ****!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Gotta go, cya - Li

Author's Response: lol, the suspense, the suspense! lol, run Lira run!
Date: Nov 06 2007 01:42 pm [Report This]
Title: 1, Broken Hearts Reviewer: BookLuva7 Signed
*thumbs up* Good job! :D

Author's Response: Thanks hunni *Hugs* Good job beta-ing!
Date: Oct 30 2007 11:31 pm [Report This]
Title: 1, Broken Hearts Reviewer: Lira_of_Imladris Signed
This is good and i can't wait to read more. Happy New Year too!!! Hope to hear from you soon - Li

Author's Response: XD Next update will be in a week! Glad you enjoyed it!
Date: Oct 30 2007 09:32 pm [Report This]
Title: 1, Broken Hearts Reviewer: Henoluin_Elsilim Signed
Aw poor Libren! I hate it when elves get their hearts broken. But it does make it all so much more interesting. I loved the story 'the Black Rose' and I can't wait for more of this one! :)

Author's Response: Yes, mwhaha, I'm evil. But Nymph has a point. Still, poor Libren *Huggles him* Update coming next week!
Date: Oct 30 2007 05:23 pm [Report This]
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