Reviews For Breaking Boundries
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Title: Chapter 7 Reviewer: Eruwadhiel Signed
Cute story. If you are still looking for ideas, why don't you just continue with the Fellowship, maybe have Eowyn figure out her little secret and they help each other as Eowyn rides with the army to Gondor?

Just a thought.
Date: Apr 23 2008 06:35 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 7 Reviewer: Wyn Telemnar Signed
It's s-c-a-b-b-a-r-d. Think scab-bard. Somtimes I think I have a learning disability; ( i know somone w/ bipolar disorder, and she is persuring a carrer as a writer too, she's a single mom too!) my mom says the only way to get past this is to learn to type as fast as you think. It's not impossible, it just takes practice.(this comes from someone who types w/2 fingers) I think you story is great! I can't wait to read the next up-date. Keep it comeing! :)
Date: Dec 09 2005 09:33 am [Report This]
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