Reviews For Sent Unto Men
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Title: Sent Unto Men Reviewer: silmarlfan1 Signed
nice under tones. it is the story of the Christmas star, right?
Date: 02/03/11 - 05:23 am [Report This]
Title: Sent Unto Men Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Wow! Beautiful and how strange, because before Christmas I was wondering how a story could be written having Eärendil as the Star heralding the birth of Christ. The reference to Finarfin's son, is that from Atrabeth Finrod a Andreth? There was a suggestion there that Men would actually be the means by which Eru could enter Arda. Only Eru was strong enough to counteract all Melkor's evils, but could not Himself enter his Making in all his power without destroying it? Finrod saw that this redemption would come to pass through Men and also heal Men's past when they turned from listening to the first Voice to Melkor's? I must admit Atrabeth is one of the most fascinating and deep chapters of HoME that I have read, prophetic and hopeful and yet so sorrowful also. Thankyou for that, wrote what I have been thinking about these past couple of weeks!
Date: 31/12/07 - 03:48 am [Report This]
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