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Title: On to the Rant Reviewer: Nieriel Raina Anonymous
reading through this and your review replies, I see you use one of the WORST and inaccurate sites for elven names. is really BAD for elvish. Not only is it usually inaccurate, but she often intermixes Sindarin and Quenya together and she never tells you which is which. so when it comes to names for story characters, it is as bad as using a name generator. Stories set in the Third Age should have characters with Sindarin names. I originally got my pen name from arwen-undomiel and ugh, wish I wasn't stuck with the nonsense now. Nieriel works, but Raina is simply NOT what my middle name means. I've had to go back and change many of my characters' names as well since they were all incorrect. I would also recommend avoiding as it also has a ton of errors in the names and in the phrases. It's not really a good site for learning elvish or canon fact either as the owner is highly opinionated and pushes her opinion as fact.

The best site for naming is Darth Fingon's. Here is the Sindarin name list. It requires some assembly but it's completely accurate. I don't use anything else for names now a days. Darth is brilliant!

When it comes to choosing an elven name, if your name doesn't easily translate to something elvish, then I recommend taking an espesse. Elves often had several names, not just the name given to them at their birth. So why not take on a name that fits your personality or some major point in your life instead of just trying to translate a name to elvish? If I wasn't stuck with my pen name already, that is what i would do. :)
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Title: On to the Rant Reviewer: pippinmahboi Signed
I know what you mean. When I write rants or drabbles I think no-one will read them, but they do, which surprises me no end. Anyway I liked this as it shows more about you. Could you do me a favour? Please tell me where I can translate my name (not my pen-name, my real name) into Elvish and/or the Common Tongue? I cannot tell you my real name as it is TOP SECRET! *Looks around nervously.* Well thank you for writing this, it was very interesting to read.

Author's Response: Well, I used which I think is quite good :) Hope that works for you, as they don't have all names available, just a list. I had to use my middle name (did I say that in the rant? I wrote it a while ago). Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!
Date: 31/12/08 - 08:09 am [Report This]
Title: On to the Rant Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
I wouldn't really trust a name generator unless it was by Ardalambion or I tend to use the latter to find names for characters, but I have no idea what mine is, it would have to be translated into English first then into Elvish I suppose. When LOTR first came out a lot of people were finding really bad name generators which used Grelvish and were squeeing! about their names, which meant absolutely nothing in Sindarin or Quenyan. Which one to you use? I wouldn't use mine in a story as it's too self-insert-y, and I rarely write females anyway But my nephews and nieces would think it great if I wrote their birthdays cards with Elvish names, so would my sister come to that. And if my partner's was nice enough he could use it on LOTRO. He's asked me to find about 4 names for that so far. >.

Author's Response: I use, and from the main page, Elvish, and then Elvish names. Its not a generator, thats why I have trouble finding a lot of names probably. But, I just dont trust generators and the way its done on that site seems pretty good. They do it by taking the name meaning of the English version and then finding the Elvish word for it, and then changing it to a name. Something like that, anyway I like that site the best for names. Thanks for the review!
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Title: On to the Rant Reviewer: Lira_of_Imladris Signed
That was interesting, i can't remember what my name translates too in Elvish but if i remember i'll let you know, i'll check it now actually . . . Arthiel (Emily) but i've found another one Miluiel which i like much better, that's one reason i've nicknamed myself Miley (i'm a big fan of Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus) Anyway, this was good, thanx for sharing - Li

Author's Response: Thanks Lira, your reviews are always encouraging. Miluiel is a cool name, to be honest I would prefer that to Arthiel as well. Though I do like the name Emily. I had a friend in preschool called that. She was so nice, she gave me her Ken doll. Got a bit off subject there... thanks for the review!
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