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Title: Chapter 7 - TACKLE-GLOMP!! - Happy Valentines! Reviewer: Liliesshadow Signed
oh, the mental images you give me. my mother is giving me funny looks. ^^
Date: Feb 02 2011 09:12 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 12 - Tough choices - religion or hypothermia? Reviewer: Liliesshadow Signed
youre not continuing?
Date: May 20 2009 04:37 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 9 - Logic, Meet Your Match Reviewer: Liliesshadow Signed
OMG! this is hysterical!!
she melted...thats new...
Date: May 20 2009 04:06 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 12 - Tough choices - religion or hypothermia? Reviewer: Coraline Signed
awesome story but i wish u would post the next chapter lol
Date: Jan 30 2009 06:29 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 12 - Tough choices - religion or hypothermia? Reviewer: Red 9 Signed
considering i just read this all in one go (i have too much free time on my hands^^) i think i'll just review right at the last chapter..
this is the first OC fic i've been really really REALLY addicted to, its almost better than chocolate!!.. i didn't say that..
omg!! this is so very very funny^^! i couldn't breathe.. or see.. most of the time when i was reading cuz i was laughing soooo hard!!
i looooovvvve it!! please write more!! soon!
haha^^ love the "you know this is your baby, Legolas" bit, and the part where the Fellowship thinks Paula is in love with Boromir..(he's the homely one^^ hehe.. what's wrong with his hair??) poor guy... mobiles with his face... you been in my room or something?? there's like a mobile for every male character in it (almost... no offence, Gandalf^^)
omg!! of course Paula can have cheese toasties in Middle-Earth! here's what she should do: find a cow, milk it, stir the milk with Legolas's bow until it turns into cheese, (he'll let her if she promises him a free toastie, i'm sure), then cook it on some bread over a camp fire!! no need for stew after that.. and i'm sure it would taste ok... maybe ;)
if not, i'm sure there's some Cheetos or Wotsits or something, somewhere in M-E... i bet those hobbits have some^^
i gotta admire Aoife^^ if i was her, i would've tackle-glomped almost every member of the Fellowship (sorry, Gandalf... though maybe he'd be glad... nah), and then continued on to get the non-Fellowship ppls too^^! heh... just you wait, Faramir^^
i'm rambling... oops, i just wanted to say it's really good, and funny, and my eyes will be stuck to this screen, without blinking until you add the next chapter! well.. i might have to blink a little^^
Date: Oct 02 2008 12:25 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 12 - Tough choices - religion or hypothermia? Reviewer: EowynsPen Signed
This is awesome!!! How on earth did you think up such a hilarious story? And all so cool!!!!!
Date: Aug 13 2008 04:23 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 12 - Tough choices - religion or hypothermia? Reviewer: Talking Tree Signed
Ooh! Looky!

I DID already review this chapter!

Oh well! Ha ha!


Ha Ha!

Schwah! *poofs out*
Date: Jul 24 2008 12:34 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 12 - Tough choices - religion or hypothermia? Reviewer: Talking Tree Signed
YAY!! YOU FINALLY FINISHED THE CHAPTER!!! *joins in happy dance*

I think I've already read this chapter but still: I like it! Whoop!

And my favourite quote of the chapter?

'I’m not exactly the healthiest person you know, now, am I? I mean, traipsing up this mountain could kill me!’
Paula examined her a moment, before placing a hand on her arm.
‘That’s a chance I am willing to take.’

Haha! Classic! Lol!

Those two Irish gals most fol-ish and fook-ish! Ha ha ha!

Lotsa love and gra and meas and all that jazz . . .

Your bud,
Date: Jul 24 2008 12:29 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 12 - Tough choices - religion or hypothermia? Reviewer: Junior Signed
Ho,ho, ho, Aragorn is a bit of a cranky bitch. (me thinks he had something other than platonic with the purple elf women (i was so disgusted by her name and presence that i bored the memory out of my head so I could stop the convulsions of rage) and i think that without her he is feeling slliiiiightly sexually frustrated.
JOking, joking, i am aware that future kings and very serious ranger men with lots of names do not suffer from such temptations. (thats for boromir to deal with).
Okay, so epic grovelling apologies for late reviewing, but i am here now. :D. I read this ages ago and then had to get a train (oh god not the trains) home so didnt have time to review. But i Love it (as ever, you must get bored of me spouting that same praise every week..i dunno) and its cracking, and was worth the wait.
Interesting character developments...Aragorn is not very nice at the moment, not letting the girls socialise and generally being a cranky pants but, high five Aoife for telling him where the hell to go!!! Oh yea, that is one hell of a girl. Good on her. And, loving the Gimli input, he made me chuckle (surprisingly).
Favourite but though had to be the part with hypochondriac tendencies and the crushed diamond, it was a good insight into that little lady.
Anyway, love your work daaaaaahling *air kiss* *air kiss*.
Hope you're good!!


(ps, so got some drama back in my life (i wouldnt be able to read your fic with out the appropriate background life drama) i think i have tonsilitus, but i went to the walk in centre and they were like "Basically, despite the fact that your throat is now the diameter of a pin head because of the two boulders where your tonsils used to be, we cant give you antibiotics because you have the wrong type of tonsilitus".....gotta love them illnesses. I bet Aoife wiould have something in her bag of tricks to sort me out. hahaha.)
Date: Apr 23 2008 12:51 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 12 - Tough choices - religion or hypothermia? Reviewer: Talking Tree Signed
Ar fheabhas ar fad, ar fad mar ar gnach!
Omg! They got cloaks! Lucky! It seems almost like some unspoken initiation, doesn't it?
And oh yes, the grandour of the Joyce County Ceili Band has made an appearance! I solute you for recognising it tremendous awsomness.
I really feel sorry for poor Aragorn! I mean he seems to be the only one that realises that these two girls could quite possibly be the death of Middle Earth as we know it. He's a nice guy, all he wants is to save the world! So no disrespect to the rockin' two Irsh gals but for that reason I hope Aragorn wins this next "mind war" between him and Aoife.
And the victory might keep him off the verge of suicide.
Date: Apr 10 2008 01:41 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 11 - Love is a Many Splendid Thing . . . Generally . . . Reviewer: Junior Signed
Yaaay for updates!! And serisouly, if your muses are in fiji and you still write like this then i think mine should elope with yours. I'm so late in reveiwing. I used to be first off themark. oh well. I'm getting old.
I think we may have a bone to pick young lady.....
‘No, I mean, come on, compared to some of these guys. I mean, look at . . . Boromir,’
What on earth is that comment supposed to mean? He is beautiful. End of. hahahaha. (joking i promise- not about the beautiful part, just the fake anger)

oh my god...its like you can see into my mind...
‘You dream of his face every night . . . call his name over and over, and every night at home, you light a candle as you worship at his shrine. In your room. With his portrait everywhere. And . . . and a mobile with his face hanging over your bed, and you already have the wedding invitations monogrammed, and . . . and . . . and the children's names picked out!’
i promise im not that bad....very often...
Och the ladies are getting sad. They definately need some man hugs from boromir and Aragorn. mmmmmm.

Anyway, i have finished drooling. I love this chapter, going all serious on me, but it works. I love the way you write, mkes me jealous. :D

Love love looooovvvveeeeee this fic!


Author's Response: YAY FOR UP-DATES INDEED!! Well, your muses are certainly welcome to join mine in Fiji. I just hope they don't start fighting over Boromir. You never know, with muses. Even though I harbour no great attraction to Boromir, my muses, like . . . might . . . *coughcoughsubjectchange*
Oh, you're fine. Hey, ya got here in the end! That's a pretty great undertaking, in my opinion.
Oh . . . oh my goodness . . . I didn't mean it!! I swear!! MERCY!!! MERCY!!! *falls to knees hands outstretched in a plea for forgiveness before beginning to sing Duffy*
I just don't think Paula has taste. Truly. Really. Uh-huh. *nods nervously*
Lyk, ZOMG!! He he. Scary. Well, in that case, might I offer some naming advice? Hmm, well . . . Bory, of course, Boromir Junior (ha! It's like an amalgamation of both! Squee!) Boromina, Junomor, and Gondoressa. Me likey. Me likey much.
Aww!! Thanks again! Seriously, you guys are making me cry!! No, really! . . . oh, wait. Sorry, just found Haldir chopping onions under my desk. False alarm. Back to the review.
Aw, Junior! That's so sweet!! *glomps Junior*
Enigma xxx
Date: Mar 23 2008 01:56 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 11 - Love is a Many Splendid Thing . . . Generally . . . Reviewer: Talking Tree Signed
...*sob* *sob* ..just so... so touching!...*dab at eyes* *sniff* ..friendship... *blink* ..CHEESE TOASTIES! ...Its just so touching
For having no particular plot and being a bunch of random happenings, that was damn frick'n good!
I loved Paula'a "confession" of her love for old Bory ('cause lets face it he is generally unloved - well apart from Junior that is!) The insult fight (or the Bithchin' Match as I like to call it!) was really funny.
And they're all missing home! Aww bless'em! And at least one of the girls has some buds in the Fellowship!
You're rockin' as always! And your welcome for all the jazz and thanks for the acknowledgements! Its nice to feel appreciated!
The one, the only, the -Ooh! Shiney! *chases shiney* the easily-disracted Tree

Author's Response: I know. I don't even want to know how many packets of Kleenex I went through. Ah well. I must be e-mo . . . ; )
Why, thank you! The next chapter might actually have a plot. SHOCK HORROR GASP!! Enigma has a plot? What an unfathomably terrifying idea!
Well, as Aoife has already stated *tut tut* apparently one just isn't good enough for her. Well, his generally unloved state is balanced, I do believe by Junior's unconditional love. Kudos to that girl.
yes, those girls do really let fly sometimes, don't they? Ah well. They love each other really. But that's not what it implies! He he.
Yep, getting a tad homesick, there. Oh well, all will be explained to them soon . . .
Oh God. That just made ME sound like a Sue, right? Sorry folks.
Awww! Thanks chic! Seriously, without all of you guys' proclaimations of love and encouragement, I'd . . . I'd . . . I don't know. Join my muses and sanity in Fiji probably. ; ) But as I love you guys too, I think I'll remain where I am. And you are very welcome, Tree. Lord knows you deserve it.
Tag-line went a bit hay-wire, there, didn't it? Oh well. *hoicks Tree back by the collar*
The one,
The only,
The mildly insanely lovable
Enigma xxx
Date: Mar 21 2008 03:42 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 11 - Love is a Many Splendid Thing . . . Generally . . . Reviewer: Karlmir Stonewain Signed
Well, I certainly hope Paula finds a bag of Cheesie-Poofs before she goes bonkers.

Author's Response: Then you and I hope alike, my friend. We hope alike. Except that if I was to give Paula cheese-poofs, she'd probably tackle glomp the bag, and scoff the lot, getting very hyper on the high salt and sugar content, and then be possibly more bonkers.
However, it appears to be a risk we're both willing to take.
Thanks for the review, my like-minded friend!
Enigma xxx
Date: Mar 19 2008 04:51 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 10 - The Perfect Blend of Humiliation and Comedy Reviewer: Nazgrrl Signed
Oh I love this chappie so much, I had to go back and re-read it!

Author's Response: Seriously?? Awww!!! I FEEL SO LOVED!! I'm so glad you're likin' it, especially as I was ready to murder this chapter if it had taken human form . . . odd as that sounds. Thanks a bunch, hon!
Enigma xxx
Date: Mar 19 2008 02:44 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 10 - The Perfect Blend of Humiliation and Comedy Reviewer: Karlmir Stonewain Signed
You seemed to ramble a bit, but really hit your stride by Chapter 7. I especially enjoyed Aoife's analysis of the Sue and her eventual liquidation. Your use of the girls' school locker as a portal to Middle Earth was an interesting twist on C.S. Lewis' wardrobe portal to Narnia. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Ha ha, yes, I do quite ramble on a fair bit, don't I? I did like chapter 7 myself, and think the whole thing went better from then on. Why thank you! I liked Aoife's little speech too, and Paula's Sue-slaying abilities. OH!!! That's so cool!! I never even thought of that!! I just wanted them to get to Middle Earth without having to hit their heads extremely hard (even though . . . that happened anyway . . .) and get them there without their whole portal being terrible and gruesomely cliched. That is so cool!! It's crazy how this little subconscious of mine works.
Thank you so much for the awesome review! It totally made my day! *beams and happy dances* As soon as my inspiration (read: chocolate) returns, I will have the next chappie up. Thanks again!!!
Enigma xxx
Date: Mar 14 2008 04:18 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 10 - The Perfect Blend of Humiliation and Comedy Reviewer: Nazgrrl Signed
Yeah! Cake is always good!

This was hilarious!!

Author's Response: I second that! Cake is always good!
And I am glad you found it so! I loved this one myself!!
KIU?? Well, there you have me. What is it? It sounds interesting. Possibly edible. *licks lips*
Thanks again!
Enigma xxx
Date: Mar 12 2008 08:10 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 9 - Logic, Meet Your Match Reviewer: Nazgrrl Signed
I got the Les Mis reference! Heehee. I like Boromir. =)

To continue the intriguing conversation a couple of weeks back, all of those words were ones I knew ( don't use, but . . .) the difficulty is something called ** glomping** and from the sounds of it, I don't want to know.

Keep it up!

Author's Response: YAY!!! SOMEONE ACTUALLY GOT IT!! *does the happy dance in a public place, dispite humiliation* I'm likin' Boromir too. *sticks out tongue at Tree*
Ah, yes, our little conversation. Wow, that's pretty cool! I didn't know Irish swearing had become international! Awesome!
AH!! Tackle-glomping, and glomping. Riiiiiight. Well, quite simply, I believe tackle-glomping is defined as attacking someone with a hug. Quite innocent, really. Except when Aoife and Paula use it. ;)
So there you have it! Glomping is all good. Quite an awesome word, too.
Why, thank you once again, and I plan to!
Enigma xxx
Date: Mar 12 2008 08:04 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 10 - The Perfect Blend of Humiliation and Comedy Reviewer: Talking Tree Signed
AGH! CAKE! *tackles birthday cake*

I mean... ahem *wipes slodges of cake off face* yes, a very amusing chapter it was indeed! *licks fingers*

Really, do I even have to say what my favourite part was? Meh, I'll tell ya anyway!

Why are you doing this, Legolas? You Know this is your baby!

An absolute classic. Kudos to you. (Well some of the kudos anyway, And you know yourself why!) I do kinda feel sorry for oulde Borry. (Hey, that rhymes! Cool!) Its not really his fault that he's the guy you love to hate. Hang on, it is! Feck you, Boromir!

And total randomness; Peppy thinks Andrew Trimble is hot so ha! In yo face!

Luv ya hon,
the one, the only, the never modest,
the Tree XxX

Author's Response: Yes, well . . . now that you have finished with the feral animalisms, there, Tree . . .
Well, I am most certainly glad you thought so! . . . if you're quite finished, now, dear . . .
Ahhh, yes. I'm quite lovin' that moment myself.
EXCUSE YOU?? I believe much of the kudos for THAT particular line is due to ME. but I do get you. I just can't remember why. You do have your (occasional) flashes of brilliance, Tree. Very occasional.
BORRY?? You can't call him Borry. It just doesn't work. *snorts* Borry. Wait a minute . . . it does!! ZOMG, SCARY!!
Aww, no! Junior likes Borry. I like Borry. Borry's not that bad.
Well, love ya too, you little irritatingly brace-less one,
The one,
The only,
The becoming repetitive,
Enigma xxx
Date: Mar 11 2008 01:20 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 10 - The Perfect Blend of Humiliation and Comedy Reviewer: Junior Signed
HAHAHAH!! Oh my god! that was a beautifully exectued plan. Go Paula and Aoife!!! And watch and learn Fellowship, mess with non sues, and by valar you will regret it!! I only hope they get into enough messes to claim they are having the illegitemate children of each member of the fellowship. Mwahahaha!! Aww and bless Aragorn for believing them!! Yaay!!
‘I hate you,’ was on the tip of Aragorn’s tongue
Bwahahahaaaa i did a giggle.
ooof sexy authoratitive boromir..mmmmmmmm

Dont do what donny dont does!!! hahaha!!

Love this, as ever. but you know, you could write 3 words and i would love it. I think the drama of my life is over for now. I mean, i do have a normal life interspersed with dramatic episodes, but its just your timing, you update just after it all goes tits up, its like life is giving me a cigarette break. (read this, and then get back to fixing things/stressing about them ) haha. But my flat is a sitcom. Im pretty sure i could make my fortune by making it a series when i've run out of options. haha
Okay, i'll stop babbling!! :D


Author's Response: Oh, my goodness, I'm so late replying. Forgive me, kind lady. I was slightly dead. My mother told me that I basically no longer have an immune system from working too. Hard. Ha. I'm turning into Aoife.
Why, thank you! I just hope the Fellowship takes your plan to heart. Actually, I hope they don't, because then Aoife and Paula wouldn't be able to mess with them so easily. I do love their insanity and the Fellowships resulting confusion.
Why, enough messes . . . that is a very good idea!! Hmm . . . Though I think if Aoife tries it on Legolas one more time, he'll attack her. ;)
Yes, bless Aragorn indeed. Aww.
Well, I did think you'd enjoy that . . . I'm starting to like sexy authorative Boromir myself, though I have to wonder where Aragorn has gone . . . that used to be his place, but I think the girls have sent him into a spiral of mental illness . . . oh, my.
I KNOW!! I have NO idea where that random idea came into my head! I haven't watched the Simpsons in at least a year! Scary . . .
AWW!! And as ever, I repeat that I feel so loved!!! YAY!!! HAPPINESS!! (best birthday pressie ever)
Yes, I do have wonderfully weird timing, don't I? I always update after (or just before) extremely insane periods in my life too!! Huh, freaky!
Well, I know I'd watch it! *gasp* And you could make the episode where your toilet breaks a musical episode!! Actually, that's a pretty good idea!! Hmm . . .
rnxxx Enigma
Date: Mar 09 2008 09:29 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 9 - Logic, Meet Your Match Reviewer: Talking Tree Signed
Duidin, daidin I bloody love this thing! Really, fado fado in Eireann it must've sucked not to have this FF! Or computers for that matter.. Or TV.. Or electric kettles.. Or toilets...
Okay! Anyway! What can I say? It rocked socks! (Give it socks! lol!) That is THE best song EVER! First thing tomorrow morning, I'm going to teach it to everyone I know! And that Sue's death scene; pure legend. Kinda graphic and disgusting but I liked it! Uh-huh, I know thats right!

Can't wait for the next (undoubtly brilliant) enstallment!

Le gra,
the one,
the only,
the lej,
the Talking Tree XxX

Author's Response: RUDA DEAS A CHAILL ME!! Good to know, Tree. Yes, indeed, fado fado in Eireann, it must have sucked. No hot guys who weren't, like, farmers, or spud-lovers, either. Not that I have anything against spud lovers, not since we named Sam a lej for his dance-mix.
Ahhh, yes. "GIVE IT SOCKS, YA PUSSY!" I'm quite lovin' the song myself. I just hope the general awesomeness of it came across written down, though . . .
But Tree, I thought you loved graphic violence and horror? I thought it to be, like, your FAVOURITE thing in the world! Sometimes, Tree . . . tcha, you think you know a person . . .
Awwwwww!! Well, as this review was a far-cry from your lsat one (you fantastic hypocrite, you) I'll forgive everything.
Le gra freisin,
The one
The only
The modest (unlike Tree)
Enigma xxx
Date: Mar 03 2008 12:27 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 9 - Logic, Meet Your Match Reviewer: Junior Signed
Oh my god you have the timing of a saint, im not even kidding. I spent yesterday sorting my flat out because it got flooded by a broken toilet and when i finally sit down at my laptop, after letting my powerpack dry out, you've updated. Its fate, i am MEANT to read this story.
Hahaha, I LOVE the Boromir input, he's so hot and brooding..mmmm very nice indeed. Makes my smelly bedroom alot nicer to be in! Cracking update as ever. Absolutely loved it. I always laugh so much. Damn right you girls on removing that incestuous sue, LOVED Aoife and Paula having a go at it. Hahaha.
‘Well, if the small mortal children won’t sing for us, I would be glad to –’
‘No! Feck off!’ Paula cried, shoving the Sue off the table

Absolutely beautiful imagery, of coursethe stupid thing would have landed as gracefully as a gazelle or something ridiculous and un middle earth. The fac tthat the fellowship didnt feed them to the angry lynching mob obviously means that at on some level the boys are thankful. Im positive. :D

Anyway, made me laugh. i love this. One of my favourites. Dont let the stress get to you, just think about me watching my suede boots float downthe hall on stream of toilet water, and all your stresses will hopefully lessen. hahaha


Author's Response: My GOD, hon! Your life is so insane in these reviews! What with coughing up lungs on trains and being flooded . . . well, I suppose it never makes for a dull moment!
Huzzah for fate of this kind, then!! Yay!!! Hope your laptop wasn't, like, permanently damaged, though!
Well, the Boromir part was for you. There's more in the next chappie though. Mwa ha. And as ever, I say, 'AWW!!!' Damn that incestuous Sue indeed. Kind of ironic how Aoife tried to use logic but Paula just flung filthy water at it. Ha.
Why, cead mile maith agat! (a hundred thousand thanks) Glad you liked it, though it is sadly likely that she fell with said grace of said gazelle. *sigh* Ah well, at least she's kicked the bucket. (no pun intended, since it was pretty dire)
Hmm, you are tight, Junior. Perhaps the Fellowship was *secretly* overjoyed at the Sue-whacking. Very true. *taps nose scientifically*
Ah! I am glad. The stress shall not claim me yet, not while but a drop of Sue-defying blood thrills through my veins!
And it did lessen. God help you, your footware and your electronic good, my dear.
Enigma xxx
Date: Mar 02 2008 02:47 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 8 - War Tactics and Pink Fluff Reviewer: Junior Signed
hahaha! Ohhhh that made me very happy indeed! and ive just binged on Lisa Nova too. The Johnny Depp Kiera Knightly one is hilarious! ANY way. Back to it. Basically...

The Sue makes me laugh beyond all belief and reason. And unfortunately I cannot be a grown up about her...i just to want to pound on her a little bit. (okay, alot. but i didnt want to look like a psycho...) haha.
Paula is hilarious. screw going into middle earth i'd just like an hour to play in her head. I would never be able to laugh again and would have an incredible 6 pack fron the excessive giggling.
Your timing is so perfect. (i know im late reviewing i had to go to the pub [hahahaha had to] but i read the start of this on friday and then worked all weekend. anyway you didnt ask for my life story, just some ffedback which i will give you before i start sounding like the sue)
Love it . it could be improved somewhat with mroe boromir, but hey, what couldnt. hahah Ignore me. I fricking love this story. it makes me giggle. thankyou for updating!!!!


Author's Response: Ooh, why thank you. Lisa Nova is a genius.
Beyond all belief and reason? Oh, my! That's a new one! Yay!
Seriously, hon, do you even see those chicks trying to be grown-up? Uh-uh. Game over. Immaturity, here I come.
Ah, yes. I nick-named it 'the Paula-zone'. Well, just now, I nick-named it 'the Paula-zone'. *shrugs* Whatever. I still like it.
Ah, sure, go away out of that. Your timing is impeccable, as always. Hey, you reviewed, didn't you? *hugs* And had to, eh?? Ha! WORKED ALL WEEKEND??? OH, GOD, NO!!! Poor you! *pats you in a sympathetic manner*
*giggles* Well, I don't mind the life-story, and can of course forgive the Suishness, m'dear. Aw. Thanks. MORE BOROMIR COMING RIGHT UP! ORDERS HAVE BEEN GIVEN!
Glad I made ya giggle! Te he! Next update should come soon, but brace yourself, it'll be a biggie!!
MWA! Enigmas xxx
Date: Feb 24 2008 03:26 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 8 - War Tactics and Pink Fluff Reviewer: Talking Tree Signed
Omg! That worked! Cool! I have to go now so here's just a hasty sumary of my previous two failed reviews;

Aoife's veering towards Sueishness.
Paula's a lej.

Lotsa luv,
the one, the only, the legend,
the Tree xxx

Author's Response: Okay, HOW?? TELL ME?? I have been trying soooooooo hard not to make her a Sue, I think I'm going to cry, and turn emo like Aoife. That's it. I'm in the corner already. And I don't think I can talk to you anymore. The D4 fringe will be too distracting. I think I might just die if Aoife is a Sue. Thank you for crushing my tender spirit, Tree. *sobs*
Paula is a legend, I admit. She's only a legend because she doesn't have to deal with the realistic crap that Aoife does, however. If she had to be logical all the time, she's be a Sue too. *le sigh* I think I'll go dye my hair black and write some tortured poetry. Hello, emo nation.Br>The one, the only, the depressed
Date: Feb 24 2008 02:02 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 8 - War Tactics and Pink Fluff Reviewer: Talking Tree Signed
Howaya. This is my third attempt at a review 'coz according to lotrff I'm not authorised to do reviews! Shite.

Author's Response: Good God, Tree, what kind of filth have you been posting to infer the wrath of LOTRF? You sicken me.
Date: Feb 24 2008 01:55 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 - Obsessions Bordering on Mania Reviewer: Deadly Shadow Signed
wow, this is really good!!! i love it!!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks!!! Te he, glad you like it! *eats proverbial hat once again* *you'll understand if you read chapter 8*
I feel so happy! Yay and thanks for all the people reading and reviewing! *skips about jouyously and bursts into song* Thanks for all the support!! Yay for ye!!
Enigma xxx
Date: Feb 23 2008 10:26 am [Report This]
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