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Title: The Companion Reviewer: Karlmir Stonewain Signed
I only wish that I could communicate with my own muse in that sort of detail. Alas, it's only a vague feeling and will never get to the point of actual conversation. My muse is, of course, Arwen. I have a large movie poster of Liv Tyler as Arwen in my living room, which I occasionally gaze at for inspiration when the flow of my creative juices start to wane.

She also gives me a bit of impetus when I grow a little bored with the "Middle Earth project, as I like to call it. There's something in Liv's expression that seems to say, "Time is standing still for us in here. Get a move-on!" So, I open my notebooks, turn on my PC and get back to work.

Thanks for the interesting essay.
Date: Feb 19 2008 06:54 am [Report This]
Title: The Companion Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Lol, my Muse speaks to me, too, I wrote it for Jules 14 to put in Arda Dreams, but it's also up somewhere else, as a review answer probably. My Muse is an OC, however, and does not have long conversations, he riddles, and teases and tells me basically to do the work myself, but then I will get flashes, as from a film, of '' scenes '' and write around those. It is a hypnopompic hallucination [ the kind you get when you are just waking up ] combined with sleep paralysis, but the two combined produce something incredibly * real *. I do know they are hallucinations, but as they also produce ideas, I may as well use them d;-). My muse just wanders in to the room, like a supervisor, and after I get flashes of '' dream-scenes ''. Annoying git, he is. >.
Date: Feb 19 2008 12:40 am [Report This]
Title: The Companion Reviewer: Katerinna Signed
Thank you very much for writing this story/essay. I enjoyed it very much. Fascinating idea. Definitely something to think about.
Date: Feb 19 2008 12:21 am [Report This]
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