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Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: Karlmir Stonewain Signed
Thanks for the interesting essay. My first introduction to Elves in literature was Poul Anderson's The Broken Sword which I read during the late 1960's.

I've often pondered on whether or not the offspring of Arwen and Aragorn would have Elvish characteristics and to what degree. Likewise, would those Men of Dol Amroth who traced their lineage back to the Elves possess a recessive gene giving some of them Elvish characteristics. In Arwen's Journey I depicted Lothiriel as having facial features indicative of her Elvish heritage.

Would you please contact me by Email? I would appreciate your correspondence. I've tried to contact you via the website without success.

Author's Response: Sorry about the website,I still have it sitting around on a floppy disc.I don't have my own computer (library!)rnBut I don't mind talking like this.I'll have to read Arwen's Journey later,and about what you said about the elves..rnAragorn and Arwen's children would be halflings just like the characters in Shannara.Arwen,being an elf,might rnoverpower Aragorn's mortal genes and make the children more elvish than human.Since the elves and humansrnshare some simular features and some vastly different ones,there are a number of possibilities.Per se,rnan elf with little or no power,but all the features a elf would possess.And the complete opposite-a human withrngreat elven abilities.Thank you for reading.
Date: May 22 2008 04:09 am [Report This]
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