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Title: Chapter 2: Erukyermë Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
I really like this Anwyn. Númenor is, I suppose, my least-read subject, mainly because I concentrate on the Elves. But I do know there is a lot there of huge interest and potential stories. Really looking forward to see how this plays out!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! As always, your reviews mean alot :) I have always has been fascinated with Númenor, as I view itrnas an "Eden" and how it does seem to be in the nature of Men that even if given so much they will still want more, andrnin this case they wanted for immortality though it was partially Saurons fault for making them believe death was somethingrnto fear, but he will come into the story abit later on...somehow, I have not gotten that far yet, lol. I have a feeling that thisrnwill be a story that will proably come along very slowly, and just as it wants becuase Númenor is just so vast and complexrnand I have read Akallabêth so many times now, and everytime I do I still manage to find something that I had missed before.rnThanks again! :)
Date: Apr 12 2008 11:35 pm [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1: Nimloth Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Anwyn, there's a story on the Silmarillion Writers Guild called Full Of Wisdom And Perfect In beauty. which seems to be set toward the end of Númenor. I think the author mentions she models her Númenor on the Phoenician's, I haven't read it but one of the author's on there I like recommends it so it is probably worth a look! She is not on here, I did look.

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I will definately check it out! :) I suppose one could also write of Númenor in its days of glory but I findrnit more fun to write when everything is starting to fall apart...becuase I am strange like that, lol. Well, I should not use the termrn"fun" really, but I find it more dramatic that everything that had been developing for years really started to come to a pointrnthat they were every pushing outwards and there came a point where they just started invading as they pleased. Thanksrnagain, I will go have a hunt for that other story now :)
Date: Mar 29 2008 05:37 am [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1: Nimloth Reviewer: xFanarix Signed
Oooh, I never knew you were doing a story about this time! There is certainly enough treachery and intrigue and terrible things happening in Númenor at this time to make a great story; I always thought the image of Miriel trying to get to the summit of Meneltarma was very sad. Great start , Anwyn, I don't see many stories of Númenor.

Author's Response: LOL, Truthfully, I didn’t realize I would be writing this story until sometime late yesterday afternoon and I didn’t even get a chance to start it until the evening because I offered to stay late and finish a case hoping to make abit of overtime and overtime starts at 4pm and we finished at honestly 3:59, lol. Anyways when I did eventually make it home and got supper and everything over with I was able to sit down and make a start at it, and ended up finishing the first chapter as well though I didn’t think I would be able to, but I wanted to get it started at the least. Númenor has always fascinated me, I found its history written so vividly, In that before its gradual decline that it was a place of art and beauty, and that even the *weather* behaved as they needed it to and still there were some who were not content and I believe that says a lot about the nature of men that no matter what we are given we are never content and for that those of Númenor lost it all. But the time this story takes place in, yes, there would certainly be a lot of intrigue and treachery abounding and while Tolkien says, to para-phrase Tar Palantir did his best to heal some of the damage that had been done by those that had come before him but it was too late for the worst of the damage had already been done. I have not seen many stories written of Númenor earlier, In fact I cannot honestly think of any just off the top of my head though it was a very interesting place in any part of its history. I have read a few different theories as to why Miriel was so desperately trying to get to the summit of Meneltarma, because she would not have been saved but I have a few of my own theories. Thanks for the very, as always, its very much appreciated! :) I will ultimately probably end up going between this story and the other two I am working on as well, lol, I guess it means I will always have something to work on!
Date: Mar 28 2008 11:07 pm [Report This]
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